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  1. Komplete has never had a standalone sale.

    It HAS, however, had 50% off for UPGRADES and CROSSGRADES. Meaning if you own a previous version of Komplete or you had Kontakt like me, you could purchase Komplete at much less than normal upgrade price.

    I thought so. Darn.

    Do you know if the separate elements ever go on sale? Because Kontakt is the only one I really need.

  2. I say random things. Don't mind me. Just take it as "I'm interested in your music because I've never heard it before". Hence the new blood comment (Even though you have probably been around and active in forums for a lot longer than me). Also, it'd be cool if you and Tuberz got in the top three after voting ended. I enjoy Tuberz music and feel he is aptly capable of it. You are a mystery a wild card per say and I like to gamble. Hopefully you are even more confused now :)

    Haha, you should download the pilot episode's remixes. Tuberz and I were both in that :).

  3. Did I miss something? Is there a place to vote at? Didn't see anything on the first page. Also I really enjoyed everyone elses mixes this round. Awesome stuff :) Now I want to go back and play FF7 again lol.

    Here are the original sources for my mix. The zelda one is heavily modified / lightly used.


    - Zelda 64 - Song of Storms (


    - Legend of Legaia - Town of Jeremi (


    - Audio effects from Borderlands and Bioshock

    That's an interesting mix of games there!

    I was wondering what the voice samples were from.

    As for votes, they should be PM'd. The first post has the rules at the bottom.

    Anyway, loving the entries everybody :).

  4. Well, Chrono Trigger had the blessing of being short and sweet,

    Lol, what?

    whereas the last few chapters for Chrono Cross, I just wanted to get over with, esp. when they introduced the "Project Kid" segment, which to me, felt like a list-minute filler for the plot. Buut, I've seen worse JRPG's by far, so it's barely on the hate-this-game radar for me, just it stands out a lot for me, cuz it's allegedly part of the Chrono Trigger universe :tomatoface:

    Yeah...I think if they had fleshed out the story and actually tried to tie it into the game instead of revealing everything at the end it would have been great, but instead, most of the game ended up feeling like filler.

    I also had issues with the plot itself, but it was forgettable enough that I don't remember what they were now...

    I actually like that it was somewhat removed from Trigger though. Made it feel much more original.

  5. Chrono Cross - the connections of Chrono Cross to Chrono Trigger were soooo vague that I felt cheated. I wanted MOAR Chrono Trigger influences. Also the combat system was very different. Still, it's okay and the music/story/gameplay is still good - it's just not a worthy sequel to Chrono Trigger. :banghead:

    Oh god. One of the most poorly implemented plot-lines ever.

    It did have some damn good things going for it though, like the amazing music and graphics.

    Also the battle system was a nice change (although, like Trigger's, it did get pretty boring after a while).

  6. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Very disappointing from my end. I expected a lot more.

    I liked that one!

    Considering it was for DS I think it was really well done.

    The only thing that bothered me about it was the lack of interaction with the Disney characters and a certain amount of repetitiveness as it progressed.

    Apart from that though, it's one of my favorites in the series.

  7. Cool!

    Glad this is getting started up again.

    I'm not going to be able to participate this time, but maybe in the future.

    One thing though: It says in the OP that anyone who wants to can be a Star, and yet Novices need to submit 2 tracks that they've worked on.

    You might want to have some kind of standard for non-posted Stars as well, even if it's just you listening to their work and making a decision.

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