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  1. I agree that Wave Man is underrated or at least under-remixed. I'd been waiting for years for a remix of this, finally a great one has emerged! Imagine my disappointment when I learned that Joshua Morse already remixed this one many years hence (2004, no less) and in fact so long ago, that his Dashed! album containing that remix can no longer be obtained online. Liontamer was kind enough to post a link on the VGMdb forums but it, also due no doubt to the passage of time, has expired. If anyone would be so kind as to provide a link or a hint of where I might obtain said album, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. QFT No pedestal high enough, as djpretzel said. Before hearing this I didn't even really like Bohemian Rhapsody. This track made me reconsider that view, and quite seriously. Yet it stands on its own as a masterpiece. It almost redefines the word 'masterpiece' - that still seems like not a big enough compliment. Now to make extra sure I've got all other works by Virt...
  3. This is probably my favorite Pokemon tune and I was really happy to see that someone went after it for a remix. I'm also very pleased with the results! Excellent work. It does my heart good to see a great tune given the proper appreciation and attention it deserves, and done so well too!
  4. This remix perfectly captures the feel of being in Viridian Forest. A good remix only rethinks the original tune, but a great remix actually improves on it and zooms in on the "feel" of the original. By that definition this is truly a GREAT remix. I would say this remix seems to good to be true, only it isn't. Everything about it is just incredible.
  5. Wow...I hadn't checked up on OCR in a while and look what I've been missing. This album is the greatest thing since sliced bread... No, wait, that's too anticlimactic. I just couldn't think of a compliment awesome enough to match this album's incredible-ness. Thanks so much for taking something that I already loved, and making it even more memorable and awesome. This is definitely my favorite OCR album. I'll also be commenting on my favorite tracks in their individual threads. My only ever-so-slight nitpick is that no one took on the Miltank-field theme from the route north of Olivine, nor the Buena's Password theme (both from Gold/Silver). Two of my favorite Pokemon tracks. I guess I should post those in the remix requests thread...but hey I can't really even complain about this. When you can make the friggin' EVOLUTION THEME into a song, that's some real skills right there. (doot dee doot dee doot dee doot DEE...) Nothing but fantastic work here. Great album title, great cover art, and superb music. I couldn't download and listen fast enough - anyone who's ever played Pokemon at all would be a fool to miss this.
  6. Ok so blocks are the things on the bottom of the playlist and clips are the things with notes shown that show up in the top. I hadn't really considered them as "different". I prefer clips then. Actually I hardly ever use blocks. I've only started using them for drum loops since there's really not anything meaningful they can display anyway. So blocks are to be removed in FL 10? Or deprecated, that is? BTW, is there any way to swap the blocks section to be on top in FL 9? I know there was a way in 8, but it seems to have disappeared.
  7. I doubt that. I've been using it for several years now. You misread my post, and no wonder; it seems I should have written it more clearly. Me neither. I was trying to point out just how impossible and futile that is. Back when I first started using FL, that's what I had been trying unsuccessfully to do, until I discovered patterns. I only even posted in this thread to state my own preference on the original topic.
  8. What?? A Kirby Superstar OCR album? That's too much awesome to take at once...I cannot wait. Superstar = one of the best games ever, especially for multiplayer
  9. I would have to vote for the playlist, simply because that's what I use primarily. However, I don't see how one could use the playlist without having multiple patterns. I used FL for maybe a month before I even knew patterns existed, and when I discovered them, it changed everything. Having the entire song in one pattern limits you so severely, I don't understand how one could get anything done that way. Not only that, but it becomes quite a chore to create melody variations and other such copy-paste operations. Not to mention that swapping out instruments and selectively playing different parts of a song would be an absolute nightmare with only one pattern. At least, it would be for me and the way I use FL. Whoa! WHAT?? They're taking out patterns? I'm not sure I can handle that...that just ain't gonna fly in my book. I hope they're replacing them with a similar but easier to use feature?
  10. Well, it's so far gone that I'm probably just gonna start from scratch. My stuff nowdays is a bit higher quality, I think (I hope). I really need to invest some time into learning how to use FL Slayer, or otherwise figuring out how to do guitar parts that actually sound good.
