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  1. hey look im in ur visitor msgz

  2. Absolutely dude, most of us are still in that one chat and I believe you're still in it...if not I can add you back in

  3. why good morning sir. :)

  4. TheGuitahHeroe is fine :) I try to do my best to keep my two aliases seperate.

  5. TGH

    No, actually that one's not mine haha! I've been trying to figure out who subbed that one, I can't seem to find that title anywhere else on the web...

  6. TGH

    Thanks man! Appreciate it a lot!

  7. I think I did a long time ago. In case I haven't though, I still have the file. Nothing to worry about :)

  8. Hey there man, I'm sorry I haven't exactly been active on OCR, I've been really busy with other stuff... I honestly don't think I'm gonna be able to complete the song, I've just got so much stuff going on right now...I hope you understand, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner

  9. Looks like we're paired together for the first round of RwtS! Awesome! Do you have Skype or some related IM program we can use to communicate?

  10. TGH

    bbbbbbbbut the'll diee!!!!1

  11. Hello Japanese guy

  12. Haha sure thing dude! You have a skype?

  13. TGH

    they smell nice

    but i hate purple

    take them back

    >: (

  14. TGH

    Yo! You too dude, thanks a lot! Merry Christmas!

  15. brandom strader is a splashy woman.

  16. *looks at signature*

    June is indeed still boss month :P

  17. Meh, I'm down here in Norfolk hahaha

  18. Ey! Another Virginian! :D

  19. TGH

    Ur not just hot.

    Ur hotttttttt.

  20. TGH

    But ur teh fier man!!!!!!!!!111111

  21. TGH

    Guitahs > ninjas

    In terms of coolness, that is

  22. TGH

    It makes you very cool, and it makes me ultra cool!!!!!!1

  23. you should get on AIM moar :o

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