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  1. This is much better. I agree that a collab would be great for the guitar sound. I haven't used electric guitar at all because the soundfonts and samples that I find just don't cut it when I need a wailing sound (like you need here). It's one of those things that tends to almost always needs a collab unless you're a mix master. You'll definitely have to adjust some volumes and play around with EQ because some instruments are fighting with each other trying to drown each other out during the build ups, and the bass beat is doing it a little too. This sort of thing happens when you add more instruments in, I think.
  2. I'm loving the beat, but I can't say I like the melodic instruments. They seem a little harsh. I pictured an electric guitar playing in place of the instrument around 0:50. Not sure what to do with the instrument at 0:35. I guess you can play around a little more. Another piano could take the melody, perhaps. You could add in some extra chords or something. The build up to 1:23 drops off. It would sound cool if the volume was a little louder from there to 1:51 with possibly an addition of new instruments that you could add into the build-up. I gotta say though, the background piano and the beat are sexy all the way through. You should find some instruments that compliment them a little more. The composition is nice, and you have some nice intentional improv going. Those are just some suggestions. Take 'em or leave 'em as what I like and dislike is completely subjective. I love the soundtrack to Mega Man 9, and Magma Man is one of my faves. You definitely have something going here. Keep tweaking it and posting here for updates! It'll be submittable in no time.
  3. I've told you before that I like your style. I have to listen to the source material, but I like what you have so far. I don't think the choir sound was too abrupt, but I understand where the comments about it are coming from. Perhaps a quick build up to it would work, possibly like one second of a reverse reverbed clangy instrument. It's just something that came to mind. You'll work it all out eventually, I'm sure, as this isn't a completed mix. Liking the overall sound of it so far. Keep working with it!
  4. Here's a couple of good places for soundfonts. I'm no pro, but I'd say these sites are worth checking out. http://www.download-tutorials.com/ http://www.probangers.com/
  5. I agree with the fakeness of the saxophone. I think it's good that you are putting something there for now, though, as it gives us an idea of what will be there if you decide to change the sound to something more realistic. I really enjoyed the piano solo, and the composition is solid so far. Good luck with this. I hope you finish it!
  6. I'm getting the same message. I'd really like to hear your mix of this song. I'd imagine something from the Tekken soundtrack would be tough to take on, so I'm curious!
  7. Well, I kind of feel bad for updating this since nobody has posted here for awhile, but I figured I would for those who are interested. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?matdzmy3wke I EQ'd a little more. The ending was muddy before. I think this may be really close to being finished. Neat.
  8. The ocarina (it's the main melodic instrument) does tend to cut through your ears. I think it's because it just plays smoothly. There is no vibrato or anything. Whenever the ocarina trills, it isn't as bad. When it extends though, I know what you mean. The piccolo has some nice vibrato, so it spares your ears. It's more pleasant. I'll see what I can do with it. I'm pretty happy with everything else. I haven't updated the first post yet, but I have changed a few things. The ocarina wasn't on the list before though.
  9. I definitely enjoy a trippy piece of music, and this fits that bill. Thing is though, the intro threw me off. The bells are great. I love the beat in the background, but it took awhile to get there. The distortion from the beginning wasn't used later either. I think it would've sounded really cool to take one of the distorted sounds from the intro and mesh it in with the bells. I can imagine it working really well about midway through the last half. It just feels too separate now, but that's just my opinion. No doubt, you have great talent. Great alliteration in the title. It made me laugh.
  10. Well, I updated it. There aren't any snaps, crackles, or pops from what I hear. I EQ'd a little since some of the mid-range instruments were fighting with each other originally. The piccolo was also fighting with the ocarina/celesta. I hope it's clearer now with no fuzziness. Still learning the ropes of EQ though. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to add energy. I definitely need more opinions on that. I'd love to hear them. I probably should've chosen more popular songs to remix.
  11. Hmm. Giant kick drum? I mean no disrespect at all when I ask this, but have you heard a timpani play in an orchestra or a band or anything? It doesn't sound like what an electronic kick or a bass drum would sound like. The sound is supposed to extend and resonate more than a kick. If you know what a timpani is, that's cool. There still could be some clipping with it, but it was just odd to see it being called a "kick." Definitely didn't mean to overlook this post. It's supposed to sound adventurous, so energy is a must. I'll see what I can do. Possibly another volume change will work. Hopefully I can do this without completely ruining the sound quality.
