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  1. /me is done with finals. /but also has to use his inferior home connection. D:
  2. I noticed there was kind of a major problem on RED with regards to weapon switching. Roughly half the time, when I'd try to switch weapons (or disguise), it wouldn't register and put me back at the last weapon I used. This...is kind of a big deal, actually. I heard it was caused by Demoman overload? Which doesn't make much sense, but having so many stickies, grenades, and rockets flying around can be taking an undue toll on the server. (I'm not kidding, having a team of 16 Demoman bots lay 8 stickies each followed by grenade spam is used sometimes on custom maps to make sure they're not using too many entities, which would suggest to me that they have a non-zero cost for the server to handle.)
  3. For the first time ever, I'm beginning to wonder if I should get a reserve slot. 25/25 players on both servers. Wow.
  4. In light of maps like Dustbowl and Gold Rush, this is probably a good thing. Okay, not really, but a map that's actually in BLU's favor is definitely a change of pace, if nothing else. (Capture bug aside.)
  5. Actually, locking RED may be a good idea if/when the next class update hits. Although I'll be sorely tempted to join the pubbies and own face as Spy. It's always refreshing when I'm able to DR right behind someone and leave them none the wiser. Customs: I'd love to see the top entries from the CTF/PLR contest. If I were to list every custom I liked I'd be here forever, so I'll just add Aerospace and Glacier to that list and leave it at that. (Especially Glacier now that they fixed the particle bug.)
  6. Oh that would be hilarious. It does indeed look nice. Then again, I think any map with sufficient detail looks nice. If anyone cares, Glacier is on rc6. (I have no idea what's going on with the maplists now since I'm almost never on the second server.) Someone refresh my memory: I know we played on it before, but did we enjoy it?
  7. TBH I'm not really crazy about the themes plugin. I'd tolerate them if we use them, but I could do without.
  8. So there are some juicy Announcer files in the update, as well. She sounds PISSED. Well, moreso than usual, if such a thing is possible.
  9. I've been meaning to find a good n00b server and see if I can dominate the everloving fuck out of it, but it's surprisingly hard to find one without any absurd server plugins. With ping under 200.
  10. Exception: Medics. Always worth a suicide stab. Bonus points if they have full or mostly full Uber. Also you and Frogg depending on how vengeful I feel.
  11. I actually did pretty much the exact same thing with Spy until I forced myself to stay Spy for a whole round of 2Fort. But I have no real motivation to get good with Scout. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN That's worse than the one where Scout barged in on Spy doing a striptease for the enemy Engineer to the tune of "I Touch Myself."
  12. At the risk of inflating my ego, I'm reasonably sure I'm the reason they're so paranoid. One of the ways I can tell someone's new to the server is how often they check behind them. I have also fallen victim to the Revolving Frogg. First, I use all three watches. Second, the Dead Ringer is the exception. I know full well how loud it is, so I've given up on being stealthy with it. (Still crossing my fingers for a patch that will tweak it more in that direction.) 90% damage reduction goes a long way towards ensuring my survival in a pinch, so I let myself be more bold. If you spectate me while I'm using it though, you'll find it's almost always at the ready unless I'm preparing for an attack. Even then, I usually opt for the road less traveled to minimize the chance of encountering someone. Hardly anyone goes through the water on Well, for instance.EDIT: In the event that I get seen, using the Dead Ringer essentially resets the situation with regard to our knowledge of each other's location. They know I'm around, but they don't know where I am. I'm fully aware of how vulnerable the Sandman makes the Scout. I can instantly kill them with the Ambassador, for instance. I don't know why, but I simply cannot headshot consistently with the Sniper, no matter which weapon I choose. How this is the case when I've pulled off more than a few miracle headshots with the Ambassador is beyond me, but it's true.
