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  1. I love the language. And the smilies.

    And the part where you said "WHAT THE FLAC", that was pretty funny.

  2. Dude, even I don't know what I'm doing on it!

    Although, your intentions behind wanting to collaborate are curious; you want to link between the two games? Why? The OOT project has nothing to do with MM. It gets more bizarre if you try and link the OOT project with your own too. As far as I'm aware, yours isn't even conceptually the same.

    I'm not saying no, just trying to understand your intention here. I know what you’re trying to do with the whole Skull Kid thing, but why?

  3. Whilst you will never see this ever:

    Hello my brethren.

  4. I would do anything right now other than this dissertation. Seriously. I spent two hours this morning watching this.

    My mind is not well.

  5. The graphics aren't actually terrible. I'd play it. I'd buy it.

    Also, dissertation in this Friday. We should meet up next week.

  6. It gets better.

    I don't even like Chrono Trigger that much.

  7. Exactly 3,000 pageviews! You must be very proud.

  8. Delicious username. Your sig needs to be some form of body lice to top it off.

  9. I always thought they were apples...?

  10. Hurray! Your old avatar is back.

    The guy who we don't know who he is.

  11. You now have 2,900 pageviews.

    Don't worry, you can thank me later.

  12. Couldn't help but notice you were from Hertfordshire.

    Hello from Hampshire. :D

  13. I visited myselfs like 10000 times :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

  14. COZ I HAS AWESUM NAMES THAT NO ONES A YTPES properlys like ya no>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!chufechru

  15. I rarely say it. It sounds even sillier IRL than it does online. But yeah, it's more Proto gapgapgap Dome than anything. The allcaps is just me being overly obnoxious.

  16. I told you mayne, not 'till after this week. Imma so bizeh.

  17. I've got more of a winking/squinting Stevobomb thing going on thanks to the flash.

    And anyway, Protobomb is much punnier and u kno eet.

  18. I have had a half finished text to you for most of the day.

    I KEEP getting interrupted by some event. I will finish it RIGHT NOW.

  19. Apparently cool people say you're cool. They say you're a regular cool kid.

    Well are ya', are ya' punk?

  20. It'll be with you tonight, dun wori.

  21. Honestly, why!? I didn't do anything! (Flattered though.) If anything, credit the guys who made the list, or the original poster of the '100 best NES tracks' thread!

  22. I am aware of you now.

    Be warned.

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