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  1. I agree about the kicks at the build up. They are a bit overpowering. I put a delay on them and I think i could probably adjust the dry/wet and feedback on it as well as put some filter so that effect can be a bit cleaner. I was wrestling with this but you've help push me over the edge and I will make that adjustment for sure!
  2. Hey all I've posted a final draft version of the track up. Although nobody commented on the versions in between Anyways, I'm feeling quite 100 percent on this piece now. It has tormented me for about 2 weeks solid and I believe it should please the lot of you. I'm going to submit it in a few days if I don't hear anybody point out something glaring that I've missed or that my deaf ears couldn't pick up Link once again: http://www.donimusic.com/projects/Doni%20-Trigga%20(Corridor%20of%20Time%20Remix).mp3 thanks all time for sleep yuck
  3. Ok disaster averted... the link should work now so please have a listen
  4. Yuck, I forgot to renew my hosting for my webpage... please standby... what poor timing!!!
  5. Hey everybody I've updated the track... closer to a final version now I believe! Here's what I changed: Changed some instruments in the intro part added a few samples for some atmospherics, not much though eq'd some nitpicky details changed the kick to a 909 (side note, I was ignoring the 909 because my sample sucked ass. I found a new sample and was struck by how it was so simpo ) added my own little synth sequence to bridge sections and build up a little sexier changed the buildup changed some drums but not much Overall I'm quite happy with this one. After I get some more feedback I think I will submit it. I think that it's got a good chance of being accepted but we'll have to see! Thanks to everybody to gave their advice so far... it's much appreciated! Here's the link one more time: http://www.donimusic.com/projects/Doni%20-Trigga%20(Corridor%20of%20Time%20Remix).mp3 Thanks again all Time for some sleep!
  6. Hello Friend, I'm bored and at work, so allow me to point out a few things that may help you in life: congrats Don't be afraid, just create! Alas my friend, you do sound like an ass. If you think this will invite people to review your work, it will not. You've assumed people are guilty without any proof. This kind of attitude will make your life difficult across the board.. just a thought... Just upload your track, give some info about the original and your remix... tag system? Don't reinvent the wheel. It's about the music, man. *STEALS* haha oh come now... I couldn't resist. Don't be so paranoid!!! Is that how that works?
  7. Picture this track mixed after a fairly strong track. The intro bells could be looped and mixed into the end of the previous track. Slowly the drums from the prior track would verb out and disintegrate and at that point i'd let this track take over. I wanted this arrangement to work in that context and for people who have never heard this song before. BUT i will consider this for my updated version I know exactly what you mean... I guess I'm just trying to make sure this track works with the rest of the music I normally play in my DJ sets hahaha it's called encouragement lol I see what you mean. I might change it up in some parts. Add a little bit of spice here and there. But, I really wanted the progressions to speak for themselves. The beat is important, but it just needs to reinforce the progression. Overall I wasn't really impressd with that track much. It's not the kind of electro I'm much into. I know what you are refering too though, take a listen to an original track of mine and tell me if you find the same problems here: http://www.donimusic.com/projects/The%20Evil%20Dr.%20Claw%20-%20We%20are%20Forboding.mp3 I'll probably do that. My current kick cuts through the mix well, but it might sound weak on some systems. I guess it might lack some power You are wise, young one. You've got some good points. I think its possible to make some adjustments to move towards pleasing while not displeasing the majority of those who like it. Criticism is the only way to improve, I am in fact quite thankful for your meticulous analysis. I'll let everyone know when I post up another version.. probably in a couple days or so...
