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  1. Hey Mansoor: Hopefully this helps: I like this! It's less hip hop and more chillout though. I'd like the piano, strings and all the non-drum instruments to be dirtied up a bit myself. It sounds a little too clean and not really "street". YOu just wanna warm up those sounds with compressors and warmers so they fall into the mix a bit more. Right now they sound a little too "keyboard preset". Your drums are sitting well, I might put some slight reverb on the snaps and claps that come through from time to time. As for the arrangement of the drums, I'd go for a more "aural" feel. Less mechanical, like as if they were being played by a human. I might make the kick a bit louder, but it depends on what you want. Some people want the kick to come through the kick really well, some people want it to pillow the mix... Hope that helps, it's not a bad start. I think the piano line could turn into a bit of a solo... it sounds like it should go there from what you are doing!
  2. Yes! I like this The only thing I don't like is the voice samples at the start. I get the reference, and it's quite hilarious, but I think people who don't get it would think it's just the same old reggae drill. But really I like the sounds alot. It's a very sexy mixdown all the way through. Reggae bubble man, who the fuck woulda guessed it?
  3. Hmmmm Thats a nice one but I'm lookin for something a bit deeper and less poppy
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for some dirty, cheesy remixes that will kick my ass. I need them to add to my electro sets. I've made a few remixes in this kind of style and people are really loving them (whether they are familiar with the source or not). I would love to hear anything in this style that I could mix into my sets. My vision is to create a massive electro-game-music-super-set of awesomeness, WhO's WiTh mE? To give you an idea of what I'm looking for check out this track, a Chrono Trigger remix I did, and this track, a Streets of Rage remix I did. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have spent alot of time scouring the remixes, but the kind of tracks I am looking for have so far eluded me Thanks!
  5. Sounds nice! Thanks for reminding me that Quake 2 had some sexcellent music
  6. A nice little back and forth here... There's a few things we can learn from this: First, our friend Neblix. Indeed his intentions are pure. He is offering advice free of charge which is solely for the benefit of others. Whether somebody takes the advice or not does not directly impact Neblix at all. However, he is a youngin', by his own admission, and is perhaps a bit of a renegade when it comes to the delivery of said advice. Lessons to be learned, surely. Now, Gwilendiel. It's clear that you are satisfied with a more synthetic sound, and I can feel your anguish after expressing this several times seemingly to no avail. However, people do just want to help, and the fact that they are posting on your mix is something to consider as well. When you say things that sound like you can't be bothered to take somebody's advice, it can be a bit insulting. I'm not saying take everybody's advice; I'm saying you may want to express some gratitude when saying that you probably will not take it. Of course, nobody here needs to take my advice on 'life skills'. I am 26, a guy, and by no means complete in my studies on life and the interaction between peoples, but I hope that this third party perspective can bring people closer together.... If that makes any sense at all
  7. A little tip if you want a more "real sounding" guitar and you are using slayer: run your slayer synth through "guitar rig", a module by native instruments. The module is designed to add color to an incoming guitar signal or any recorded guitar. Although I haven't tried doing this, I think it should work... But that said, does the guitar need to sound "real"? I think a real guitar sounds like a pile of crap when its placed on a bed of fruity loops (usually). You'd have to make everything else sound "real" too... I suppose I'll give my two bits on the mix: I think it sounds good. It sounds like as if the original writers had access to better sound equipment but wrote the song in the same era (does that make sense... it's late, my communication skills are waning...) The mix is a little too 'clean' for my tastes, but I think this is what you were going for. If it were me though, I would saturate the mix a bit more. Also, the drum pattern gets a little tiresome for me at times. But I suppose this is more of a cover than a remix as you said.