  11. jabond23, thanks for the comments. One of my college buddies who also does music said that the end sounds like a rave, lol. That's a good idea about having a kick every 4 beats, it makes sense. I was expecting a lot more criticism, so I guess my skills have improved somewhat. Could you check out my High Tide WIP (a megaman mix I was working on a long time ago) and tell me if you think it's worth salvaging? I think I'll probably just start over if I do attempt to make it better. Here's a link to that thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=657467 Right now I'm working on a Dragon Warrior remix I plan on submitting, and it's about 70% done. I think it's actually a lot better than Residual Toxicity which is definitely my best so far. Also, on my website, what do you think about the Blue Wrath remix? It's a mix of the track "The Blue Wrath" from the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack. http://electrosymphonica.webs.com estaples, thanks! Glad you like it. Oddly enough I've never played Castlevania though I'm a huge mega man fan. I should probably try it out.
  12. Thanks Dafydd. I may need it, see for yourself: http://electrosymphonica.webs.com/High%20Tide%20WIP.mp3
  13. Here's an example of my newer stuff: http://electrosymphonica.webs.com/Residual%20Toxicity.mp3
  14. Lameness is the word of the day. A couple years ago I posted this thread cause I was excited and thought I might be able to even attempt an actual OC ReMix. Maybe I'm in a better position to do that now, I'm not sure. I am working on a mix I plan on submitting from the old NES game Dragon Warrior, of the world map tune. Haven't thought of a clever name for it yet, but it's about 70% done. The wave man tune, on the other hand, the one I started on a while back, has been rotting in my projects folder forever. I will probably render it soon and post it so you guys can hear it (as ZealPath posted that he would be interested to see what I came up with). I named it "High Tide." It was definitely a cool name and all, but musically, compared to my more recent stuff, it's pretty pathetic. Maybe it is salvageable, hehe. P.S. I hope the mods don't kill me for resurrecting an old thread...maybe since it was my thread to begin with they'll cut me some slack. I WILL post what I finished of High Tide on here after all...
  15. Long name, I know. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated... http://electrosymphonica.webs.com It isn't finished yet and I'm debating whether it's good enough to sell or not. Sorry nothing too new is out there right now. "Dark Side of the Sun" is a highly-remixed version of my very first FL Studio venture, and "Restricted Area" is likewise my second mix, highly redone and almost up to my current standards/skill. I am using internet on a terrible wifi connection right now so later when I have a solid connection I will post something here that is hopefully much better. It's a newer piece called "Residual Toxicity" that I've shared only with my close friends who seem to like it.
  16. It's been a while since I was on here, and I have done a lot of mixing in that time. The good news is, I might have gotten better; at least it feels like I have. Of course, I'm still a noob at all this. I should change my name to Cybernoob or Noobster or something like that. Anyway, here's what I've been doing lately. First I went and remixed my own mix, Restricted Area. Swapped out the guitar for one that's easier on the ears, and tried, probably in vain, to make the drums sound better. I realize it still needs a lot of work, but I think I did manage to fix some of the problems the old mix had. Here's a link to the remixed version: http://rapidshare.com/files/250051387/Restricted_Area__Remix_.mp3 Next, earlier this summer I was asked by a friend to help him with a soundtrack for a movie. He gave me a wav file with a basic melody, and from that, I came up with this mix, which could possibly be my best yet. Not that that's saying much: http://rapidshare.com/files/250053920/End_of_the_Line.mp3 My friend, Jacob Onnen, composed the melody itself, while I did everything remix-related. If you have any suggestions on either one, I'm all ears.
  17. Thanks for all the help! I had a look at that, and I totally forgot that there was indeed a limiter on the master mix channel (the one FL puts there by default which I hadn't messed with). So do I just turn the limiter off and then work with the individual channels from there? That sounds like the best idea from what you guys have told me. This "pumping" as you call it is definitely the problem then, so it being caused by the limiter explains why I couldn't figure it out. I guess I need to find a better snare sample. The drums are causing me the most problems right now, I just can't seem to find samples that fit or that sound good with the mix. It means that I'm obviously terrible at drum selection and/or beat programming, as you can no doubt hear evidence of in the mix I posted. Now that I listen to it I can't believe that I once thought it sounded good. Any advice on general drum selection, especially in terms of the genre I was going for with this mix (electronica/techno) would be greatly appreciated. In the other topic someone briefly mentioned that I need toms instead of a kick/clap beat, but I honestly didn't care for the sound of toms with the mix. Any thoughts here after hearing the original?
