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  1. It's a mixture of Beethoven's 5th Symphony with the Castle theme of Super Mario World. Beethoven's 5th Symphony Bowser's Castle- Super Mario World Anyone inspired?
  2. I want to request this song so my girlfriend and I would cherish it forever. It would be appreicated... Here's the link to the song (sry, it's on Youtube...)
  3. <gibberish> Translation: AWESOME SONG!!!!!! Fire Cross is one of my most favorite remixes of all time! Keep on Rockin'!
  4. Haha! Love the opening with him saying "Let's play some Bubble Bobble...Yehaw!" This is too funny! Awesome job.
  5. This song ROCKS! It starts out slow then it gets into an awesome beat. You really made a good Ducktales Moon theme remix.
  6. I really love The Legend of Zelda series. And putting the temple theme from Zelda 2 into a trance is cool!
  7. I was going to make some of the songs from this website in a fanfic of mine. This goes good with a tavern scene. Btw, didn't this song was called something else? I remember this song from before but I can't quite put my finger on it. Hmm... Anyways, cool song!
  8. I really like Yoshi's island a lot when it came out and I still do. Making this remix makes it an actual cavern board for the game. Awesome.
  9. This remix is so relaxing. It feels like you are on a cloud. Well, that's why it's called the BubblyClouds. lol I give this remix a relaxing 5 out of 5.
  10. I have to hand it to you, Random Hero. You have death sentences for Mario and Luigi all over. Awesome remix from all the themes from the Super Mario series. :However, do you consider putting the Airship Theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 in your series? I don't know if that would make it even better or worse. What I think, the Airship theme would probably make it better, considering you have to go through dangerous airship boards in the game. I give this remix 5 Bowsers out of 5.
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