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  1. Kienai Hisako, kienai urami!

  2. Kienai Hisako, honoo-en no haka! Fukushū, fukushū no inori! Kemuri, kemuri no kioku! Kienai Hisako, kienai urami!

  3. Evolve or die, the choice is yours! - Aria

  4. Here comes the CEO.....Aria is upon us!

  5. Some streaks don't break.....who's next?

  6. Feel the burn, Cinder is coming!

  7. Thank you for the birthday wish! Have a wonderful day!

  8. No problem, man. It was a damn good ReMix, so it was easy to review. Thanks again for the kudos!

  9. You're welcome! It was an amazing post and I'm glad you were able to get more SF 3rd Strike up on the front page with such a great ReMix.

  10. Hey, thanks! :D You do quite a lot of good reviews as well. Let's keep it up and show the ReMixers our love for their talented work!

  11. Hey, happy birthday!

  12. Hey, thanks for the kudos, and have a great day!

  13. You are more than welcome. :D I'm always glad to show some appreciation for talented ReMixers and their work.

  14. Thanks for the birthday wish!

  15. No problem, Emunator. Like I said, I'll get to the other disks after the holiday rush is over. Thanks for the friend request!

  16. No problem, Flexstyle! ReMixers should always get some praise for turning out amazing songs.

  17. Hey man, happy birthday!

  18. Thanks for the birthday wish! :D

  19. Thanks for the friend invite Stevo! Good luck with OCAD and your future ReMixes.

  20. Yeah, you're not likely to see a bad post from me. I just tend to laugh off flamers, jerks and jokers all the same, if you know what I mean.

  21. Hey, thanks for the friend invite! I truly appreciate it. BTW, you're user name before was awesome, and this one is just as cool! Thanks again.

  22. Feel free to leave a message, even if it's just to say hi. I may even say hi back if I'm not too busy driving others insane. :D