  12. The quality of the save is really bad. I'm going to come back and update the first post with a better file. I sacrificed sound for speed, and that really isn't very smart. I figured since it's in an earlier stage, it wouldn't matter as much, but I was wrong with both assumptions. Just to make sure, which drum are you talking about? The timpani or the drum that plays with the bottle blow right after the sea intro? Both sections begin with new strings. The one with the timpani is more obvious though. Thanks for the feedback! Before I go searching for new samples, I'm going to improve the save. Then if there's still some clipping, I'll be more than happy to run another search.
  13. Game Title - Fighter Destiny 2 (N64) Song Title - Mongol Remix Title - Shallow Water Trek Here's another remix that I'm working on. The sequel to Fighters Destiny left much to be desired since Southpeak dropped the "s", added a "2", and took over. I was able to pull some inspiration from a song though. Here is the source: I haven't messed with any EQ yet, and the french horns at the end need a slight volume modification (they're the newest additions). The quality will also improve later. Right now, I'm saving with the lowest quality so it can be ready more quickly, so I apologize for the low quality. Remix Link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tkmndloonnm If you have any tips, suggestions, additions...anything, just let me know! I appreciate all feedback!
  14. Excellent update! Is this the song in its entirety? The ending leaves me hanging a little. Other than that, I think this mix is solid so far aside from what's already been said. I really don't have much to say outside of complimenting you on what you have. Did you adjust the volumes of anything because for some reason, this updated version has more pump, if you know what I mean. The bass sticks out more to me now.
  15. Okay...yet another update. Click the MediaFire link in the first post (or here). I decided to upload it there because it didn't reduce the quality of the save. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jv3mu1tmwnm Okay, now to what I've changed: 1. I reduced the volume of most of the song...slightly. The grand finale is loud though. 2. I didn't use Audacity at all. Oy. That was a mistake in the first place. I learned how to fade out using FL Studio. Automation is my friend. 3. There is some instrument panning to keep the mix balanced and to relieve some weight from the center. 4. From 1:22 - 1:50, the staccato strings were adjusted to match the time of the music. The slow attack made it sound like they were coming in half a beat late before. 5. Incorporated some EQ to distribute the sounds more evenly. There should be no distortion, no fuzz, and no clicks (except from the guitar which are supposed to be there). This has really helped me out!
  16. I really like where this is going. The one thing that I really enjoy is the bass line underneath the melody. It really drives the song, and of course you've done great work with the melody too. The delay also sounds good so far. Nothing seems muddy to me. It's obviously unfinished, so I'd like to hear another update to fill in the empty spots and hear it go longer. It feels like a good song to have a lead into something bigger. You picked a great source, and I feel it in your mix. Keep up the good work!
  17. This sounds amazing so far, Jewbei. One thing that I'm having trouble finding in your mix is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsDO8Yc-QJE From 00:22 - 00:52. It could be hidden your mix. Sometimes things need to be pointed out to me. But yeah, my only concern is that a large portion of the source seems to be missing. I'll have another listen and try to find those parts. I love Sakura's theme, and so far, I'm loving your interpretation of it.
  18. I've been playing around with the volume, but it's either too quiet or too loud (loud enough for the song to distort in some areas). I'm wondering if it's just how I'm saving it and if Audacity is playing a part. Do you have any idea how to fade out using FL Studio because I'd like to do that in there and see what happens. I've been listening to some mixes to get an idea of what the quality should sound like, but if you go into Tindeck and turn the volume all the way up (the slider...not your speaker's volume knob), it gets extremely fuzzy whereas other songs in this WIP section do not. I tried saving the quality as 512-point sinc, but it sounds almost the same as it did when the quality was lower. Hmm...still trying to figure this out. I won't post an update just yet since you'd basically be getting the same thing as before just with panning (which turned out well).
  19. So just go back into Fruity Loops and adjust the volume of each instrument? Yeah, I was thinking of doing something along those lines anyway. I just added some extra parts in a couple days ago, so they haven't been adjusted exactly how I would like them yet. I just wanted to post an update to show what I added. I'll check on the compression next time too. I'm still getting a feel for Fruity Loops. I don't really understand everything yet. For this update, I used Audacity to tweak some things, and I wonder if that messed the overall quality up. How about panning? That's one thing I'm definitely not sure about. I don't know what determines what should play more on the left versus what should aim for the right. Obviously I haven't even attempted to do that yet. Thanks for the feedback. Edit - I didn't realize how distorted the piano sounded in some areas. I see what you mean now. So far, though, that's all I've really picked up. Unfortunately, the piano takes up a large portion of the song, and it's definitely the most noticeable. I'll be working on that some more. I'm glad you said something! I completely overlooked it. I'll try to listen for more.
