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  1. I'd actually have to disagree with you, and say that Celes' opera house melody - to me, at least - would serve you better as a climax here, especially if you do it in the same style as the intro. But that's completely my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. I've got nothing for you on the transitions though. Aside from those two issues, though, it's pretty good - loving it!
  2. This is yet another solid, wonderfully creative and fun to listen to piece by VHD. I just wish he had more, because his remixes are always a guaranteed will-love for me.
  3. Yeah, I have - and I know there are always a few good, hard games out there that make a challenge. I just hate it when it seems like 85% of the games being released out there are so easy that even I - who am admittedly bad at most games, with the exception of RPGs - can blow through them with little or no difficulty. I mean, yeah, I like being able to complete a game... but I like to feel that I accomplished something with each one beyond killing a day or two.
  4. This happened with me once with the game Vagrant Story. One of the features of the game - a very cool one - is that you can combine weaker weapons in the game to create stronger weapons, and I'd spent all day trying to get a Katana in the game to combine and make a better two-handed sword. Anyway, I finally gave up and wandered over to one of my friend's houses, to discover a katana that he'd ordered online months before had finally arrived. I caught myself starting to run out the door with the sword to go home and combine it with the one in the game.
  5. Personally, I just think the average difficulty level of games - across the board - has dropped over the passing years, and I just hope that the trend starts going the other way again. This game included.
  6. My pleasure, my good man. :-)

  7. The middle of my Media Theory class. I was grabbed by the strongest urge to race home, hop on the PS1 and get me some Final Fantasy VII lovin'.
  8. Yeah, I'd heard that too. Makes this hero a sad hero.
  9. Happy birthday... um... hmm... what was this thread about again? Just kidding. Happy birthday, BGC.
  10. I call boycott if they replace the original actors. See how the bean counters take it when their revenue from advertising drops to triple digits, and we'll get our actors back. Or they'll cancel any future episodes that haven't yet been filmed. Either/or.
  11. Their apparent lack of weapon variety might be due to the fact that their shield had never been penetrated before. I mean, let's say there's an army in the Middle Ages whose soldiers are protected by some sort of personal shield that makes them completely and utterly invulnerable to outside attack. What possible reason would they have to go and develop anything beyond the bow and arrow, spear, and sword as far as offensive weapons? They can sweep across the world and wipe out every single civilization at that point in time, because even if some army manages to develop the crossbow, or even muskets, that technology is pointless - the invulnerable army will still win, and since their weapons did the job adequately, they'll probably just let the new technology be forgotten rather than bother trying to learn how to use it. After all, learning would cost them time, and when the weapons they have will do the job anyway, it becomes a dead loss of time.
  12. This is very much so. I mean, heck, when they start making remakes of movies such as Cheaper By the Dozen - which were fun, camp pieces the first time around, but really not all that original in and of their own right and therefore not begging for a remake - you know they're hurting for material. Definitely. Don't get me wrong - I love a properly-executed, entirely live action flick. And I think there's a lot of genres/subgenres out there - chick flicks, romances, and of course modern life fiction, for example - that will remain almost entirely live action, simply because of the nature of the genre. But I think - as you agreed - that making a video game film predominately CGI allows the film to stay as true to the source material as possible. And honestly, I wouldn't want the movie to be made unless it is "done right," i.e. not only as close to the source material as possible, but including all the major plotlines and sub-plotlines as possible. That was the issue I had with the movie Watchmen - it was good enough, considering time restraints and audience attention spans, but a lot of the important sub-plotlines were removed, and so a lot of times the audience was stuck going (for example), "Wtf? Why the heck is there a freaking genetically engineered supercat in the Antarctic?" because the sub-plotline in the book that explained the cat's existence wasn't included in the movies. I mean, it's a thin line between maintaining the story's structural integrity and keeping the movie short enough to keep the audience entertained when it comes to video game/comic/novel crossovers to movie (especially with video games), but I always prefer to err in the direction of maintaining the integrity. But then, I'm a writer - I always prefer to tell the story right. Thanks.
  13. Congratulations to the both of you - may you have many years of happiness together, and not follow the current pop culture trend of screwing up your marriage. 'Cause, like, the courts already get enough divorce cases as it is. Yeah. *gets down off soapbox* Anyway, in all seriousness... congrats.
  14. A genre search function would be very awesome. However, I have a feeling it would entail a huge amount of work to create as a working function... and there might also be some disagreements on what genre some pieces fall into. Still, I suppose if you could get all the OCRemixers to state what genre their pieces were meant to be, that could eliminate that issue... although there's some Remixers you probably can't get in touch with to get that info from them. It's a good idea though, in my opinion.
