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  1. Please put your name on OCRs front page again. It will be epic.

  2. Proof that it is effective!

  3. Robt Master Battle mirror:

    Feel free to use this as your main link. I have unlimited bandwidth and am willing to host whatever you need in the future.

  4. Sonic? Really?

  5. Stevo and pu_freak were originally gonna do this for Vol. 1, but I guess they've pretty much dropped it, soooooo:

  6. Sure, we could do that. Might need a reminder, though.

  7. Thank you sir. Your kind words are appreciated.

  8. That's formerly you.

  9. That's what happens when you're a famous remixer.

  10. The Coop is a god amongst men.

  11. Where did you get that information? Because now you have to be killed.

  12. Who's Mae? sum n00b?

  13. whos kylejcrb sum n00b?

  14. Yup. KyleJCrib (note the i)