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  1. I'm rather surprised that they didn't mention Voices of the Lifestream, too. I guess it just wasn't timely enough. Still... go OCRemix!
  2. I honestly enjoy some things about Family Guy. Yes, a lot of the jokes get kind of repetitive, but I like how it's kind of got a stream of consciousness thing going on. I mean, when I'm going through my everyday life, I don't just think constantly about what I'm doing at the moment - like Peter and the other characters on the show, my train of thought is often interrupted by stray memories, thoughts, and dreams that wouldn't seem to connect to the matter at hand to anyone else, but to ME it makes sense. With Family Guy, I see something similar, except it's like it's making fun of just how random some people's train of thoughts are. Also, there's so many hidden cultural references in the show that it's just freaking fun trying to figure out what they're referring to sometimes - catching the more subtle references is a challenge, even. As a journalism teacher I once had put it, "Seth McFarland is an evil mad genius, because he's basically taken a century of "pop culture," tossed it all in a box, and takes out random things and glues it all together, so that you're getting inundated in history without even realizing it... and because he knows about all that history, he's got a hundred plus years of material to make fun of, whereas most shows have only - at most - the past decade or so."
  3. I seriously LOL'd so hard when I read this that my dog got terrified and ran away to hide from me. Can I borrow some beef jerky from someone to lure her out of hiding?
  4. I thought it was very tastefully done, until about the time that Al Sharpton stepped out on stage. Then my opinion of the ceremony went so far south that you'd have to be on Antarctica to have a hope in hell of seeing it. Seriously, why do people invite people like him to these kind of events? Do they seriously want to ruin them that much?
  5. I suppose it could be licensing, although I can't really see that being that big of a problem - not unless some of the owners of the cartoons were being really unreasonable about how much they expected to be paid for the right to use their cartoons. A fact that might point towards this being the case is how - especially lately - CN has been trying to produce as many of its shows itself, so that the network retains primary licensing over those shows and can show them as much as it likes? Case in point: Total Drama Island/Total Drama Action I do find it interesting how Boomerang - which is supposed to be "classic" cartoons - has a significant portion of its lineup consist of shows which are less than a decade old - The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Teen Titans, etc. - which, in my opinion at least, is far from classic. But perhaps it's because the majority of these shows were CN produced, giving them free range to play them as much as they like? (Teen Titans, of course, being the exception to that rule.)
  6. Agreed. It seriously makes my head hurt, and not in a good way.
  7. Now THAT'S a concept I can get behind, 100 per cent... just as long as they aren't all based on the games that are light on story, like Pac-Man or something like that. Actually, come to think of it, wasn't there a Pac-Man cartoon show at one point or something? Maybe that's just something my overactive imagination created in my head, but I could've sworn I once saw an episode of a show like that. ...but back on the topic: I'd love to see if someone could get a video game company like Square-Enix or EA or someone like that to consider making a cartoon spin-off of a couple of their games, even if they're just anime and end up on Adult Swim. Which, by the way, I believe that's a huge hole in the scheduling at CN - the fact that they bill themselves as a "kid-friendly" network requires them to air most of the better cartoons that are still actually in production after 10 pm (central time). I'd almost like to see the network split in two different directions - 1 network become tv shows for kids 17 and younger, and the other network more adult oriented, allowing it to not only have shows like TMNT and the Thundercats (which are, I believe, classified as "children" shows because of their lack of intense graphic violence, language, sex, etc.) but also filling the holes with "adult" shows like Family Guy, Superjail, anime, etc. The children's network could still play around with reality shows if it wanted to, but the new, adult network could play classic cartoons, current cartoons, and anime, without finding itself forced to fill holes by playing the same infantile show four times a day. EDIT: This, by the way, was what I originally thought they were trying to do with Boomerang.
  8. Yeeeeah... the next time I feel a need to have a good, old-fashioned nightmare, I'm just going to loop my media player on this song and go to sleep listening to it. Seriously though, the goal of a "dark" and "thick" piece was definitely accomplished here - maybe even too well, although I can't say I was truly disturbed by the piece, as seems to be the general consensus. (Then again, I don't disturb easily. ) But it definitely evokes a barren, wasteland kind of landscape, the kind you'd do anything to not get caught in, or, worse, stranded in. Well done.
  9. Ok, I've looked and haven't found any requests for this game, so I'll go ahead and post mine. I'm honestly a little shocked that no one's done any remixes from this game, as I've always thought that it was chock-full of great little pieces that really told the story as much as the characters' dialogue. With that in mind, here are a few of the pieces I'd most love to hear remixes of, with links to (really badly made) source files on VGMusic.com: Alma's Theme http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/FFTALMA.mid Antipyretic http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/fft_d2t03.mid Golgorand Execution Site http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/fftbatt11.mid Memories http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/Fftmemries.mid Ovelia's Worries http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/fft_d209.mid Also, three that I couldn't find sources for: In Pursuit Night Attack Under the Stars All of these were great pieces, and I think there's a lot that the talented remixers who inhabit this site could do with these great little tunes - as well as many songs from the game that I haven't mentioned, but are of equally high quality. Thank you for your consideration of my request, and I look forward with baited breath to any and all efforts made to fulfill it. P.S. - Just to be clear, these are tracks from the ORIGINAL game, produced for the PlayStation/PlayStationX.
  10. Sefirosu is right - "sacrificed" is what is said. And this is an extremely creepy piece... I could totally see it being looped and played at a strategic point in a haunted house.
  11. Great mix, overall. I would've liked to hear a bit more of Cyan in there, but I felt that what there was of him in there was very well-placed and tasteful. Maybe a touch on the long side, but that may've just been because I kept expecting to hear a bit more of Cyan. Other than that, great stuff.
  12. FINALLY, someone turned their eye to the wonderful soundtrack of the amazing game that is one of my favorites of all time, Vagrant Story! This is a very well-done, a delicate touch but still filled with emotion - I love it. Great contribution!
  13. I completely agree. I normally hate pieces with vocals - I much prefer to hear the instruments - but this definitely ranks up at the top of my list of favorite remixes of all. And I, too, would love to hear a rendition of "You're Not Alone!" which is my favorite piece of video game music of all time. I'm glad to see a Final Fantasy IX remix, too - I think the music in the game is very underrated, and that a lot of the "less important" songs are very good, and would have high remix potential.
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