  13. First paragraph is truth. One of the reasons I can hardly ever backstab Frogg or Miyako is that they check behind them CONSTANTLY. Even when under fire. Oddly enough, I suck ass as Scout. I'm reasonably sure it's because I'm simply not used to his playstyle, but I seem to be incapable of landing the quick kills that I know he's capable of. More than once I've tried going toe to toe with another Scout or even a Spy and died while seeing them walk away with > 50% health in the killcam. He's almost too fast for me, if you know what I mean. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) EDIT: OH! Another reason I fail as Scout: Playing as Spy for so long has me stuck in a mindset that I absolutely positively cannot be seen before I make my move, otherwise I lose the element of surprise and am therefore useless. For Spy, this is pretty accurate, but it doesn't really apply to any other class. I think one of the reasons I like going Medic when I can't/don't want to go Spy is because he's not expected to wade into combat, so it doesn't matter if I'm being stealthy. (His self-regen and Blutsauger also make self defense and survival a lot easier.) On a related note, having to resign myself to the respawn room whenever I'm forced to defend myself tends to make me retreat whenever I'm under fire as any other class, even Soldier. Needless to say, this is not how Soldiers are supposed to act. >_< As for your last question, Sniper's my least played. I want to get better just so I can clam I'm good at both classes capable of one hit kills, but the Huntsman's a projectile and therefore unreliable, and I can't hit a moving target with the Rifle for beans. (I think I've gotten more noscopes and Kukri kills than proper headshots.) Following that, Scout and Heavy are second and third least, IIRC.
  14. Random tangent/rant incoming: I can tell that you guys think I'm a good Spy just from your reactions most of the time. But...Paranoid God? Seriously? I'm not that good, am I? o_O
  15. This reminds me: Did the custom achievements just fall through or something?
  16. I can't tell if this is specifically for the weekly scrims or in general. I do know that I suddenly got a mental image of Miyako vs. Frogg in an epic 1 vs. 1 duel. Heaven forbid if they're on the same team. First thought: lolWoW Second thought: Why would a stranger do this?
  17. Jeez, that is kind of bland. Need to spice that up a bit for sure. I'd be totally in favor of adding extra stocks. Nominating Pipeline, Sawmill, Harvest, and Nucleus. (Not the Halloween Harvest, silly.) Junction and Egypt are lol, but I guess in small doses they wouldn't hurt. Why does everyone hate Yukon? Seriously. I seem to be the only person on the server who likes it. (Then again, I also seem to be the only one who doesn't like Turbine, so eh.) Regarding customs, I think that if we end up adding them to #1, then it would sort of kill the point of #2. (Speaking of which, #2 was still locked for scrims as of last night.) I wouldn't object if they got added, as long as they were quality, but that may/may not open up a can of worms regarding #1: Stocks and Quality Customs. "What counts as quality?" "Whatever we decide to add, lol." "D:" What's the maplist for #2? I actually don't know.
  18. lol, I remember reading the thread it was created in. The idea of Heavy riding a little tricycle = DAWWW. In other news, BREAKING NEWS! Valve finally got wind of waffle fire. Crossed fingers for a fix soon?
  19. I'm a bit wary about calling it teamstacking, because it wasn't really the whole team. But just now, 3 players formed a little trinity that took the form of a Heavy and two pet Medics who would either stay latched onto said Heavy/each other nonstop or flail their ubersaws around. They both had the Kritzkrieg, so the net result was that they basically had a nonstop stream of crit boolets. Very frustrating. I'm also pretty sure they had a voice com set up. At least twice, I was in view of one of the Medics but not the Heavy and not doing anything that would alert him to my presence, yet he still turned around and shot me immediately. </rant> EDIT: Just did a little digging, and they're all nQa members. That would explain it.
  20. lol Tiger. In other news, I took a demo I had recorded of a Gold Rush round and turned it into a video with commentary. It was too long for YouTube, so I uploaded it to WeGame. Link here. The process of figuring out which video editing software to use is officially annoying. For now I'm using Windows Live Movie Maker. (EDIT: Bonzai, Rambo, check your friends lists please?)
  21. Never said it wasn't worth it. Just saying the friendly Heavy disguise isn't completely useless.
  22. Disguising as a friendly Heavy actually has its uses (mostly during setup to trigger a sticky trap meant for the real Heavy), but I don't think I ever bother with the fists.
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