  8. Thanks for your very detailed analysis! Let's see if I can pick your brain a bit more, if you dont mind of course Oh, I know, it does have a long intro for sure. Actually this is what I was going for. I'm an house/electro DJ and I wanted a song that would phase people out and be a nice little segway. So perhaps it may seem a little long as a standalone track, but I probably won't change this Point taken. To be honest I listened to all the other corridors remixes and thought that most of them didn't do anything to the arrangement. But despite this, my goal was simply to "awesomeize" the arrangement. To be fair, I programmed the drums and added to the bassline in the electro section... I did arp the snyth for the last section and the outro was completely different at least I usually struggle with kicks, perhaps I could layer another meatier sounding kick underneath to give it some added depth. I'm sorry to say but electro house is always on a basic 4/4 groove... I appreciate all kinds of music very deeply but in this case I think you might need to consider that you just don't like the style. But what elements do you think I should be dirtying up instead of the bass and in some parts the synth? Ok, let me try this. Originally I wanted to do this but I don't want it to get too complicated. I want the song to flow and in the past I've been told I'm doing too much with the elements and making them too busy. The kick drives thei mix in this type of music... I dig... let me see what I can do to personalize it more. For me, the synth and arragement is perfection; so I can't justify changing it too much. I was attempting to "awesomeize".. but I have considered your points and will likely update soon. Hopefully you can provide a bit more insight based on my comments here. thanks!
  9. hmm Let me see what I can muddle with... I must admit I am going for the super compressed sound (almost every track has a color compressor on it) What sounds do you think seem like they are clipping? Besides the drum kick, I guess, but thats definitely intentional...
  10. I'm glad you like it. Actually, you simply must play this game. It is superb and truly one of the best games of all time. The music is an added bonus; even with total silence this game would have been among the greatest.
  11. Hmm, well I did intentionally muffle them with reverb when they came in... I wanted to drop to be more shocking when the "solid" beat comes through. But I will consider this! Thanks for your thoughts
  12. I've made a electro remix of the Chrono Trigger song "Corridors of time"... another one you say?! Well yes, many people have remixed this song... but this one is a bit of a different approach. The intro is very aural sounding... it doesn't sound like electro house at all. Then it transforms into a floor shaker. I really love the original and I wanted to make something that I could place into my DJ sets that calm ppl down and then rock their socks off. Sort of a transitional intro. Hopefully you guys like it. After I get a bit of feedback I'll submit this one I think. The link is below: Doni - Trigga (Corridors of Time Remix)
  13. Thanks for the tip I'm going to post it there as well I suppose I'm glad you like the combinations But tell me what you mean by side chaining... because sometimes people have different definitions of this term. For this section, I can say that I wanted a "full" sound, but I am sure I am tip-toeing on the edge of "full" and into "blaring" which I want to avoid for this kind of melodic section I was going for juxtaposition!! But I bet not everybody will feel it, for sure. I was really going for a hot pumpy sound in this part of the mix. If by side-chaining you mean it sounds to overblown, I will consider this, but I'm going for an electro kind of sound, which is usually sidechained out the butt. In places I am intentionally making the melody more "sparse" and turning it into more of a pad or layer... but please do tell me what you think and thanks very much for your feedback Isn't it a lovely progression? This was always my favorite and to this day it spins through my head often.
  14. I've made a electro remix of the Chrono Trigger song "Corridors of time"... another one you say?! Well yes, many people have remixed this song... but this one is a bit of a different approach. The intro is very aural sounding... it doesn't sound like electro house at all. Then it transforms into a floor shaker. I really love the original and I wanted to make something that I could place into my DJ sets that calm ppl down and then rock their socks off. Sort of a transitional intro. Hopefully you guys like it. After I get a bit of feedback I'll submit this one I think. The link is below: Doni - Trigga (Corridors of Time Remix)
  15. ok, so I never got a response back from the contact email I sent to that I listed above, so I went into a live chat today and the agent was semi helpful. Only problem was I got no email adress or specific person, I only had my information forwarded to the correct department... I'll update when I get more information...