  8. HI VDZ, Hopefully this helps: It's an interesting source. I would consider this to be one of the least memorable songs from the CT sound track. Actually I have trouble considering it a song rather than a soundscape or some background synth arrangements. But, that doesn't mean it can't take on something more akin to a "song". First of all, your synths are sounding nice and warm. I can't complain about how they sound at all. I would be curious to know how 'wet' they are? Meaning, how many effects have you put on them; including compresors and such. The overall arrangement is a bit longish. Maybe if I was high on PCP I would love this, but man, those days are long since past (just kidding...) I admit, it does grow on you a bit after a repeat listen, but only a repeat listen whilst engaged in doing something else; as I am engaged in writing this review for you. I won't say that you should change it, because it's obvious that this is what you are going for. Just something to consider. The drums. Ok I see what you are going for here. I think you want to have a '"drone-like" feel to them. They are quiet in the mix, but I think it would be better to make them louder and add some reverb, and maybe some chrous or slight delay to 'disperse' their sound a bit. Also, the arrangement sounds like a keyboard preset a bit. I know you are going for repetitive, a kind of 'too tired to change' sort of feeling; I too have created this feeling in many of my tracks (not just game remixes). But there is a fine line between nailing this aesthetic and sounding a bit lame. All things considered, I think it's almost there. I'm not sure if it's powerful enough to be sumitted, as it seems the judges favor certain sounds over others. But in all I would say its a nice effort and you should keep on making tracks of the chilled out variety!
  9. Glad to hear it!! Thanks for taking a second listen. We'll see what the judges think. There is a lot of tough competition in the Chrono Trigger library, but I hope to join them soon
  10. Glad you like it And as well, I am glad you think it is ready for submission! I think I will make a few very small adjustments before I submit it. Nothing major though. Actually, I just submitted another remix and in the rules it says that I cannot submit another one for 3 months, at least I think that's what it said; I'm too lazy to check it again right now Hopefully I can get a few more listens on this one... the more ears the better!
  11. Hey folks, Got a dirty one for y'all. The source track is "Alien Power" from Streets of Rage 2. I was surprised this one hadn't be remixed already (unless I missed it?). Anyways, I never played streets of rage 2, but the music was pretty radtastic. I was going for a dirty electro sound here and I used alot of half-step breakdowns throughout. With this arrangement, the temptation to overmilk was strong, but my will was stronger, and thusly, a fairly nouveau sound was born. I'd love your feedback so give this one a listen with maximum volumez! My Mix: http://www.donimusic.com/projects/doni-dirty_alien.mp3 El Source:
  12. After giving my ears further time to desensitize, I have posted a final version of this track, submitted it to the overclocked gods, and have also given the track a final name of "Chronoelctro". The mix arrangement did not change, but I decided against running the final mixdown through another mastering program. It was a toss up between sounding meatier or more defined, and my desensitized ears told me to go with the more defined sound. Here it is, hopefully it gets accepted by the team It's my first real submission. A while back I had submitted a track but it was more of a cover than a remix, which I soon learned was not acceptable. http://www.donimusic.com/projects/Doni-Chronolectro.mp3
  13. Thanks Swann, I hope it can be on the front page too!! I'm submitting this one tonight.. hopefully it passes! My next remix will be for a track called Alien Power from streets of rage 2... Look for it soon
  14. How strict is submission file size? I know that there is an 8 meg limit, but would 9.5 be pushing it? The reason I ask is because I'm happy with my mix and it might stress my mind if I had to submit a lower quality version. I suppose the difference would be barely audible, but still! Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!
  15. Alright, I guess thats all she wrote for feedbackz But I do sincerely thank all those who listened and I will submit this as soon as i can
  16. Very interesting take. I never thought I would hear an acoustic guitar licking out mega man music! In general, I pretty much hate acoustic guitar as a solo instrument. But I think you've done a nice job here. The guitar sounds good, there isn't too many artifacts other than pick scrapes which I'm sure you intentionally left in. It's nicely EQ'd, but not so much that it would be noticeable that you did anything but just play the guitar. There's a couple of parts I bet you wished you had 2 arms for haha. good job overall, I wonder what the judges will think?
  17. Sexyness, in a word The only thing I'd think about adjusting is when the extra guitar screams in around the 2:00 mark... sounds like it the initial note is a bit flat and it could be dragged a bit longer before scraping back down your guitar. Also, the ending kind of feels a bit like its petering out... i;d like stronger guitar towards the end. But overall it sounds like I was time-warped back to the 80's. Except there were SNES's and power rangers at that time. And there were people remixing game music tracks. And everybody was wearing pink jump suits with matching motorcycle helmets screaming ITS MORPHING TIME, BITCHES
  18. Oh the memories hahaha Actually mario 64 had some ok music didn't it? Almost forgot that.. I like the chillaxedness of this mix. I'd love a more interesting bassline but I'm not sure if it would kill the overall ambience... even though its just under 4 mins, it might have a "going on forever" feel to it for somebody who isnt much into the sound. In the first melodic drop, about half way through, the woodblock stabish type synth sounds a bit off to me. I'd prefer if it had less delay on the first hits and the same amount of delay on the latter hits... that probably doesnt make so much sense... anyways, they sound a bit abrupt and unexpected to my ears, and this was after I was very much sucked into the melodic soundscapies. Overall nice work, this could fit well into a chill house set and nobody would catch even a whiff of geek magic!