  18. I need help using the FL Compressor. I took another look at my mix from last year (see this thread: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=19505 for more info on that) and was trying to incorporate/use some of the feedback I got on it, but I was especially having trouble using the compressor. I understand what it does ok, but I can't seem to get the sound I want out of the drums. They are way too soft at this point. I tossed out the default FL kick/clap and got a decent-sounding snare and some other random samples, but the drums, especially the snare, are too soft. I can't seem to get the compression to louden them at all. Maybe I don't know how compression works after all. The main problem is whenever I turn up the gain knob, all the other instruments start sounding REALLY weird. For instance, I have this one section where the snare is hitting every 2 beats and it makes the pad behind it sound freaky, somehow it is affecting the volume of the pad as well, although the snare isn't any louder like it should be. I don't get it Also any feedback on the mix is welcome too. I want to at least make this one sound good so that I know kind of what to do when/if I submit a remix.
  19. Hey thanks a lot! I'm glad to start getting feedback. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to head over to the tutorials section. I actually did use the parametric EQ and apparently, not very well either. In fact I had an EQ on all three instruments, but it obviously wasn't doing them any good. I guess I just don't know what the idea behind it is or what the ultimate goal is for the sound. This is kind of hard for me to grasp that something can just universally sound good as opposed to sounding good to one person but not another. I need to learn what this universal good sound is, because I'm searching my limited knowledge of synths and I just don't know the difference between a good sound and a bad sound. Also I had a question...bustatunes who I mentioned earlier seemed to think that EQ was irrelevant to my tune, or at least the way he put it, something that you worry about until much later. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that because...well, the piece is done. The phrase "much later" doesn't make sense at all, because I've already worked on the EQ (and according to Rom Tom's feedback, and a lot of the judges notes on rejected mixes I've read, EQ actually IS important). Anyway, yeah I'll wave my "noob" banner proudly, because judging by the sheer magnitude of the stuff one can do in FL, it'll be a long, long time before/if I ever leave that status. I've started working on a new version of the tune with all the feedback I've gotten on here in mind, cutting down the harshness of the guitar, adding depth and drama to the tune and just trying some different things. Also the length will be a lot shorter, the first thing bustatunez said was "why is it five minutes long?" I've come to realize that it is a lot of repetitive stuff, just a bunch of different versions of the same basic melody. Although isn't that kind of what defined good classical music? I mean, Beethoven's Fifth was the same rhythm and the same intervals over and over, just varied up a bit (albeit, composed with the skill of a master musician madman). But nowdays if you were to call THAT tune repetitive, you'd most likely get murdered by some musical cult. Just a few of my random thoughts...
  20. Ah, thank you! Finally, some useful feedback. I won't take offense, don't worry. I wasn't on here fishing for compliments, I just wanted some ideas and constructive criticism about how to improve my stuff that way I don't make the same mistakes on a remix in the future. You definitely provided a lot of specifics, so thanks for taking the time to reply. Your feedback will help me a lot. As far as the guitar I used, it was actually a Sytrus preset (Inferno, I think) and at the time of using it, I thought it sounded quite good. It would seem that this is just my own opinion, however. Perhaps I have yet to hear an actual decent guitar instrument, but instrument choice is the hardest task for me in making tunes like this. One thing I'm curious about is exactly how I would go about "refining" my synths as you mentioned. I don't really know what you mean by that--messing around with the knobby things in the plugin/channel settings? Also with the drums, would you suggest using compression to bring them out more, or did you mean something different by "way too low"? I wasn't really going for a beat-heavy tune but if that would help, then that's something I could try. And the drum choice, what is wrong with the default FL kicks and claps? Honestly I could not tell a difference between any of the samples included with FL and I like the default ones. Maybe this is due to my untrained ear, but even so, I guess I just don't know how to do drums very well.