  16. this game rocks my face and it works awesomely on my 2 year old video card... LOL I've played it through like 4 times and that hasn't happened since Earthbound for the SNES
  17. Yea, I know, but I even said this in my original post... its more of a rework than a remix. It's a tribute to the original arrangement... I just gave it my own flavor. To be fair, I did modify and add some parts but most of the original melody stayedAbout the reverb, I'd really like to know what you guys are listening on because I don't think there are excessive amounts, perhaps its an opinion thing? Recorded "at the bottom of a well" is a bit extreme I think... Sometimes reverb can get pumped a bit on high end or (ironically) gaming speakers, but to be honest, I have high and low passes on my reverb channels and the verb is spread around the mid range to prevent against this. The reverb is supposed to make the song feel deeper, farther away... because in the game the song is played during reflective times where the hero is longing for Lisa.. also I heard quite a few OCRemixes that were the same sort of rework, just like a glamorization of the original... if I was going to change it much more, I would just make it a bit longer and perhaps stretch out the progressions a bit. The goal with this one was to bring an awesome arrangement to a larger audience of people who had perhaps not played the game, so i will have to think about what you guys have said but thanks a ton for the feed back
  18. hey brothersum, thanks for listening and giving feed back... isn't it an awesome song there is a bit of reverb or echo on all the instruments, it's possible that it could sound like there is more depending on what you are listening on (I've tested the song on some junk ear buds, my tv, my KRK rokit 5 monitors, and senheiser DJ headphones and in my toyota matrix)... so what are you listening on?? I was going for an explosion of sound when it all comes together, I found that the sounds harmonized together well.. actually I hadn't heard the original version in a long time so I was going for a sound that I had sort of created in my head.. weird right but I do think that the sounds melt a bit too much into the chorus.... the instruments are violins (a few diff kinds), flutes, bass, and a clarinette.. and they are all synths hahah I cant play anything but the drums and the sax (although my sax is poor.. yes my SAX is poor) I've been producing music for....7 years now I think but I can say its much easier to learn when you are working off a song you already know... give it a try!
  19. Yea, that's been my hope... I did send it off to the support email and I went through their contact form as well... maybe after I get the real deal email I'll post er up here. Thanks again everybody
  20. Hey all So I did a remix for the track "Ode to Lisa" by Yukihide Takekawa and Kazz Toyama featured in the game Soul Blazer by Enix released on the SNES. It was more of a awesome-ization than a remix, although I did change some notes and add some other effects and different instruments so I think it qualifies. Anyways the song pops into my head alot, since I havn't played the game in over 10 years I think thats saying something (and it was never something I listened to outside the context of the game, and it was not a song they played very often in the game) anyways I would hear what you guys think about it... I submitted it to be featured on the site here but I had no idea how backlogged the queue was!! Anyways please listen to the original (youtube video) and my remix (a regular old link) below Original Version My version Ode to Lisa - Doni remix Enjoy, please let me know what you think
  21. Thanks for the help everyone, that was a real time saver one more question if anybody knows.. it's semi related I think How the heck do I contact square-enix? The game music remix I'm looking to release as part of my album is from an old SNES game called "Soul Blazer" originally put out by Enix.. anyways I looked around for quite a while on the square enix webpage and could only find a means of contact through tech-support. I found another forum topic that said to contact them through support@square-enix.com but the thread wasnt about anything in specific so I have no idea if it would be the best place for me to contact them or not anyways if anybody has that info I would be much obliged, and I would tell tales of your greatness throughout the land
  22. haha I'm sure this is exactly how they want it though.
  23. nice x 1000!! totally missed those resources. that is super awesome info. I wonder if contacting the right people and attempting a smmooze over before going to a service like Harry Fox makes sense? Maybe they will say they dont care and will let you get away scott free??
  24. meh, I've had a fricking ton of computer problems. And im not a mac enthusiast to the death, like i said Ive got a PC and I use both of em to do different things. But an image of my University days comes to mind when i would see people with their PC laptops literally falling apart all the time. Ok, I know alot of brands are selling in the PC laptop market, but still I bought my ipod offmarket... a 60 gig video ipod... a firiend of mine got a shipment and I scored one cheap... haha... but arnt all electronics over priced at the end of the day? Don't a billion and 1 people have an ipod and shouldn't that cause complaints to be more front and center... I still think ipods are great even though there is alot of hate and I had another mp3 player before i got my ipod... i cant even remember what it was called and google images did help. my search for "old green mp3 player" turned up ipods and this image below. I much prefer the ones inbetween the phones
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