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  1. Excellent work. I absolutely loved this mix. Made me remember the game, while making the track entirely unique. Nice work. One of the things I liked most about this track was that, whether intentional or not, it was orchestral without being photorealistic orchestral. Therefore, it kept some of Star's trademark electronic style even while going into the orchestra to produce kind of a Final Fantasy 7-ish electro-orchestra sound. Loved it.
  2. In a word: wow. This mix is simply beautiful. The somewhat drifting instrumentals are the perfect counterbalance to Jill's voice, which is downright hypnotic. Everything about this mix exudes quality and effort. I can see where it took almost a year to complete it... it was worth the effort, guys. This mix, unlike many others I've reviewed, is more than an excellent mix, it's a stellar musical piece that would be perfectly at home standing on its own technical, vocal, and musical merit. THIS is taking music and making it your own, people. I think this trio of remixers (pixietrix, my new idol, in particular) just changed everything about what I expect from a remix. Words cannot express just how excellent a work you have done. Keep it up, you three.
  3. I absolutely love this piece. I'm a martial artist myself, and I've actually worked this piece into my private training playlist (The first VG remix there). The traditional Japanese sound at the beginning is awesome and segues well into the rest of it. I have one lone complaint: the Ryu voice samples, while very good, felt just a tad out of place. But overall, a solid piece. Well done.
  4. I just quoted that 'cause I'm happy that there's someone else like me out there. DJ Chrono, I've been a fan since I heard Kono Sekai De for the first time and got addicted to your other songs. I thought that your transition into my least favorite rap language (English) would turn me off to you forever. Fear not: for you have done the impossible and gotten me to like rap I didn't have to translate. For the sake of making this short, I can refine everything I was about to say about this mix into two words. BRILLIANTLY EXECUTED
  5. I'm still looking for a DJ Chrono mix that doesn't tempt me to open the review with "wow". First, I have to thank the DJ for choosing a language I understand. That comment made, this mix strikes a great balance between hip-hop and Spanish love song. That's a hard thing to do, and DJ Chrono pulls it off beautifully. The fact that, at one point, the song switches to English is handled with notable skill. The placing of the vocal samples is perfect. They all seem to make sense, with the possible exception of "Viva la DJ Chrono," which still serves the purpose of adding Chrono's signature flare to this mix. Keep 'em comin' Chrono!
  6. First, let me say that, since I can't get the lyrics link to work, I have no idea what he's saying. Nevertheless, this song has single-handedly made me into a DJ Chrono fan, almost specifically for the originality (Like the "DJ Chrono!" shouts). I was surprised that one could do something so original and fresh with such a simple theme. True, OC Remix has seen several choice renditions of this piece, but most of them lack the sheer unconventionality of this remix, which is why I adore it with all my heart. There's so much to say that I can't make up my mind what to write, so I should probably just stop right now. Stellar work, Chrono. Keep the foreign language tracks coming.
  7. Well, let me start by saying that, thanks to DJ Chrono, I am now a KDD fan... Overall, a well-executed mix. And getting me to say something good about rap is an accomplishment. That's about what I can say...
  8. Let me first congratulate The Wingless: he actually came up with a remix that left me with no idea what to say about it. To the people who called it overcrowded or disorganized or some variation of those terms: I half agree. There's a lot going on in this piece. If I didn't know better, I'd say The Wingless couldn't decide which cool ideas to implement or to leave out... so he threw 'em all in. I have to say, though, that while the piece is crowded, it sounds good. To the bassaholics out there: Stuff it. This is good stuff even without a driving bassline. You want that, listen to AE. One thing I have to bring up: the keychanges. They sound incredible. A bit weird, but in a good way. Actually, that sums up this entire piece: weird, but in a good way. And that's about all I can say about this one.
  9. So the intro theme from Chrono Cross originated in a game I've never heard of called Radical Dreamers. Interesting... I love the overall sound of this piece. The slow and sad strings along with the lonely cello intro add a dimension of hopelessness to whatever situation whatever theoretical character might be in. The character makes up his mind. And suddenly a militaristic snare line bursts onto the scene, maintaining the solemn character of the piece. The second time through the melody adds to the feeling. The decision is made. A moderate orchestral push brings life and action to the last time through the melody. The character seems to have made it out of whatever jam he was in. And in the end, it all winds down to a single, solitary, music-box-like chime. Nice work Mr. North. You've impressed me yet again. I suppose that means I'm your fan now. Well done.