  21. Since this has been up for a couple weeks now, and no one seems willing to help me out with any feedback (although I am a non-remixer so I guess this automatically excludes me from the community, in a way) I'm going to post some feedback of my own. Actually, it's not really MY feedback, it's from a guy known as bustatunez. He gave me some feedback about two weeks ago on the ocwip IRC channel, and I've realized since then that he was right. The piece really needs drama, which bustatunez told me is kind of, going in a direction the listener doesn't expect. He told me the tune doesn't really go anywhere and he was precisely right. While he didn't mention anything he liked about it, I don't think it has any other major flaws, although if anyone can find any, I'd appreciate feedback on those, too. I have realized since I received this feedback that I implemented no dynamics whatsoever, did the entire thing with only three instruments, and it's only my 2nd major mix in FL Studio. Also I had not intended it to be in the classical, or even dramatic, genre. Bustatunez said that all music has drama, and I disagree here. I have heard plenty of music (and liked most of it) that did not have any drama at all. Examples are most techno mixes, mega man tunes, and a lot of what I consider the "Electronica" genre, which is exactly the genre that I had intended apply to "Restricted Area." So, in my mind, it's fine the way it is, although I'm going to do a remix of it because I think it could be better. I'm pleased with how it turned out, but I think a remix would be a good experience for me learning what works and what doesn't in terms of only drama, which I'm apparently terrible at. I'll post Restricted Area 2 on here when/if I get it done. Meanwhile I'm in my capstone college course for a BS in Computer Science. This class is a bunch of LAMENESS about planning which for me is mostly unnecessary. Thus, I'll be busy for the next couple weeks (the last two of the semester) on presentations and other stuff that is useless to me but I guess I need to learn because managers nowdays don't like looking at code, they want something like a graph that shows profits going up which is about all they can understand. I was hoping to get my Mega Man mix done in time for noob week (which has long passed by) so yeah, that's not going to happen. Ironically, later on in the chat mentioned earlier, bustatunez renamed himself NoMusicalTalent. Lol...should I really be taking advice from ONE person alone, who thinks he has no musical talent? Hopefully I won't have to, if someone is brave enough to tell me what they think too. C'mon, people. Is is so terrible it doesn't even deserve a comment? Do you think bustatunez is totally wrong? Help me out here.
  22. Haven't had time to listen to the whole thing yet, but I found a youtube video with 6 different mixes of wave man in it. The first one was ok, and the second one sounded neat (what I heard of it anyway) but like I said, haven't yet heard them all. Maybe you all will like 'em...
  23. Ah, my apologies. I was browsing through the forums for a good place to host files and I came across a thread zircon wrote in which he recommended two, one of those being pownce. I didn't think to test the download myself...rapidshare, you say? We'll see how this goes: http://rapidshare.com/files/165040206/Restricted_Area.mp3.html Wow, that was pretty painless. Although it says only 10 people can download it and then it gets removed or something...well I doubt that many people will download it anyway. So there you have it. EDIT: I have upgraded to a Collector's Account, whatever that means. So now more than 10 people can download it.
  24. I'm working on a Mega Man remix right now (see this thread: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7192 for more info on that). Since I started that project, I've been slowly getting better at FL Studio and looking at guides and tutorials, although largely still learning by doing. Anyway, I was losing steam on the Mega Man mix and out of nowhere came up with this piece, which I may include in an album at a later date: http://rapidshare.com/files/165040206/Restricted_Area.mp3.html I woke up suddenly late one night with this tune running violently through my head and had to get it into my computer. (Is that normal?) The result is here...good or bad, that's for you to decide. I'd appreciate feedback on any aspect of it, anything that helps me submit better mixes when I do finish them, or in general, figure out what I could do better in the future. Of note is that some parts are reminiscent, if only vaguely, of the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. Lol. If that bothers anyone, I'm sorry but I had not intended to "borrow" themes from anything and I don't believe I did, at least not while composing the piece. I have done a lot more stuff than this in FL Studio, but this is really the only one worth listening to, so I consider it my first real mix. In all my tunes before this, it's painfully obvious that I had no idea how to use FL Studio (and may or may not be obvious in this one, ha ha). Enough of my gabbering. Enjoy, hopefully.
  25. Lol, okay, okay. I figured that was a dumb question. Clearly I'm new here Thanks for clearing things up.
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