  19. I thought this was pretty awesome. I love the source and think you did a sexy job of spicing it up here. I concur on the shrilling highs, but I should think it's a fine line between shrilliness and glitter so dont hack them down too much I hoped this song could go on for longer. I think where it ends, it feels like it the beat should come back in and be more intense... but then it just kind of peters out. I don't think the bass is too much at all, and if it's killing any subs, certainly those subs are not calibrated properly. Only thing I would change other than the length is to just soak some of those intro samples up a bit. I know you are going for a minimal intro but it just feels like the records skips are a bit crusty compared to the dipped in acidness of the rest of the track. good work overall, very chillax and perfectly weird!
  20. Does anybody use an old synth called Orchestal by Edirol? It's kind of shotty in some ways but I really like it's sounds...
  21. Ok, so here's another version. The only thing I did since last day was give it a general mastering treatment. Just tossed some sugar on it But I did alot more to the previous version: Eq'd the belltones (the main sound in the opening) Changed how the strings come in around 30s. Some people think this should be bass.. but actually its just synth without much going on in low end frequencies directly tried to make the flutes sound a bit more aural... I want it to sound clean but also like it was being played by a forrest animal quartet.. if that makes any sense lol general eq's all around into the second drop I added some extra transitions and eq'd the whole section. I didn't add any extra effects to this section because for me its the holding on that note that makes the next part that comes in much sweeter. made several little anal changes... Thats about all I can remember I've been tormented by this one for days and weeks now... hopefully this can be closer to a finished product. I'll leave her alone for a few days and let me ears heal themselves and let my mind absolve itself of memory of this song so that I can take another objective listen... Then I'll probably submit it to Thanks again all, let me know what you think
  22. I've posted up another version. Now I must die and go to sleep. I will add more comments tomorrow but let me just quickly say that I very much appreciate everybody's comments! link again: http://www.donimusic.com/projects/Doni%20-Trigga%20(Corridor%20of%20Time%20Remix).mp3
  23. worry not my friend! I'll update this post when I have put up another version. What kind of man would I be if I besieged you bleeding ears for such a trivial matter! Thanks again
  24. Worry not my friend, my comments were directed at you, nay not even all the peoples of this forum. Just a general observation! But truly, your unbridled opinion is absolutely valuable. My ears can only hear things the way they hear things. Certainly the same could be said about your ears, another one's ears, and so on. Also, as you know, a certain 'desensitization' occurs when you've worked on one piece of music for a long time; this of course lending itself to errors in judgment, execution, and composition. This song is, after all, for the world. Of course, I must enjoy it too, the song being a product of myself and a composition I have enjoyed for many years. What I mean is, if something doesn't sound good, and a listener has pointed that out, in the spirit of providing the best piece I can for the listenership I must do my best to heed these remarks; and I would hope the same attitude would be adhered to by all. So with that said, indeed I agree we must be careful to not insult a person for their efforts, but we should not let our assumptions get in the way of a full assessment; as time permits of course.
  25. Indeed I have struggled with this... originally I had some lower ones but couldn't really get the drums to work with the bass... I will consider this, as I have been pondering this myself If you have a chance, could you tell me the specific times you are talking about? No worries if not, but let me know! The same with the kick drum when it first comes in, it's a little too punchy for not having much else around it. Later on the punchiness is very good, but not when its alone. It also needs a way to be 'introduced' less abruptly somehow. Such carefulness when delivering constructive criticism Isn't it interesting though, how many people cannot take criticism? Considering the very notion of giving criticism is in the context of benefiting the person it is directed at, I find it hard to see so many around me taking so much personal offense when their work is affected on by words of critique. Forgive me for that contrived statement; I do appreciate your candor and indeed everybody's candor in offering advice. But isn't it curious that most people see such advices as attacks in this world? Could the same be said then about the bass in the beginning? let me know if possible
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