  15. Awesome! Thanks. "Of Fiend and Man" and "The Flying Machine" were the two that I was having trouble placing... which is odd, because "The Flying Machine" is one I've listened to a lot, lol.
  16. I have a question, now that I come to think about it: Does anyone have a list of which songs were used in the video, and in which order? I've been able to figure out most of them on my own, but there's like two that I can't quite place.
  17. That's always been why I enjoy RPG games the most (and Final Fantasy in particular) - you really get your money's worth. Of course, then again, as a writer and a big fan of books/good stories, I've always felt the best RPGs to be the best possible cross between a book and a movie. As to the subject topic at hand, I'm personally surprised that video games are doing as badly. To me, they're a (relatively) cheap source of lasting, interactive source of entertainment that can give you weeks' worth of pleasure. Then again... I am a bit strange.
  18. Please, don't even joke about that. I hope and pray to God every day that the movie industry will leave Saturday morning cartoons alone, and stop screwing around with the comic books - honestly, the only comic book movie series I've seen that I thought worthy of the original is the new Batman series. I mean, look at some of the farces that have already been produced. The Scooby-Doo movies? Make me want to mail a bomb to the movie production companies that created them, every time they come on tv. (I never would, mind you, but that's besides the point.) In all honesty, I think - if the movie industry has to eventually expand out in to video game movies, as I'm afraid it must - I'd rather see them be done as all-CGI movies, because (a) it would most closely preserve the characters and scenery, ( would allow - in many ways - a more faithful following of the story lines, and © might also inspire viewers of the movies who have never played the games to go out, buy, and play the games. Kind of how movies these days are inspiring the video game companies to make games off of them (a mistake, in most cases, but never mind that)? Well, imagine that with a video game-based movie... except the video game companies would already have an existing, high-quality game for the new masses to play. It might even inspire the companies to re-release the games with better graphics... the danger there being, of course, that they might also be inspired to change the storylines to more closely follow the movie(s). Besides which, movies that are exclusively CGI are the future of the industry. It won't be long before almost every genre has more than half of its films made completely in CGI.
  19. Mmm... I agree, she would have the perfect voice for it. Dunno if she has the body for it, though - do a Google image search for "Mary Elizabeth McGlynn" and judge for yourself (most of the images of her don't really show her body). Still, if it was an entirely CGI film - something like Advent Children - she would definitely be my choice, hands-down.
  20. (A) and ( would probably be the best options of the ones listed. (A) would run the risk of turning into a hokey C-class Sci Fi movie the likes of which would only be shown on SyFy, though - although it definitely has potential. But it would require a director capable of exquisitely-careful handling of the source material... not to mention a top-notch screenwriter. Still, it could easily happen... the big danger here, to be honest, was that rather than finding an actress to play Samus who was a good actress first and attractive second, they'd go the other way around and just choose an actress based solely on her looks, as is a common achilles heel of many sci fi/fantasy movies/tv series. (, I'd be afraid of becoming like the "Dungeon and Dragons" movie franchise, because of how many games are in the series and of how extensive the terminology and diction unique to the series is... y'know, where the first movie is passable albeit barely, but the sequels (yes, there is at least one sequel in the "Dungeons and Dragons" movie franchise!) are laughable and poorly executed. Still, it would also have the potential to be something more like the "Lord of the Rings," albeit probably to a lesser extent. The other problem with Legend of Zelda, though, is that it would be a fantasy-genre movie; and aside from "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" the fantasy genre has always been largely ignored in film, and, when paid attention to, severely under-funded and staffed with fourth-string actors. ©... I'm sorry, but the children's television shows ruined - in my mind at least - any possibility of MegaMan becoming a serious film for adults, although I could still see some sort of "Speed Racer"-esque big screen production of it... y'know, that could be claimed to have been made for adults, but everyone knows it's really a children-oriented movie. The children's series really ruined it for me, though - they were seriously worse than the "Pokemon" series... well, worse than the first season of "Pokemon" anyway. It's hard for me to take anything MegaMan-related seriously anymore. (D) and (E) I really don't know enough about to voice an opinion on. Also, to be fair, I think - due to how unknown the "Mario" movies are in the vast majority of pop culture - that there's a possibility that series could be salvaged as a movie franchise by pretending the movies made don't even exist and starting over from scratch with a bigger budget and a more serious, quality script and actors. Anything's possible, though - I mean, hell, they're making "G.I. Joe" and "Transformers" movies now. I give it ten, fifteen years at the max before the film industry realizes that there's a huge fan base out there in the video game industry and capitalize on it with movies.
  21. Awesomeness. The Home Page video is rockin', and I'm already on my second play-through of my favorites of the songs. Great job, everyone!
  22. *does his antsy dance* I'm trying to wait... but I'm just so excited.
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