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  1. Around 1995, 1996 this sort of music was *very* popular in the Netherlands. The hit lists were filled with it. You call it techno, we called it (happy) hardcore. ...I just wanted to say that if this remixn had been released back then, Standby had gotten VERY rich. Wow, this remix totally rocks my world.
  2. gutzalpus: I'm listening to your other remixes right now... and WOW! Theyre wonderful and dreamy. You are my god. *dreams away with the music*
  3. I happened to hear this version of the song before the original (I was dowloading some Chrono Cross music in anticipation of my sister passing me the game to play) - and I have to say that the original was a bit of a bummer after this beautiful version. It's much warmer and fuller than the original, and I love it heaps and lots.
  4. What? I can't believe I never reviewed this reMix before; it's my absolute favorite on the site, hands down. I play Deathonthesnowfield whenever I feel dreamy or sad, when I'm writing, when I'm melancholic. I love this song; it is intimate and touches me on some deep-down level. BEST REMIX EVER.
  5. Soothing! Beautiful and dreamy, this is the kind of music I want to listen to when I'm too wired to fall asleep. This mix feels like a warm embrace - I love the atmosphere. And, Ailsean: Kudos on your guitarplay!
  6. I loved especially the trancy part; the transition was flawless... *is listening to the song again* One thing though: I dont really get the reason for the transition. Is it experimenting, or just because you thought it would sound cool? Because it does, but you kind of lose the feeling of the earlier part of the remix, so to say. Still, it's one worth keeping on my harddisk.
  7. I think the choir in the background is what makes this remix; combined with the bleepy sounds, it creates an unsettling atmosphere. It really sounds like a deserted spaceship, I think... ...at first I had some troubles deciding whether I liked this reMix, but I've made my decision: I love it. Especially the last two minutes are beautiful.
  8. Someone else in this thread called it soothing and I think that's the right word for this piece... makes me calm inside, smiling and dreaming away. Beautiful piece... thanks for sharing.
  9. Brilliant! I want this as a ringtone on my Nokia! *laughs her ass off* oh, btw, the guitars sound more than decent. Fun remix, definitely a keeper!
  10. Trance is very popular in the Netherlands, where I live, so I think I can say I've got a pretty good handle on knowing what is good trance, and what is not. This piece is GOOD. I never realised how well the Jenova theme would translate into a trance song until I heard this remix... WOW. The whole spiraling feel to the theme is done SO well in this track, it brings back memories of my first showdown with Jenova and Sephiroth, and how wired and full of adrenaline I felt back then. *sighs* Thanks so much for sharing, FFmusicDJ. And keep up the good work!
  11. Why hasn't this song been reviewed more times? It's a beautiful piece, haunting, unable to leave you alone. The whole theme of the song (love from a distance) has been twisted around into some obsession/stalking theme, that disturbs me to no end. It has a sort of nightmarish quality to it that made the song addictive. When I first heard it I couldnt stop listening to it for days. The vocals are brilliant... so solemn, yet so intense... and the end quote: "Oh god, you're still smiling" had me brooding for days. I love this intense piece of work. One of the best out here!
  12. Does it ever happen to you that you find a remix earlier than the original song, and you reject the original song because you like the remix better? Anyway, that happened to me, with this remix. I love how the remix somehow has so much more ambiance and melody than the original. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Whoaaa! REZ!!! I adore Rez! *points at nickname* I like what the remixer has done to the song, combined with the Dune quotes. However, I think there are a bit too many vocals in this piece of work. But that could be just my personal quirk... the fact that you've done something with Rez is worth a smooch or three already.
  14. While I really like the remix, I wonder why everyone keeps referring to Rammstein ~ it doesn't really give me the Rammstein feeling... but maybe I'm too much into their music to accept a lighter piece as this song as something similar. The remix is really good, though!
  15. This one could have been on the FFX OST and no one would have noticed. Top notch quality!
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