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  1. Wow!!!!!!! That rocks! I never thought I would see another remix from this game. Kudos to DusK!!!!!!!! Hope someone remixes anything from adventures of batman and robin........
  2. Why are you guys whining so much? Pardon my french, please. There will be not a *single* video game movie which would be perfect, if we had our way. For the thighs part, how about a guy with fake b**bies? I guess this should answer the actress being Chinese. At least I am going to watch it.
  3. I have a happy memory for every game I've played. But this one is special, coz it just put the maniac in me on the center stage. I am from india. We had no arcades. Instead we had game parlors. Some guy would buy a pirated console ( NES, SNES, Genesis, PS, PS2, Dreamcast...... you name it ) and start a game parlor. You pay by the minutes. I started with 50 paise for 10 minutes on nes, Ended it with 4 Rs. for 10 minutes on ps2. All My life, untill I got a pc, I've been paying in parlours. Me and my brother played together. We had a maniac tendency to put the initials "Ryu" and "Ken" in high sc
  4. There are three skill sets and I am putting contenders in each category Acrobatics- Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa, Joe Mushashi, Rikimaru, Kasumi, Grey fox Stealth - Solid Snake, Rikimaru, Grey Fox Combat - Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa, Joe Mushashi My Choices for winners Acrobatics - Joe Mushashi Double jump and multiple shurikens, run and slash, Wall Jump. Grey fox is another character who could be considered, but all the acrobatics came when he became a cyborg. Stealh - Solid Snake Only based on Metal gear solid. Rikimaru has to revert to throwing apples ( or whatever ) to distract gua
  5. OMG!! This one is amazing. Good country music and you just won't stop smiling. This song just reminded me of a crazy video. In that video, a girl in lingerie was dancing to some techno music based on chicken voices. I am just going to forward this to some sad souls. LOL! Edit: I was reading the reviews and this song was on repeat. This song is stuck in my head now. I would never see a sheep or a redneck in the same way again. Where is the sheep/redneck, dude? Thanks for the insanity, DjP. Can I use this in my insanity plea?
  6. Thanks, darkesword. I just thought that would be a good idea. And thanks to DjPretzel for such an awesome contribution. May he keep composing hillbilly songs forever.
  7. I've been a lurker here for quite a while. I just came back here for "Broken mirror reflection", again. I simply love this site. I keep coming back again and again, whenever a calamity falls on my pc and I lose some songs. This happens quite regularly. I download these songs again and again and some more which I didn't download last time. Now I don't know how many copies of the same songs I have. I've a suggestion, if you don't mind. A yearly compilation of best of oc remixes would be great. 10 or 12 songs published in the same year. And a best of all time album. I suggest "Broken mirror
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