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  1. Usually not a fan of hip-hop, but you made this work just fine. Kudos. Sick drums by the way.
  2. A nice mix that I could see thrown into a dj's playlist. Only thing I felt that could be done away with, or rather added upon, was the ending. Other than that, Good job.
  3. Male always the first time through, Female the second time for great justice.
  4. Never had the chance to play the game or heard any of the music, but I did like this track. A job well done. Thanks.
  5. A good remix, but some embellishments here and there would have been nice. Grats.
  6. The intro was pretty deceiving to what was to come, which caused some chuckling soon after. Again, I love this ReMix for it's jazzy and funk nature. Thumbs up for being entertaining.
  7. Nice dynamics. Good listening. More arrangements like this soon I hope?
  8. I'm a jazz person, so I enjoyed this a great deal. Great Job, I loved the whole thing. This is of course great praise coming from someone who loves Jazz. As already stated, I felt this ReMix to be too short of life. It's Jazz, if anything it should be a ludicrous amount of time.
  9. It's a pretty good song, enjoyed very much. Not a fan of 2:31-3:47, but the proceeding section kept me moving on. Good job.
  10. Very enchanting, and great use of woodwinds. I loved the woodwinds, especially the oboe. You're introduction of the violin at 2:52 was smashing. The chimes at the end was a nice touch.
  11. Definitely a proven successful ReMix of the "Last Battle" from Cave Story. A nice ReMix, but the only con I have with it is the ending, I didn't find it appropriate at all. Thumbs up for the rest.
  12. That was quite the listen, definitely a decent upbeat ReMix. Keep 'em coming.
  13. Good job Showroom. Can't put my finger on it, but I get a Sonic The Hedgehog Vibe in this ReMix. That's right, Sonic 3D Blast is what I'm feeling in here, but a heck of a lot better. Kudos.
  14. It's a good album, so I'm hoping he'll shoot another album here.
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