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  1. Well, something of an intro this time, but meh, still far from finished http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/295289
  2. hmm... I haven't done much more with my slower hip-hop sounding remix of the Ice Cap theme, so perhaps I should work on something in a genre I prefer? Well, that time has come, where I can finally make the guitar sound "good" and make a metal remix of something. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to the hardcore/trashy side of metal Meh, as long as you can headbang to it, I'm happy. Anyway, this is severely far from complete, being only one minute, but I pretty much know what I am going to do with/add to this. I just wanted to post up a "demo" to give everyone the general mood of this remix. However, I am very open-minded, so suggestions are welcome http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/294721 Yes, Newgrounds
  3. Actually, I made this because of all the rage of the newer Sonic game where you could only play as Sonic... *grrrrr* Aside from that, I thought it amusing myself, and I couldn't believe I recorded the whole vocal without laughing. It's kinda ridiculous. I actually thought hard about it after making it and thought, "There is no way Robotnik could ever sound like that!" It's fun to pretend though, I guess. I am actually trying to get together an actual band, or at least half a one (just me and someone who plays a guitar), to make both original songs and remixes for OCR. I have very real-sounding drum kits on my computer, so for me a virtual band is not far-fetched. Until then don't expect an update here... Thank you kindly for the remix names; I'll definitely have to take a listen to those . I didn't know there were any death metal remixes on this site, aside from the Cv2 one by Dennis Mott (Cursed Bloodline, it's called), which honestly to me sounds like DevilDriver, a hardcore metal band.
  4. This is a remix I made when I was just learning how to use my remixing programs. I know the quality is horrible, but it was based off of a midi and nothing else. Of course, the vocals is me, but I'd have to get a real guitar and a better microphone before actually making something submittable here. Also, don't ask for the lyrics, as they contains words I can't post here if you know what I mean. I'm just posting this as a concept for now, but I will return to it when I get more time, and more importantly, more money... MP3 here Well, as for what inspired it: I hate Sonic. I like the other characters, but Sonic is an impatient little *censored*. He needs to die. Robotnik has failed far too many times, and in this "song", he finally wins. DEATH TO SONIC!! Note: This is why you haven't heard any other metal remixes from me =P
  5. Such... words of encouragement! =D I am so.. uplifted by this, actually, but I find I work best when I'm in a good mood. Everyone's got their own style, I suppose. While my style is typically happy and often cute, I tend to not be able to break away from a vibe once I get into it. But you are right, maybe this depressive vibe is the perfect work to support my depressive mood, which honestly just comes from the time of the year. In October I tend to be the most sensitive to the world around me, including my already intense sensitivity to the negative emotions of others, although I can't imagine why October. Anyway your comments have been very helpful in the shaping of this mix, I thank you so very much! =D I will try to work on this, and keep it at night, since all the work I have done at night seems to be the only work I ever keep in the mixes anyway... Besides, I AM nocturnal! =P
  6. Err, a small amount of difference, you'll hear what I did, but really I'm not rushing it--I just want to make sure I'm still going in the right direction here. I just don't want to destroy a remix by adding too much to it. I guess I'll call it WIP6, but it may be a while before I go any further with this... I've been feeling down lately. Call it depression if you like, I'm just so low right now. MP3 Here
  7. The bass intro was just a bit long, but... when that synth came in... eargasm to the max! Dude, I think you may wanna replace some of the BG synth with electric guitars, but that's totally up to you. Honestly, as bumpy as the beginning sounds, the mix as a whole is turning out to be quite awesome. DO keep going. Don't give up. Also, don't FORCE it. You don't have to work on this at any timed rate, or anything dumb like that. Just wait for a brilliant idea to come naturally. That's kinda how my Ice Cap remix is evolving, speaking of which part of the bassline around the start somewhere made me think of the Ice Cap bassline Anyway, good work, don't give up! Note: This seems to deviate from the source more than any of mine so far...
  8. Wow, that altered pitch at about 20 some seconds... I'm not gonna lie to you, it was unintended. I didn't try to fix it though because I liked the way it sounded But, you say "longer"? Hmm, I'll see, but towards the end, I feel as though that "beat" will have to change anyway, but still it stays as hip-hop (ish). Meh, I didn't even realize how much I took out from the previous work (yes, I actually built WIP5 from WIP4!). BUT, the re-working of the drums is still not done here. I'm still learning at this as well. Lol 1:22 was intended to hint, or else... imagine if it WASN'T there. Boring, right? and thanks, I did focus more on this, but it IS nice when an idea kinda comes naturally, and I work on it, it's easier to, you know, do it right, and I will continue working on it once more brilliance comes along. Also, do you think emulating the style of "The Sky Is The Limit" (by Lil Wayne lol) in any portion would be good? I can't imagine it exactly how it would sound at this point, but it's fun to play on ideas that may not even work. That's what the "Save As..." is for, I suppose. Go back if it doesn't work. Actually, I have not had any other music training/experience other than maybe a few guitar lessons (that I don't even remember because I was, what, 6 years old?). Maybe being a huge fan of Sonic The Hedgehog and the fact that music has been of the greatest importance in my life is helping here. I ALWAYS have my 120GB iPod or Dingoo player on hand; I'm never without some kind of music player. NEVER In my first 5 years I grew up in a home with no TV, only a really big stereo system. I mostly heard what the adults listened to: Metal and classic rock. I'm still not above hip-hop, rap, dance, classical, or jazz, as told by this remix Still it was fun at 5 years old to twirl my hair around while all the adults emptied their lungs at my ability to headbang =P
  9. For one, the title is now changed. The new title: Cold Ending (that probably won't be final, though) Two... I want to know if I did at least HALF a good job making it dark at any part. I redid SOME of the drums, but my main focus was TRYING to give the remix a different (dark, actually) sound. I'll do more to the beat than the simple loop you hear, and change the sounds in it as well, so don't worry to mention it. I also may have this split as an orchestral mix later, but that's when I get way more advanced with this. Remember I've only been doing this (remixing/remaking) for about two months now, and not full time either. Anyway I think this lost its sound somewhere through. Again constructive feedback greatly appreciated as usual, and thanks in advance (even though I'll thank you again anyway XD) Click here to listen to Sonic 3 Remix - Cold Ending.mp3
