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  1. Kind of a small issue, but I find the main/lyrics/download tabs on the remix pages rather annoying.

    This is mostly because there is no way to open each one in a new window/tab; attempting to do so results in a blank page.

    Often times I will be listening to the youtube preview and then decide I want to follow along with the lyrics or download the track, however clicking on either of those tabs cuts off the preview, meaning I have to open another identical page before I click on them.

    I know that the way the pages are set up right now would make it rather difficult to change, but it would be really nice to have the option of opening these in a new browser window or tab.

    (I know this isn't a priority, and it definitely shouldn't be, but I just thought I'd mention it since it has been bothering me for a while :)).

  2. In that part you just need to go forward and all bumps will be perfectly directed. You have to do almost nothing!

    (I didn't know that the first time I played that section and it was so frustrating)

    I know, but it didn't work :(

    Maybe my analog stick is a little bit off or something, but even when I thought I did it perfectly (which was almost every time), I would still be a little bit off.

    That being said, I was pretty bad at doing the rolling in the goron temple too, so maybe I just suck at it XD.

  3. Here's a map from FFX. Here's a map from FFXIII.

    If you're interpreting linearity as how straight your story's path is from one story event to another, yes, FFX is linear - and so is literally every other JRPG ever made. It's a stupid criticism.

    Most of X felt like that XIII map. Yes occasionally you'd be able to walk around a town or something, but as soon as you left you were put right back on the path again. Those temples were small exceptions I suppose.

  4. Screw the haters, FF12 is my favorite rpg. My first playthrough took 120 hours while my second took 160.

    I don't see why people don't like the story. It's different from a normal FF game where the main focus is on character development but that doesn't mean that it's worse. I personally thought that the ending was one of the greatest finales ever.

    The Lady Ashe stands at the source of magic with 2 swords in her hands. She is tasked by the gods themselves to cut new magic shards powerful enough to kill every last man, woman, and child in the empire. And Ashe has every reason to do this because the empire killed her newlywed husband, murdered her father:the king, and stole her country away from her and enforced martial law. She can do this, or use the other sword she carries. One with the power to destroy the source of magic and leave the empire without their greatest weapon. With magic destroyed, the empire would be forced to negotiate peace treaties with the Rosarian empire and the resistance fleet. The choice is such an incredibly heavy moment that I thought it would be an absolute perfect opportunity to choose your own ending. If only they would have done this instead. It wouldn't have taken much effort to put in a different ending anyway.

    But if you really want character conflict, look at Basch who has to feel the burden of failing Landus, and then failing to protect the king from his twin brother who killed the king and blamed it on him.

    Look at Ashe torn between revenge or peace negotiations.

    Look at Fran who left her people and became an outcast, no longer able to return ever again.

    Look at Balthier and his connections with Dr. Cid.

    Look at Larsa who is torn between his devotion to his older brother and trying to do what is right for both kingdoms.

    Look at Reddas, a man who under orders from Dr. Cid, obliterated Nabudis. Then, overcome with guilt, ran from the mantle of judge magister Zecht to eventually give his own life to ensure it would never happen again. Reddas is awesome! Now, about those pink shorts.

    All of that's fine, but the way it's presented is awful. First of all the "main character" is Vaan who literally has no impact on the story after the first few chapters (Same with Penelo really, and Balthier and Fran are only connected to the story superficially). Apart from Basch and Ashe, everyone else is tagging along for basically no reason.

    The reason I really don't like it though is that it quickly becomes a fetch quest that basically feels like a Zelda game (Go here, get this, go there, get that). Not that there's anything wrong with Zelda, just that collecting items shouldn't be the basis for a plot.

    I don't really remember the ending...I think it might have actually been okay. I do remember Balthier being pretty epic at one point :).

  5. X was linear in storytelling, which is not a bad thing. XIII was physically linear, as in dungeons and areas are all long featureless straight lines.

    The battle system being good is one of those things where it doesn't really matter at all, I think. If you think any Final Fantasy game is good particularly because of the battle system, I don't think you're really paying attention to what makes these games go from good to great.

    That being said, FFXIII's battle system is pretty good; it just doesn't make up for how pretentious and boring the rest of the game is. Even the music, arguably the most popular part of the series, kind of just straight up sucks.

    Maybe it's just me, but I found X to be pretty physically linear too, apart from the occasional open space (and even then there wasn't much to do but get to the other side).

    As for the battle system...that's kind of why I play games. I can enjoy a game with not so great gameplay if the story is really good, but it works the other way too (FFXII).

    As for the music, I haven't listened to the entire soundtrack, but I've enjoyed pretty much all of what I've heard (The battle themes, main menu theme, and a few others).

    Sorry, I know it's stupid that I'm arguing the merits of a game I haven't even played, and it really just comes down to personal preference, but it just doesn't seem like such a bad game to me.

    Edit: I really don't know too much about the plot aspects, and those could absolutely be terrible, the other stuff doesn't seem so bad though.

  6. FF12: Hey, you guys remember all that really interesting political intrigue and the undertones of exploring the consequences of unquestioning nationalism? And remember that we had a cool cast of characters haunted by a variety of personal demons from their past? Screw that, it was all alien gods.

    12 had just about the worst story of any game I've ever played. At least the gameplay makes up for it :).

  7. On a slightly offtopic note, can someone tell me why exactly everyone hated XIII?

    I haven't played it, and the complaint that I've heard most often is that it was too linear, but wasn't that the case with X as well? You know, the one that (for some reason) everyone loved?

    From what I've seen of it, the battle system, and for that matter just about everything else, looked pretty damn good...

  8. I just finished Majora's mask yesterday, and there's one part at the very end when you're trying to get the Fierce Deity mask that requires you to do a Goron roll at exactly a 90 degree angle and hope that you bounce off all the turns correctly.

    So frustrating.

    Actually a lot of the Goron roll parts were really annoying.

    On a side note, I didn't realize just how easy the final boss is with the fierce deity mask. Makes the game pretty anti climactic...

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