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  1. Who's Mae? sum n00b?

  2. Hay sixto will you bee on mai prawjekt/doo most of the worck on a kollab wid mee/let me use ur sawngs in my crappy youtbe vid or fangame?! K thx!

  3. whos kylejcrb sum n00b?

  4. oa who's that sum n00b?

  5. Keep wankin', Neko.

    With your guitar.

  6. Palpable is an awesome dude.

  7. Please put your name on OCRs front page again. It will be epic.

  8. Happy birthday d00d.

  9. hay wutz goin on in dis profyl

  10. Where did you get that information? Because now you have to be killed.

  11. Nobody likes me.

  12. hay guyz wutz goin on on this profile

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