  10. Bravo to Mr. Hudson! Listening to this was the most fun I've had in a long time. First off, I adored the pizzacato violin (which is quickly becoming my favorite sound on earth). I love the way the orchestra builds into the beautiful theatrical-quality theme. I can't say I've ever heard the original piece, but after hearing this, I'm very curious just how much of this is Jared's. The entire thing makes me vividly think "flying." And I mean vivid to the point of feeling the wind whip past me. I like flying. I guess it's needless to say that this song will definitely lift one's spirits. It's a real "spread your wings and soar" piece that'll make even the worst day not-so-bad. Mr. Hudson, consider me a fan. Musical Brilliance Award
  11. I don't care who you are or what kind of music you like, Zebesian Midnight is a must-have in any collection. The ambient sounds near the beginning of the peice are pure gold. And it feeds into some excellent synth and acoustic work. I can almost visualize Samus, in her shiny armor, staring up at a Zebesian moon, letting the fear of metroids, keyhunters, and phantoons slip from her mind for the first time since she can remember... Oops, I started writing a story. Actually, what snapped me away from the image I was describing was the jazzy piano and guitar solos. They don't exactly hold to the image, but still suit the mood of the piece nicely. After those, however, comes a high-tempo segment that almost seems like it comes from a different piece altogether. Up to now, it's been perfect, calm mood music. Now it's mood music that reflects motion. An interesting transition. Very smooth and interesting. As you can no doubt see from my writing style, I was pretty immersed in this piece. In fact, immersive is the only word I can think of to aptly describe it. There is no way I could recommend any improvements. Well done, Vigilante. Well done.
  12. GIMME MORE! There. That's as informal as I'll get for a while. This is a very interesting piece. Perfectly to my tastes. I've never played Ocarina of Time, and therefore know nothing of the original piece. But I have to say that, even without extensive knowledge of the original, this is pretty much ear candy. The unique blending of synths and piano was fun, to say the least. The drums (perhaps the most entertaining part) were right on. The layering was nice and the gradual working-in of the various tracks was pure ecstacy as far as musical theory was concerned. And it's not everyday that such things as what I refer to as machinegun-drums fit in with musical theory. Nice work, Wintermute. I look forward to hearing more of your material.
  13. Well, well, well. What do we have here? Let me first say that I grew up on SF2. And I have no trouble admitting that I was an enormous fan of Guile. And I don't remember his theme track. All I remember about Guile was his gritty pilot persona and the fact that of all the characters in the game, he had the deepest storyline. With the wonderful bit of reminiscence out of the way, to the song. With mixes like these, it's no mystery that SF2 is a Capcom game. The melody is (for all I can remember) Guile's theme, but the style of the piece SCREAMS MegaMan (which is one of the biggest compliments I can pay a piece). But overall, I have to say that this one's little more than your standard techno-ish piece. A well done techno-ish piece, but still nothing that would set it apart from the rest.
  14. To be completely honest, I'm surprised to see something this "normal" after hearing the Groin Incident. I use the word normal very, very loosely. As for the song itself, I definitely agree with djpretzel's use of the word schitzophrenic. It does have more awkward twists, turns, and cd-skip-like halts (more like crashes) than anything else I've ever heard anywhere. The use of voice samples was... shall we say... unique. I never imagined that the MegaMan cartoon would find its way onto OCR. And the way that the voices are mixed can only be described as dizzying. But one thing is for sure, they set the mood perfectly. I knew what I was in for the second I heard "Now I've got your power!" This is a very entertaining mix. That's really all there is to say about it. I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Riley on my quest through the site. And I doubt that there's anything of Shael's that won't get this award... =Stamp of General Weirdity=
  15. Well... Uh... For the first time in my life, I'm speechless. Twenty posts down the road to reviewing every remix on this site, and I run into this. It would be pointless to debate musical theory, decency, or even the basics of tact here. I think Mr. Riley has done something that not even I can be long-winded about. I'll just give you the awards and be done with it. =Fit For Human Consumption= =Stamp of General Weirdity=
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