  10. I don't know where to go either ( did I say that already?). I was thinking of going even further as to possibly emulate the style of a song/artist with each of my remixes. Because it makes sense, I would actually try to emulate the style of the song I think I mentioned before that sounds like this (Janet Jackson - "Together Again") Maybe make it even more "believable" that her song was based from this... Wow, a year, and I thought it was you. I remember you mentioning trying to get on OCR with that mix, which I say was rather nice to me. I would really love to hear something from 8 bit Sonic rocked out Aside from that, I really have no idea where to go with this, as I mentioned just above the quote of your reply ( I am avoiding a double post here, since I got two consecutive replies). Meh, I tend to not really work on something unless and idea comes, well, naturally. Just, you know, seemingly out of nowhere. That's really the best way to work on stuff IMO. As for how long I've been remixing, honestly, it's only been a couple of months, if that. I've really just been messing with stuff, more experimental than anything else. I actually just the other day figured out how to adjust MIDI tracks on the program I use (MixCraft), so finally I can do my own sections of original stuff without the use of FL. FL is a pain in the rear to compose notes with IMO. Besides, I only have the demo I really can't say who will be first, but technically that's like the second version I made. The only difference is that the second has two more loops of the melody and also contains brass and a bit of percussion (toward the end) that the first didn't. Also, thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the cute sounding idea. =D Well, actually, my friend D would like it, too, but he's not a Sonic fan
  11. Yes, exactly what I thought of it, is that it is a great start. So, are you suggesting after what I have here so far, that I extend it and do away with the melody a bit and mess around a bit? You know, deviate in such a manner that many mixes on this site do. I really don't know where to go at this time, but I tend to work on a remix only when I get a sudden idea with which I can experiment. and jajaja I thought the same thing of that second act, but still I absolutely love the music, and apparently it seems tha possibly Janet Jackson did as well (ever heard "Together Again"?). Really, I thought of this music when I heard JJ's song, which came out years after this game was released. Wow, I'm getting of topic >___> Anyway, as I said before, what to do next is still unknown, but thanks for the advice! My style, though, is almost always happy and upbeat (except if it's a metal mix lawl). Always appreciate help from the OCR community =D
  12. If it's not apparent by now, I'm a hardcore oldskool Sonic fan. Anyway, this remix is NOT so hardcore, but in fact kinda cute sounding. Then again what was the bridge theme anyway? Well, I had a concept here of "building" a bridge theme (please excuse how corny that was) up until the end. Ironically enough, shortly after starting on this, I found out that a fellow youtuber had one titled "Bridge Under Construction". I lol'd at that, especially after hearing just how different his remix was. As for my remix, I'm not nearly done... I don't think I am... what's this, my third project? I better slow down a bit! Lawl I guess I don't have a time limit here, but it's good to have one thing at a time, build slowly... am I missing something? Oh, right, the MP3. Thanks in advance for constructive feedback!
  13. Oh... too long? I was trying to make it "suspenseful"..yar. A build up into the beat.. I see what you mean. Then again I did mention I was going to do more drum work, so good time to mess with the build up as well, I suppose. A lot of people love the original track, and I'm pretty sure that in order to make a "bad" remix of the Ice Cap theme, one would have to be doing it on purpose XD So... that's TWO people that say the kick needs to be stronger. Wow, that's actually a relief, because I thought it would be too strong =O As for my own original composing... chee, shouldn't be too hard... perhaps a synth "solo" of sorts?? Well, thanks for the advice and now I may be persuaded to make that kick a bit more powerful DX
  14. Okay, wow. I knew there were plenty of trancy remixes out there already, and that's why I am actually unsure about this. BUT I am wondering if I somehow took this in a "darker" direction, how would that be? I noticed a trend in Ice Cap remixes is that they all sound either "nice" or "upbeat" in some way. Maybe if I somehow made it "dark" (industrial??), I could definitely be different. It's just too bad my style is almost always upbeat/nice. As for the string-like instruments... I thought it sounded rather nice that way, but... meh, maybe I'll see about completely re-working that track. As for the kick, it's actually an acoustic and a synth kick put together (I had to be creative SOMEHOW). I do like me a good kick myself, but with what I have in my remix I was actually trying to mimic the source material's kick. =O I know matching the source is usually NOT a good idea, but I thought it would be good here. Anyway, maybe I should try NIN style? I'm not really good at emulating other styles, but it's worth a shot... lmao I really don't watch much TV these days, and really I never did, but I do understand your reference. Drumwork will be the most work, as I do the drums in FL and thanks, bro!
  15. Okay, never mind what happened to the first three, but if you must know check out my youtube channel: Constromlie Anyway, I'm just trying to make this... like, I dunno, nice, I guess. Trance is nice, right?? Maybe this doesn't really qualify as "trance", but what would I know? I listen to metal most of the time =P Meh, take a listen if you wish, and I will probably be doing more to the drums and the end section than anything else from this point. MP3 Heerr ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Edit: This will probably end up being darker than I had originally intended, just to be original. Most likely Nine Inch Nails Style
  16. Actually, that was more helpful than you may think it was. I'll have to try experimenting more with those effects, as I have Mixcraft which has tons of instrument presets and effects. I use other programs as well, but I always base in Mixcraft. I'll have to look at those mixing guides, too, because I am really new to this, as I have stated before (I think). Gawd I just want to get at least ONE GOOD TRACK up here. =P Anyway thanks much for your comment, and really I never thought of all the effects that go into these remixes!
  17. Okay, that was just helpful! There's no doubt about it being close to the source, but I am kinda new to this myself. I do agree just listening to another remix of it does bring some ideas, but I think if I just listen to any music a brilliant idea can/may come randomly. What I meant by vocal clips is just something kinda background-ish to by kind of a rhythmic repetitive thing more than a melody. It already has a strong backbeat, but other than that I may entirely redo this closer to a hip-hop/dance style when I get some ideas of how that would even work. =P Also thank you for the site for mp3 linking, I'll post my next mp3 up on there =D
  18. It's a remix of the Green Hill Theme from Sonic 2 on the game gear. I must say it sounds quite pleasant and yes it is the same as Toot Toot Sonic Warrior from the Japanese Sonic CD. I myself, as well as many of my friends, think this remix is really nice and enjoyable, but I alone feel as though it is...erm...missing something. Vocal clips? Record scratches? I really don't think this is complete enough for submission. Maybe it's just me. I don't know. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated! The remix is HERE. and if the mp3 doesn't work at least you can hear the remix from this youtube video, which not surprisingly is my most popular. Sorry, I use 4shared, unless there is a better free site where I can actually link directly to the mp3.
  19. So...long time no speak.