  20. I didn't really find the song to be too long. In fact, it kept my interest pretty well. I thought the last "Welcome to Jurassic Park" was the ending though. It did feel like an unnecessary repeat there. I also think that if you chose to remove some sections entirely, it wouldn't hurt the mix since there are some areas that seem sectioned. I didn't have any headphones on, and my volume was down a little, but I wonder how the shrill of the melody would play against my eardrums. The production is coming along great. I need to listen to the source again. As for the sound clips, I'm not a big fan of the first "Welcome to Jurassic Park" especially. It just seems out of place and doesn't lead into the song very well. You can take or leave my commentary if you'd like. I'm no expert, but I do like where this is going. Trance is a fun genre.
  21. I apologize for the double post, but I figured I would let anyone who is interested know to check out the update. I added some extra elements that I grabbed from the source since I don't believe there was enough in the first attempt. I also changed the middle section (the guitar solo) around more to match the source, so that should be okay now. The ending booms more, and I'm pretty happy with it. I also added some extra percussion. It could be a little much, but I'm willing to pull it back some. I'm pretty happy with the beat and the battery instruments I used, but I could eventually change those too. Finally, the ending has been resolved by fading out. Here is the link. This one streams great for me, so hopefully you won't have to go through the trouble of downloading it. The first post is updated too. Hopefully it sounds better than the original. Thanks again for the feedback.
  22. No doubt this is a gorgeous song. Your voice is refreshing, and the small controlled cracks (not sure what the proper term is, so I apologize) are excellent throughout the song. It was as if you were softly chanting. No pun intended, but it fit well for such an enchanting arrangement. One thing that I see as a problem for certain songs with lyrics is that the voices are sometimes drowned by the music in the background. This was not the case. Your voice was crystal clear, and I understood the lyrics from front to back while still really feeling the background support from the harp and other instruments used. Speaking of the lyrics, they were really haunting and made so much sense. Just an all around excellent job. It was all very human, very natural, and very real. Keep up the good work, Kate! ^.^
  23. Awesome! Thanks, guys. I'm going to be off to the beach for a week, but when I come back, I'll definitely try out those soundfonts as long as sf2midi is kind to me. I've had trouble downloading from that site before. j64h, I agree with the ending, and I'll experiment with some more "unts" variety. Glad you like how the track is shaping out. Thanks again!
  24. Game Title - Fighters Destiny (N64) Song Title - Joker's Room Remix Title - Who's Laughing Now This is my very first serious attempt at using FL Studio to produce anything. I first uploaded this for those in the IRC to review, and I also let one of my friends take a listen and give me some feedback. This is what I've added in since the first draft (which I will post for comparison if you'd like to hear it). Adjusted Already EQ'd the Piano Added Strings Added electronic beat ("unts") Turned Piano down Turned Bass down Things I'd Like To Fix #1. I would like a more realistic violin or viola soundfont (heard first at 1:30 and again throughout the song). The one I have now doesn't sound good unless it's played at an ear piercingly high pitch. #2. I would also like to find a strings set that booms more between the guitar solos at the end. I'm in the process of finding both, but I'm having a tough time. #3. Also, I still need to figure out how to fade the ending out so it doesn't stop so abruptly. That should be an easy fix. A comment was given to me about there being too much guitar reverb. There really isn't that much reverb, but a second guitar is holding some notes out underneath the solo guitar. If I should change that, let me know. Also, let me know if it's too repetitive, too quiet, too boring, too cliché, and especially if there is no potential in this song because other than what I know I need to fix, I'm at a wall. Any constructive comments are welcome and will be taken into account. Here is the source. And this should link you to the download page. If you stream it from the site, it gets really fuzzy. At least it does for me, so I would recommend downloading it. Hope it works. ORIGINAL VERSION: UPDATED VERSION: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?matdzmy3wke Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  25. I know. I found it a little odd that "invisibility cloak" would actually work as in it actually appeared to the player as a cloak that turned him invisible. If anything could be made like the "invisibility cloak", the possibilities really would be endless. No doubt. I may buy the game, and if I do, I'd like to try solving a puzzle by typing in "robot lobster". I would like to see what would pop out.
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