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  1. Very enjoyable! One of my favorite games (ie that I played younger and think fondly back on) Since there are so few remixes of this game on OCR, may I suggest the 'Dark Chronicle premium arrange' album? The arrangements were done by various famous japanese composers (Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, Motoi Sakuraba...) Find it on YouTube! If you don't have time for the whole album, try at least Shimomura's arrangement of 'Sun', the orchestration is amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yQJ0bnUvaY
  2. Hey hey! Just wanted to give the thumbs up to one of the best remixer of the site (IMO ofc ^^) and ask what you were up to these days (I don't spend a lot of time outside the main page of OCR).

    Still, most of your musics pop in my head from time to time, and when they do, they stay for the rest of the day, because they're completely awesome!


  3. Hello guys, I thought I'd make a request for a PangYa! remix since I couldn't find any (honestly, a search for "pangya" on the whole wide forums leads to no results... well, not anymore!) PangYa! is an arcade golf game that's pretty awesome in its own way, and it doesn't have the best music ever written, but some of them really get stuck in your head after playing the game for hours and hours (obviously...) Most of the best ones are really calm and relaxing I'd suggest to remix one of these (my favorites ) : Tea Time (menu music, I s'pose a trance remix could be done...) Frog (maybe something closer to soft electro would be appropriate) Silvia Cannon (I'm sure someone could make a cool rock remix of this ) Other good suggestions go to bunny picnic, breeze, daydream, spring... you can find most of the OST on this guy's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Karudio972/videos thanks for reading, and many thanks to the remixers who'll think about it ! PS: my previous request, tune of currents, for anyone http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38777
  4. yeay! after all those years (6?) filling my MP3 with 80% OCR, I finally get to give something and feel useful about it I noticed the 2*5000$ gifts for free 60min soundtrack were already checked out. It got me thinking, from a company's point of view, isn't 5000$ for an hour of OST not very expensive? I mean, some of you guys out there did the OSTs for pretty big titles of pretty big companies (*wink* *wink* mass effect3, soul calibur 5 *cough*) and I suppose it was as much your pleasure than theirs to hire you, but if you did most of the OST for such big titles, I would think you'd be paid more than that... Anybody care to tell me otherwise/argue/say "omg! you're so smart!"? whatever, I'm glad I spared 25$ for you guys, you make my world rock along with a few others (my little ponyyyyyyyy !!...)
  5. This is an awesome mix! It's in the same style of your first one, except much better (in my opinion). really, the first one was boring, but this is...enthralling !! keep up the good work
  6. I've known this album for a while, but it sort of got lost in my 'random play all' playlist, so I haven't heard it for some time... Just to give the thumbs up to this whole album which features some amazing tracks (rare respite, crystal swamp...), and especially one particularly big thumbs up to Backwards Room by zykO, who worked on a 22 second long music featured only once in the game (I think.... I'm pretty sure) and created... one of the insan-iest rock track I know ! To me, this is the definition of what OCR stands for: working out of little, and producing masterpieces. And this is why I asked if somebody would do a remix of the 4-second-long Tune of Currents of Zelda, Oracle of Ages (*wink* *nudge* anybody want to get back to that? *nudge* *wink* ) Anyway, I love you guys <3
  7. You haven't done your background check apparently http://essenceoflime.revasser.net/music-disc2.html Cart track switchback is the remix for this song, and it's, in my opinion, pretty much the best remix of the whole album, 'cuz it's freakin' good! kudos to Chickenwarlord and Hylian Lemon btw
  8. I know I know !! I was listening to this remix when I made my post I'm not complaining or anything, but the Tune of Currents is only heard once in Bound Across Time, with no arrangement of it (let alone my desired extension ^^), so I wouldn't call it a remix of the Tune of Currents I hope I'm not sounding too greedy
  9. "Oh boy, he's requesting a zelda remix, as if they haven't all been done by now..." WAIIIIT !!! If you're a fan, you'll know that the Tune of Currents is one of the melodies to change time, not a real song of the game, barely FOUR SECONDS LONG! ("oh boy, now caps lock..." ) So it's a bit like remixing the song of storms or the requiem of time from OOT... except probably harder The Tune of Currents is basically a song for the harp, in 5/4 (that's part of the challenge ), E flat (I think), 2 measures long, for 41 notes (double that if you consider the part in canon, 1/4 of a beat late) You can listen to the original tune here: http://images.wikia.com/zelda/images/3/35/Tune_of_Currents.ogg and download the midi there: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/gameboy/A-tune2.mid With the midi, I got the sheet using midinotate. I'm just a leecher, who manages with a piano and a sheet, and I've never remixed/written anything by myself. But I've been a huge fan of your community since 4-5years (and a huge fan of VGM since I first saw my brothers play sonic on the megadrive ) and I thought this would make for an interesting challenge Oh, and obviously, since I asked for the remix, it's because I really love this song, and I would've never thought a 4sec-long music could be so amazing... But it could probably benefit from an increased length ^^ Message me if you want anything from me !! (like money ) A million thanks anyways to all the community!!!... especially the remixers
  10. Hello there !

