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  1. Yeah, I recognized a WHOLE bunch of the themes. Nice job adding them in. I especially like how the ballad of the Windfish mixed in. I think I also heard Aryll's theme in there somewhere if i'm not mistaken. When the Oath to Order plays, it makes it perfect. The balance is awesome. Edit: Yes, Aryll's theme is definitely in there. It's very small, but I HEARD IT!
  2. I love this! Yeah, the beginning could be bit more exciting.... maybe add some melody in there, fading...
  3. Yeah, have you guys seen all the requests for Paper Mario? We really need a few.
  4. So... sad. Try not to make the song of healing sound depressing. That's all people ever do.
  5. Did he criticize and swear at his own game yet? I'd like to see that.
  6. YESPLEASEYESPLEASEYESPLEASE. I'll be happy if we get ANYTHING from TTYD, and this is really catchy too.
  7. I like it a lot. Seems really good. I like the Aerodynamic in it. It goes well
  8. I also really like "Bounding Through Time" and I think it would be great for a remix.
  9. Well, bumping this... I reaaallllyy want at least a paper mario song from any PM game... please...?
  10. GASPITY GASP GASP!!! I just played through the Oracle games (linked) this week. I'm really excited.
  11. Yeah, I'd really like to find those.
  12. Yeah, I love this request PAPER MARRRIIIOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Still, it'd be really awesome if someone could do a remix of any song in either game. TTYD is my favorite game. ever.
  14. Have you checked Zreomusic.com? try going.
  15. I would like any tracks from the first two Paper Mario games, but what I'd really like is the song that plays in this video: When the crystals stars are helping and showing people what's going. on... This song always makes me happy.
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