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    Well I do graphic art...love gaming to the core...loves to make music but isnt that talented...most are on her ps2 thanks to the music generator games LOL.

    Did multimedia in 2007 but would like to extend to games if she could.

    Likes the remix music on here particularly on the fave games. Cant wait to hear more submissions.
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    Roshika Taylor
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    security guard & graphic artist
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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  1. This absolutely rocks the heart of FF fans for sure, I have it up on my facebook page & yep alot wants to see this in action. BOOYEAH... u sure u dont secretly like seifer from FF8? hence the name fire cross...
  2. Definitely captures the essence of the Zue (African plains) terranigma game. The upbeat high energy essence. I have to admit the guitar bit put it like in my ears like to be a tech type city area, which is cool. Love it...
  3. To be honest it really does sound similar to the original just dubbed down with lower grade instruments or something.I was really hoping for something different or even more special as this is the main song u do hear in the game from where the main character comes from. Maybe the source wasnt a good copy to hear or something? Dang it
  4. It so would fit really a COD game like when battles happen...I like how this sounds the orchestra really puts in the feel of an epic battle scene. I might not know anything about music in the terms of technical terminology but I know when I feel a piece that is right with emotion & this is one of them ()
  5. Hi there Im a new user. Im trying my best to download the compliation of the FF7 voices of the lifestream torrent & having a difficult time doing so. I tried the link to the torrent but my search engine cant find it. May I ask whats the real link to the torrent? Cause Im really a huge fan of the remixes you guys have produced & it saddens me that I cant gain a copy of it.
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