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  1. WHARBLGARBL According to the TF2 Wiki, they do in fact have unique stats. This is further supported by the blog, which states that the items will get crafting recipes once the promo ends. (No point in making them universally available if they're just reskins.) Sun on a Stick does +35% damage, but -45% if the target isn't on fire. Sharpened Volcano Fragment ignites on hit, but does -20% damage. What are the requirements for the new achievement?
  2. I've heard conflicting reports that the promo items are identical to the Axetinguisher and Boston Basher and that they have unique stats. I really hope the former is the case. Also promotional achievement lolwut.
  3. An idea just occurred to me: How long do you guys expect it to be until Frogg reclaims the #1 spot in the stats?
  4. Can't we chalk it up to my own tiredness and stupidity and leave it at that? ._.
  5. I was going to say yes even with that in mind, but I'm slightly sleep deprived atm so I'm more than likely mistaken.
  6. I'm not sure I've ever actually taken advantage of my reserved slot to join when the server was full. Also I find it hilarious there's an "award" for getting killed by the train now. Although a good chunk of the award names need work. <_>
  7. ... That just reinforces my opinion that unusuals aren't worth the hype.
  8. I have a step by step process I use to make my own videos: Acquire a demo. Either type "record <demoname>" in console or get a plugin like PREC to do it for you. I use PREC because I keep forgetting to do it manually. Play back the demo in TF2 and convert it to video with a method of your choosing. Shift + F2 brings up a Demo UI that lets you speed up/slow down playback, as well as skip to specific frames. (Allegedly. Skipping frames tends to make my own copy crash.) You can use TF2's ingame recorder (.tga sequence or .avi) which tends to be slow but results in a higher quality video when you're done, or use video capture software like FRAPS. (Tip: Use the parameters "-window -noborder -width XXX -height YYY" in TF2's launch options to force specific screen resolutions and alleviate Alt-Tab woes.) Edit the result in the video editing software of your choice. Note that if you record a .tga sequence, you'll need to use something capable of stringing them together like VirtualDub, even if it's just an intermediate step. Also note that .avi files may not play properly in media players until you've finished editing and encoding them, since the methods used to generate the video result in huge filesizes, which media players tend to freak out over. Publish to YouTube or similar.
  9. Necro has achieved Nirvana. Of course alcohol was involved.
  10. ... You guys do know I was just venting for the most part, yes? I feel like I've set off a hueg debate here. (Although good call on the dick moves duality thing.)
  11. Alternately, when the enemy team has no less than 3 Pyros, all bent on Spychecking each other, their teammates, and thin air. Also random hits from the Flare Gun while cloaked. And general bad luck. And then dying and seeing the enemy Spy backstab half the defense, or see an allied Spy get a chainstab in the kill icons and rage not-so-silently that it seems the universe has it in for a particular Spy today and guess what? It's me.
  12. Warioware mode? What? And while I'm thinking about it, I'd like to apologize for what I'm sure is intolerable bitching when I have a particularly shitty round as Spy.
  13. That comic is covered in mold, plated with gold, and left out in the cold. By which I mean it's been circulating for the past couple of days. <.< I have 8 or 9 crates, can't remember.
  14. In that case I'm at what you'd call University, about to earn a bachelor's.
  15. I suspect there's some regional language differences, so I'll clarify that college and university are interchangeable terms to me. I'm 21, if that helps pin it down. Alternately, you use university to refer to a graduate degree program? Not in the long term, but in the short term probably. At least until the rankings stabilize again. *applause*
  16. Real Life will no doubt play a part in my gaming patterns later on, but for now I have surprisingly little homework. (Final semester in college, you KNOW it's going to be rough.) I'm actually looking forward to the stats reset, if only so Frogg can stop topping the player list with twice the points of second place.
  17. I went to that one noob server Chili goes to sometimes and discovered a pair of unfortunate facts. Your own team tends to be just as useless as the enemy. Unlike the OCR crowd, they do not have the self control necessary to refrain from going ragepyro. I did get 13 backstabs in one life and 50something points defending Upward, plus some rather fun Ambassador shenanigans on Turbine, but that was pretty much the highlight of my experience.
  18. More LODs? Scout's crossover outfit? HATS? (God, please not more hats...)
  19. This is a really stupid and trivial question, but I assume the names given for the various awards in HLStats are inherent to the system itself?
  20. tl;dr the server's herp derping as usual. Got it.
  21. What's this about autojoin? Just basically forcing random team selection instead of presenting you with the doors? And I do suspect it's SourceTV, personally. We only got the extra slot when Kagami joined us IIRC.
  22. Obviously, but I mean in future updates. I haven't heard anything earthshattering about it, hence my confusion as to why they haven't ported it over to TF2 proper yet.
  23. Sudden realization: Is anything going to come of the new doorway added to Granary's ramp room?
  24. Oh hey, they added 5Gorge. Should be interesting to play on. Haven't had an opportunity to really participate in the Beta, sadly. If I recall correctly, the reason Yukon's mid was moved onto the bridge was because the pit was a positional disadvantage despite also being the desired point of control. Which if you ask me made for an interesting dynamic where you needed to control the area before attempting to capture, but eh. lol @ Mad Milk finally washing off in water. Also FUCK YEAH LOD MODELS. Some of the new weapons had more polys than the player models. (Direct Hit and Ambassador had the most iirc. The Polycount weapons didn't, surprisingly, but I think the contest had poly limits.)
  25. And I've totally saved that and posted it to my Facebook profile so my friends can get to see it in all its glory...or horror, depending. I think it's hilarious, personally.
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