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  1. My plans of picking an unmixable boss are currently backfiring... YUCK
  2. YES I MEAN HOURS Hey, I'm playing by the rules. All we need to do is build a track that incorporate both themes. Whether those themes are directly mixed together, comprise different sections of the song, or both is up to the remixer. I assume this because it doesn't say anything diff in the rules.
  3. pump up the volume and listen again.... i know he says good kitty. You have something called a Disney block, which blocks out all the bad things Disney does. You probably don't even acknowledge that there are little slave children putting together your newest stitch plushie. nude chick in the rescuers is real? I saw that one too but I thought it was a fake because I didn't have the original VHS to waste hours of my youth scanning
  4. I'm super prepared, but actually it's because my job forces me to work 14 hour days at times and after a 14 hour day my creative output is null...
  5. Me and my little friend youtube BEG TO DIFFER. BTW I swear on my grandmother's life that this isn't an example of film editing at all. I owned both the little mermaid and Alladin as a kid and when news got out about this is the schoolyard, it was confirmed on the VHS originals:
  6. No I can't read... I'm still definitely going to have heatman in my track.. so.. therefore.. I can build parts of my track...?
  7. am I the only nerd who has written half their song already??
  8. Fail lol... I made it! Good luck to all competitors
  9. OMG count me in LAST SPOT!!! I hope I made the cut lol... the shame if I didn't.. oh the shame... My boss is..... Heat man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just boarded my airship and all I can say is jesus fucknig christ the only thing that sounds out of place is those congos or whatever percussion instrument that is. It sounds cheap and unsaturated, which is strange because the rest of the instruments sound grand
  11. Sounds like an excellent plan! I think I know the answer to my question, but I'll ask anyways: Can unofficial remixers join in the fun? Let me know when you can... thanks!
  12. Doni

    Nintendo Wii

    The Wii is super cool, I like it, but I agree with some about how most titles suck. The problem is that nintendo said, "YOU MUST USE THE WII-MOTE EXCLUSIVELY" to all developers. So for a title to be on the wii, it has to have a certain percentage of wrist action... so to speak... I think it's a shame that nintendo couldn't keep it's RPG cred though. The SNES was easily the best for it's RPG's and it rocked all other systems formidably. Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, smash bros.... all that is dope... but where for art though my Earthbound sequel that I've been waiting 20 years for... :puppyeyes:
  13. Howdo Folks, I made a remix of the infamous "Vampire Killer", the stage 1 track from Castlevania 1. I also mixed in the intro bit that plays right before the gameplay starts... its like some sort of ominous chord progression... The track itself is a cheesy electro remix. I was trying to make something true to the source but different than what's been done before, while staying true to my style a bit. Anyways, I hope you guys like it, give me some feedback if you want, and by all means, feel free to download the track. This track is part of a 10 track album I am making devoted to my favorite game music. Hopefully I can get some of the tracks onto the site here but it seems as though it takes forever for tracks to be reviewed. Standards are important and must be adhered to, of course, but that doesn't mean I can't complain! Anyways, here's the link: Doni - Robot Vampires
  14. oh but if you check his myspace he's got a few other remixes on there
  15. Yes, that other snare sounds much better. I'd put that one in throughout the mix and change the snare arrangement in favor of just putting in a different snare The guitar licks are great, there's just something about how they are introduced that seems a bit off to me keep at it, even though its already submitted, you could hope for a resub request!
  16. I checked out Wolfgang Gartner. Not bad production... but something about remixing the tracks that he does feels kind of trite. For example, if you strip out the original songs, you are left with something somewhat less tangible
  17. Oh, I mean I wouldn't mix deadmaus5 music into my sets usually. Mostly because I just don't get why people think its so great... like really... I have not heard anything that stands out byt him
  18. Not exactly what I'm looking for but that is some deep niceness. Je t'aime!
  19. Not a bad track, but more techno than anything. Thanks for tipping me off though!
  20. Yes, it is electro. But not electro house........................ which is house with electro elements running around 120-135 bpm And indeed this is minimal house. Satisfaction does have electro elements, but that doesn't make it electro in itself. Is Madonna making house albums because she uses a 4 to the floor beat sometimes? Anyways, why are we arguing? Let's just point out the electro *house* songs for those who are interested!!!!!
  21. agreed, I didn't want to get into it Well I'll keep my eyes open then It should be stated that some cross genre artists are making music... so it becomes even harder to define what is what... but that said, I would probably never mix Deadmau5...
  22. LOL check your post buddy... I think you whiffed! Swing batta batta swiiiiiinnnnnggggg
  23. Quite simply they share similar, broadly defined "Electro" elements.... I get the electronic music/ techno analogy... but you must appreciate that this is not as simple as the assumption of "this music has an electronic sounding beat, therefore it is techno". Basically, if you know what electro is, and you think there is an electro remix on the site... let me know!
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