    Anyway, I was thinking of a Sonic 2 boss remix...emulating the style of GWAR...specifically the song "The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo". I can hear it play back in my mind, but I just wonder if it would be a good idea. It sounds good to me, but I'm a metalhead, so maybe it's just me.

    If you don't know the song, I used it in the video linked below:


    The first song, not the second, even though both were parodied in Codename:KND

  20. If I posted a request for a parody of a real song with the melody changed to match that of music from a video game....erm...I just wanna know if ReMixes such as this are meeting the requirements. I've never heard it done, and it is not specifically mentioned in the submission rules. I'm just wondering. Would I be wrong to request it? Sounds like such a noob question, but I am just dying to know D:>
  21. I've heard enough material from you to call you, "Awesome"

    You haven't heard of me, but I come to you with a collab request:

    GWAR style remix of HCZ act 2 from Sonic 3 on the Genesis, as a parody of "The Private Pain of Techno Destructo"

    The ReMix title, I think "The Private Pain of Sonic the Hedgehog" :P

    "a PARODY?" Simply changing the bassline of the song to match HCZ act 2 and sneaking the HCZ2's main melody into the soloing parts.

    I suggest you listen to the song before you say yes or no, or ask any questions. I just LOVE your ReMixes, and I want to be involved in them.

    "What can I do?"

    I can do Metal Vocals, nothing singing wise. I can just 'sing' parody lyrics of the real deal. I don't play instruments, though I have a great sense of rhythm. >:D

    Just a thought

    ♥Constromlie (YouTuber Wookums2015)

  22. I made a quick mash-up of this with Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg. This is actually the first ReMix I used for a mash-up, so great job McVaffe!
  23. Well, I came in...I have been a fan of this site for at least 5 years now. I finally decided to register and maybe I might rock some seemingly unrockable melodies (that's not mine)...I'll probably end up creating electronic mixes instead D:> Anyway, I'm a metalhead and a Sonic fan, currently working on a Fan Game "The Great Four" Other than that I'm not too busy (except working), being out of school for nearly a year now X•
  24. I mean it! I'm not even familiar with Mega Man, but when I saw the dramatic title on the latest ReMixes list, I thought I would have a listen... Not a waste of time, but in fact the complete opposite. I love this ReMix, and it will always be one of my favorites, alongside Sonic 1: Metamorphic Rock, and other metal mixes > Yes, I'm a metalhead
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