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  1. It really reminds me of the opening to the original Pokemon series, very memorable IMO.
  2. Could I please have my name changed to GoodlyMike? Not Godly, it's Goodly, thanks!
  3. Those two tracks are amazing!
  4. I fixed my signature by deleting it, sorry about that.

  5. Sorry I didn't post a source, the link below is the song.
  6. Such an amazing album, I really like "My Greatest Rival" and "Clash of Titans".
  7. I would really like to see a remix of "Pokey Means Business!", that is one of my favorite tracks in EarthBound on the SNES. Thank you for reading this!
  8. Your sig is too tall. Sigs can't be over 250px tall. Please resize/change it.

  9. The Steam sales are ridiculously awesome, I picked up the Complete Half-Life Collection for just 20 bucks, I love it.
  10. I better get saving. Thanks for the info guys.
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