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  1. Taking 18 seconds of music and creating a piece over two minutes is certainly a task. I was wondering why the song was so short, but I hadn't listened to the source until now. I think what's been done here is really cool. The build-up of instruments and speed keeps the song moving and interesting. This works really well, and I think for using an 18 second source this turned out beyond what I would have expected.
  2. I really enjoyed the style of this. I'm a fan of 90s music, and this had a nice soulful 90s sound to it. I liked the light percussion. It gave the music a small dose of back-up, but I like that the melody carried the piece the whole way through. If Animal Crossing was a game that ever ended, I could imagine hearing this as the song used in the credit roll. Speaking of endings, that harmonica bit at the end was nicely done. I know the question of whether or not it's "too fake" has come up, but I think it really fit the song's mood and the game it from which the mix was inspired.
  3. Well this certainly was unexpected. The shock value of this song is what I enjoy the most I think. I mean, if you listen to the source, it really is a pleasant, catchy tune that you could find that you hum all day. This...well...this isn't that, and I love it! The beginning had me wondering, to be honest, but the transition from that to the actual mix turned out to be very appropriate. I'm still shocked. I never would have imagined this as a song that would accept such a heavy electronic sound so bizarrely well.
  4. I remember this song very well, and I do know that Disco Dan tried his best with what he had to work with. It's a trippy tune, and I like that it remained as such. The sounds are very close to those used in the original as it really only had a few musical areas to work with that ended so fast that not much could be pulled from them. What gives this song character, though, is the arrangement of each of those short sections. Sure, there is a lot of repetition, but it's broken up by combining different elements of the song with others and also stacking the beats and sounds on top of each other. That's what kept me interested.
  5. This was awesome. When it's done correctly and it fits, slowing a song down a good bit could really change the mood of the whole tune. That's what happened here. It seemed more like a journey coming to a close instead of the intro that was intended in the original, and I suppose that idea goes along with the title really well. Very dramatic. The guitar work and percussion are both excellent. The softer piano and violin give this a nice contrast that isn't too harsh and gives the song a nice flow. The piano improv at the end, though short, was an especially nice touch to break up the repeated segments as the song faded out. Speaking of which, I listened to the original, and I could tell that it could open the door to being too repetitive since it's a song that moved like this (ABBB...). A good many game titles move like that. Luckily, with everything mentioned above, you kept it very interesting for me. Very well done.
  6. Now this is a song you can really feel. Close your eyes listening to it and it takes you somewhere else. Very nice, soft tone. The percussion has a bit of controlled chaos to it around their intro and in various other places scattered throughout which really compliments the more laid back melody. Very jazz.
  7. Hi, ladies and gentlemen. I finally joined the forums after checking out the music here for so long. I have to say, I'm an inspired fan. This site combines my two loves! Anyway, I'm studying to be a game designer at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Online. Since the college is online, I have a lot more time to do what I enjoy doing and less time on the road which is what I was doing before I transferred. The long drives were relaxing and pleasant, however, but that's another story. I was in band in high school. I fell in love with the french horn. Unfortunately, I do not own one myself (money's a bit tight), but I do take one from my old high school whenever I need it. I'm lucky to still have that bit of talent in me. The horn took me places. It's an odd instrument, but I'm a pretty odd guy. I was the only kid in high school completely obsessed with video games, after all. What else is there to say? Well, I have a few ideas in the back of my mind for some jazz mixes of a couple of songs, but I believe they'll stay there for awhile. I'll just hum them to myself until I rummage up some mixing talent to compliment my compositions. Until then, I'll just listen in awe of what's already here! -Jae
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