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  1. Relaxing. Rather simple, but suited for an easy listening pleasure.
  2. Great job. This remix feels authentic in nature, something that could be expected to sound from a GBA stereo or DS in this day and age. Downloaded. Kudos
  3. Very repetitive, but it comes without saying that it is a dance mix. A nice track to listen in the first level of listening. Kudos to you.
  4. Nice Harmonica touch, favorite part of the whole remix. Keep up the good job. Kudos.
  5. Nicely done. Keep up the swell work both you and your mother.
  6. Did not hear the original track or play the game, but this remix is impressive on its own without prior knowledge of the original sound. Normally not a fan of fadeouts, but this remix merits an exception for a well execution. Bravo. Downloading this track right now.
  7. Sweet organs this remix was great. One of the very few tracks downloaded. Good job.
  8. Nice ornaments. Tales of Symphonia was coming to mind when those bells were played.
  9. Great job. One of the few tracks that will be downloaded on this desktop. Contribute more like this please.
  10. Good remix. The original tracks were recaptured fairly well while welcoming the new additions with open arms. The delay piano was just a tad early and the fadeout was, as OA has pointed out below, very abrupt. The overall listening is good, but with those minor flaws fixed, it could be greater. Kudos to a job well done.
  11. After listening to both tracks and the remix, the latter found a more special place in my heart. Very seamless throughout, though the instrument(Synth?) at 1:46 could have entered more smoothly. The ending wasn't very satisfying. Good job overall, kudos.
  12. A fine remix with hardly any evidence of bumpy transitions. I enjoyed the fadeout at the end, but an actual ending to this remix would have been nice.
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