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  1. thanks man. Just curious do you have the full version of Snapplemans suck a sage remix?
  2. Ive been a fan of this site for a rather long time now. Granted I rarely post but still I figured it couldnt hurt to through a request out there. Im a pretty big fan of fighters and even though I love me some street fighter I find myself very fond of the music to Guilty Gear and Blazblue. It seems like there are plenty of albums in the works so a tribute to this great composer might be asking a bit much right now but there are definately some key tracks I would love to hear get some OCR love. Bullet Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpvs1a0oeeY Gluttony Fang http://www.youtube.com/wat
  3. All I want to know is when the bLiNd equivalent of penultimate is coming out or dare I say it when can I buy a bLiNd album in stores.
  4. Mr. X


    How are they having there lowest fiscal year with super street Fighter IV and megaman 10???? more the former than the latter
  5. If all thats true thank god. Though if there are to many gameplay Tweeks I can smell a Super Street Fighter IV Turbo or Hyper in the Future.
  6. This is pretty badass. also heard your Wesker and Sakura months ago on tindeck and I must say two of my favorite remixes ever. But Ive kept an eye on your tindeck from time to time and you have been making a lot of quality stuff thats sure to get some OCR Love.
  7. Ps3 Account is Vetis09 is anyone wants to go at it.
  8. Dude Im a fan of all the stuff youve let out thus far. When can we expect that album I wants me a copy!
  9. Chances are there are going to be a hil zone, a water or ice zone some sort of metal city area and of course at least 2 boss themes.
  10. I have been a huge fan of this since I heard it on myspace. Glad to see its finally on OCR
  11. If this is an example of the quality of music we can expect from Fishy now that he has resigned from judging then I am truly excited. This mix is so well put together and generally rocks hard and heavy. If Fishy keeps making mixes like this then god help us all cause the world cant contain that much awesomeness.
  12. All though I would have watched a Spiderman 4 its probably better this way. Another plus in that article it says they have officially scrapped the Magneto Origin Movie. I am a lot more happy bout that.
  13. I have no musical skill what so ever but Id like to help with sigs if you need them Just a thought for a title obviously if youve something else in mind I can change it. And if yoou dont need me for sigs or anything Id be happy to help in anyway I can to make this possible!
  14. Very Close but it is Lucia from Lunar 2 : Eternal Blue.
  15. After years of lurking this is the thread that got me to join officialy. yay for random video game characters and drawings!
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