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  1. The original piece always hinted at sadness for me, so when I heard this ReMix with it's much more happier overtones I was caught by surprise, However I really enjoy this piece. It's a great remix of the old song into something much more. I also enjoy how it shifts very quickly from one rhythm to the next while keeping those basic themes from the original.
  2. This piece is really amazing, the only thing that I am hesitant to say but I feel must is that, the vocals unfortunately bring it down slightly. The lyrics are great and so is the playing but throughout it I think that it would sound better with different voice. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but needless to say I mean no insult to his voice, while it is good, I don't think it's the best for this song. I am generally picky about the vocalists of songs though.
  3. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this Remix at first, I adore FFIV and love the main theme. At first I was a little cheesed about it but then I quickly grew to enjoy the techno beat that has been added. All in all I will say that I think he did this song justice. It may not be what one is looking for in a FFIV remix but it definitely does a good job. It's definitely going to be added to my library.
  4. 1. Stop Spending so much money on electronics 2. Stop Spending so much time on the internets! I'm probably gonna break number 1 and defintely gonna break number 2
  5. Well then, seems like his star power worked against him >_>
  6. Alright let's hear it, what does OCR think of S.S.H? I actually like his songs with the mix of metal with electronic sounds, and I especially love Bloody Tears Again and his Mega Man 2 tracks.
  7. So far what I've heard, sans-spoilers is that it takes a few things from other FF's and sprinkles it in with some new stuff but it drip-feeds it to you for the first 10 hours. After that though I hear the battle system is a nice mix between FF12's awesome gambit system and the inclination to get the player more involved in the battle then 12. Also it has a "job" like switching system akin to FFX-2 called the Paradigm Shift which allows you to set gambits for your allies and switch between different types of gambit sets. A.K.A in battle switch from a Healer - Striker - Striker combo to Buffer - Striker - Debuffer
  8. I think I'm finally gonna bite and get me some Jade Empire, I'm being tempted away as I'm hearing that it's another generic Bioware RPG.
  9. At first I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, it sounded alien and not as all as I wanted it to sound. However as the song started getting into it I started hearing what I can only describe as awesome. It might start out sounding nothing at all like Ballad of the Wind Fish but soon enough it turns into a great remix of a great song. It may not have been what I was looking for when I browsed over to one of my favourite portable games, but it definitely does do the song justice and will definitely make it into my Zelda playlist.
  10. Quite a nice song, Definitely digging how it seems to give you a feeling of wanting to soar, which makes it all that much better.
  11. Great game too damn addictive is my only complaint, a good $20 bucks spend I must say as I got it back when it first came out. Very Hard is damn fun too, dodging is a mustand you still drain potions like mad.
  12. I still haven't bought anything as my bank account is quite angry at me already, though I know soon enough I'm gonna make it even angrier if this sale continues on much longer.
  13. My Christmas hasn't happened yet as I'm out of the country it's been delayed till janurary 6th, I'm hoping I get a kindle! and maybe Book 5 of The Dark Tower series to complete my collection.
  14. Awesomeness in music format. Thanks for the good music to accompany Christmas.
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