    Just giving you the thumbs up for the MM9 remixes, the ones you did are FREAKIN' AWESOME !! (the other ones are pretty good too :P )

    I've been listening to them for a while, and gradually, I've been more and more psyched up when your mixes came up, and then I realized "oh, they're all by the same guy..." :)

    ... especially crysis crystal ^^

    Keep up the great work !!

  11. Hello !

    I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for your awesome work :D

    I'm not a huge fan of the Pokemon album but Divine Olivine is completely amazing (especially that, waddja call it, counter beat after the first phrase?....), and I love your other work too!

    Well, I was also wondering if you had some sort of sheet music for Divine Olivine; I'm an amateurish pianist myself and I play VG music (lately, it's been the Kingdom Hearts piano collections) but I can't write any sort of accompaniement (is that it?)... I found a transcription of the original music, but it's worthless without that counter beat thingy

    So if ever you wrote something down and would accept to pass it down to me, that'd be awesome :)

    My email is pavageau.olivier@gmail.com :)

    Keep up the great work whatever you do !

    Musically yours,


    PS: I'm french, so my english isn't perfect, especially the musical vocabulary

  12. Nobuo Uematsu, my hero !!! The final fantasy piano collections (7, 8, 9, 10 and 10-2 and more to come !... and the kingdom hearts too, but that's not N.U ) changed my life. I basically stopped playing Chopin and classical music altogether for them.... Praise the lord !!!
  13. loony

    Hello !

    Well, I suppose the title pretty much says it: I was hoping you could give away the sheet/score to your (awesome) remix The Feather's Reflection...

    I'm sure I couldn't screw it too much :) though I'd never make as good a job as you did...

    You'll tell me, I have the music I just need to write it myself. Problem is, I'm just a pianist and I know nothing about writing music, so it would take ages for me :(

    So, if you feel like it, send me a link where I can download the sheet (I looked around on your websites but couldn't find any sheet), or mail it to me at


    Thanks a billion for the remix at any rate ! Keep on composing for piano ! :)


    PS: I wanted to send this as a private message, but your box if full according to... whoever's in charge... and other people might be interested as well ! ^^

  14. Just as other guys, I'm not a great fan of rap/hip hop generally speaking, and perhaps even less of parappa the rapper, of which I played a demo 10 years ago or so... And yet I had to log in for the 1st time in months to praise your name out loud Navid, this is pure genious you rock ! or you rap at the very least...
  15. gah, i really love the piano bit, especially the left hand accompaniment... How can we get the sheet of this? I really wanna play it ! I tried mailing Joni, but i think his mail is dead come on, somebody help me! ther's gotta be a way to get the sheet!! I mean, except writing it myself, I suck way too much at this, and when the choral gets in, its impossible... a solution: are there any good sheets of the dr wily's castle? i tried michael gluck's one, but i didn't find it incredible Please help me!
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