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  1. I think there are a few too many repetitions of the course at the end but it sounds pretty solid. After hearing Cyril vocals in the megaman comp I think we can chalk up anything that didn't sound so great to lack of time and production... nice voice! And believe me I still think this song is a bit lame, BUT I can appreciate what you guys have put together in a big way. Good job
  2. I got some sexyness on the way. It ain't metal but it should fit right into the awesome category. You'll take awesome, yes?
  3. Alright, I'll try to make it fit. The MMX music never stuck with me, even though I played every mega man game (platformer game at least), so choosing a track(s) was difficult. But I agree with the one you thought was awesome, so hopefully you like what I come up with
  4. I made a super cheese video for this track.. check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5egaWexZ33w
  5. Hey Bahumut, A small aside, your nick name, Bahumut, reminds me of fighting Bahumut on the moon in FF2, was that not epic? Ahem, anyways, You mentioned that you want a style that is not jazzy, but could you elaborate a little bit? Anything fast-ish or.. perhaps you could give a BPM range? I'd hate to fall flat based on requirements. Not that I'd do it for the money, but 200$ would be nice. I'd probably just donate it to OCR. Since I got waxed in the *other* megaman comp my schedule has opened right up
  6. My dear good sir,

    Why yes, I will be friends with you... *GRUMBLE ALERT* even though you voted against me in the megaman comp!!! But I'm just joking keep in touch!

  8. Since I'm getting whupped and we had some people drop out, I'm going to make a last minute suggestion to try and save myself. Of course, I do this without shame Why not put all revenge round participants forth this round? we need 4 combatants anyways? yea? yea? don't worry, I won't be too overwhelmed with sadness if this doesn't fly...
  9. People have more important things to do than remix mega man music? lies!
  10. at this point, anything is better than nothing. Give it a go so the revenge round can thrive... and so I can have an opponent
  11. It seems like there isn't a consensus on what's happening with the revenge round...even if we got 1 more submission we would have 2 rounds to vote on. Hopefully Txai can come up with something I'd be so sad if the revenge round fell apart because I used the first round to experiment a bit knowing there would be a revenge bracket... I think at the very least we could do a threeway vote for those participants who did submit on time
  12. Hey Mystix actually I made this one before the others hahaha.The source is one of my favs 4 sure, so maybe that's why it was better. Hopefully the judges like it... it should be up for review pretty soon
  13. to all revenge bracketer's... GO FORTH AND COMPLETE YONDER REMIX!! This comp has been pretty successful so far I think... Everybody who entered is capable of producing something for sure... part of this battle is doing what you can inside of time constraints... so be strong!
  14. haha get equipped with anime eyes I'll watch out, provided I make it past this round. I stuck to my guns a bit more this time round instead of pretending like nobody could catch my fake guitar, so maybe I'll have a fighting chance
  15. Revenge is almost underway, how exciting How's it going to work then? 2 losses and you are eliminated for good? I'd hate to think that people who made it to the 2nd round and lost wouldn't have a chance at their own slice of sweet revenge...
  16. Thanks Tydin The original is probably my favorite gaming song period. I can remember every detail of my ascent to the city of Zeal.... wow! It just makes my hairs stand up on end The production style is made for the dancefloor... maybe you are right and the drums might stick out a bit too much. I submitted this one to OCR so if they ask for a resub, I'll change it then. Even if it's denied, I'll still take note of what you said Thanks again
  17. Revenge... shall.... be.... MINEZ!1111!!!!!!!11! Magnet man... how delicious!
  18. Hey all, I made a video for this track, check it out, it's marginally funny! here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43OuDNrZWEc
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