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  1. **I I realize that there is something going on with new project guidelines, but I'm posting this anyways. I'll be doing this whether OCR wants to put their stamp of approval on it or not, but hopefully they do!** DarkeSword Edit: It doesn't matter. There is a moratorium on projects and if you don't have permission, you can't make a thread. Howdo all, I've decided that there is just not enough electro house on OCR and I'm putting together a project to change that. I think that so much video game music lends itself to the electro house genre that it just makes sense to do this! The album will be called "Button Masher". It would be great to have collaborators join in and make some tracks as well. If I can get enough interest, it might be a double album! I've ready to make at least 10 tracks myself. The source tracks can come from any game from any era, the only requirement is that the source be recognizable enough to maximize nostalgia and awesomeness. I have a heavy early Nintendo bias (NES and SNES) but I am open to any music that rocks. The tracks created need to be mixable. That means they should follow a somewhat standard format relevant to what you would hear in the electro house field. Tracks should be 4 - 7 minutes long and should never fade out. In fact, if anybody submits a track that fades out, I will likely hunt them down and murder their studio for blasphemy. Here's what I'm going to do to promote this project: Set up a web page for the project Mirror as much content on this post as possible Create a series of youtube videos (at least for the tracks I create) Create all the artwork Promote music on myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. The best way to contact me if you are interested in getting involved in this project is via OCR. A message on this post would be great, or a PM; whatever you want! I have some people in mind that I will likely contact, but I'd rather get something going here before I contact too many people on my own accord. The due date for this project is not set as of yet. However, you can expect at least 1 track a month from me. Below is the list of the tracks thus far, links to their WIP post on OCR, their completion status, video link, and any other information that occurs to me to be pertinent in the future. Thanks everyone! Hopefully this project will be strengthened by the community. I'm doing this for my fans regardless of OCR involvement, but I believe that together we could make something truly awesome! 1. Chronolectro (Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time) OCR WIP Link Youtube Link Status: Completed and submitted to the judges 2. The Dirty Alien (Streets of Rage 2 - Alien Power) OCR WIP Link Youtube Link - Pending Status: Completed, pending submission to the judges 3. OMG Robot Vampires (Castlevania 1 - Vampire Killer) OCR WIP Link Youtube Link - Pending Status: Completed, pending submission to the judges 4. Losing my Marbles (Marble Madness - Stage 1) OCR WIP Link - Pending Youtube Link - Pending Status: In progress
  2. Excellent! So then my sadness shall only be limited to periods of 3 weeks! How splendid! Thanks for the swift replies all
  3. submission question: I've got a few tracks which are pretty much ready for submission... can I submit these rapid fire or must I wait until my current sub is accepted or dissed? I'm on a bit of a production rampage and would like to minimize sadness caused by waiting for my next submission to enter the cue... I've read the sub rules over and over and I think it says I can only sub one track at a time. It's unclear to me whether that means 1 track per email or 1 track in the cue at a time. Any help would be much appreciated! Feel free to copy, paste and flame if I missed something obvious Thanks
  4. oh I get it now haha I guess for the revenge round I'll stick to what I know
  5. haha no no there was no playing.. it was soundfont + native instruments guitar rig
  6. Oh, we gotta wait a week for the revenge bracket... sadness overwheming Aside from the weird harmonies (which were intentional, but anyways), what did my guitar tone sound like? I'll reveal now that it was purely digital, because I sure as shit can't play guitar
  7. So how's the revenge round working? CUZ THAT'S where I shall exact mah revengez
  8. I'd like to take this opportunity to lobby for pity votes... PUPPY DOG EYES :puppyeyes:
  9. so what's the consensus? does that mean there another due date or...?
  10. Hey DS, just wanna confirm that you got my submission... I'm flying to Hong Kong so I won't be around in case there was some problem with that Thanks!
  11. Well, I'd have to say that you must not know much about the music on this forum. There is not that much in terms of electro house at all. I think you are generalizing between techno and electro house... there is quite a difference. If you want to call it fucked up trance... ok... but the only arbitrary elements this song shares with trance is a kick drum and the use of arpeggio... I'm still confused by what you mean. Although I'd love the panel to approve this song, that is secondary to my motives. I am making an electro album and this song is going on there regardless. Also, I already explained that my intentions are something weird...
  12. If by bringing an RnB beat to a trance competition you mean it sounds fuck up, I assure you it is intentional... The beat is kind exactly how I want it. It might sound weak but the beat is not based on snare variation or funk type drums at all. Its based on cheap and cheesy sounding beats. What are you listening on? I'd need to know before I added any oomph to anything. This track needs to come out sounding clean through a massive club stereo system, so if I add too much oomph something that isnt a bassline or a kick drum, i'd run the risk of muffling the entire song and rendering it not playable in the format it was designed for. You're going to have to explain this statement to me: "If you were going for something less original and something more exotic" because exotic means more original... so what you said means i am going for something less original and more original at the same time... je ne comprende pas...
  13. Firstly, yes, I am doing an electro album. This serves a couple purposes: The listening pleasure of the publix To give me more weapons when I play my dj shows out The intro might sound a little longish, but im going to be mixing this track into another, so imagine the intro just kind of growing out of the ass of another track... that's the concept on that one. I guess it's not as dynamic as most of what is popular on OCR but it's not a song that's made for everyone to like, mostly it would be something people like inside of a set or if they are a big fan of this kind of electro. I experimented alot with the lead. I wanted it to sound a bit detuned and burried. Not sitting on top of the mix at all. This is a bit more of a deep sounding mix. However, I am leaving it away from my ears for about another week so I can fully decondition my ears before I take another listen... so I might do another mixdown, have to wait and see thanks as always for the feedback!
  14. I thought you could only submit one track at a time? I like this concept. Sounds nice! The bass is rolling and I love those 80s trumpet synth hits haha. The piano sounds nice, but the synth sounds in the begining sound a bit cheapy, but not cheapy in a good way. What synth are you working with?
  15. Hey, maybe somebody already asked this question, but I couldn't find it... What should we do with our mix after we finish it? Cuz I be done
  16. i've got about 3:30.. but I have spent the last.... 48 hours almost straight working on this... lol
  17. muhahaha I've found out that it is in fact possible to heat the ground(man) to sexplosive temperatures!!
  18. nice one!! I've been using Edirol Orchestral forever, which doesn't have bad sounds, but it takes a bit of effort to fatten out. Also it's super bad programming, everytime I re-open a set in my sequencer, I have to readjust EVERY variable in the synth... lame!
  19. seems like there is a heavy rock bias here... VERY WELL THEN! I SHALL LEARN TO PLAY THE GUITAR :<:<
  20. I guess it depends on what you are rating the tracks based on. I rate on originality and standalone awesomeness. But I'm not really looking to debate the issue.. I trying to set fire to dirt but its not working. It's like when you use the wrong weapon against a boss. I bet if I GOT EQUIPPED with heat man vs ground man it would be game ova in seconds
  21. How could anything beat MM 2 or 3. I think the sound tracks got lamer as the series progressed
  22. dammit.. you can't burn the ground.. HOW CAN U SET DIRT ON FIRE?
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