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  1. I used a program called "wub machine" on your song Badazz and it came out quite interesting. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I put it on youtube? crediting you of course. but I would like permission before posting it.

  2. I laughed so hard too your sig. XD I still remember that one time you made me a sig. they are truly awesome. hope you keep making better stuff. (b^_^)b

  3. Just wanted to say the topic I made wasn't ment to be a "how to make a thread" thread. that is all.

  4. nice going on your mix!

  5. I'm getting back on music making pretty soon. would you like to help me get started again sometime? I plan on getting AIM again so I'll also try and party up on Xbox live some time.

  6. I got something to give you. hope to see you on AIM sometime.

  7. alright. thanks anyways. :)

  8. hey have you heard from GeekStoner? I haven't Seen him on for the last couple of weeks.

  9. they are nice! :P around 2:03 on dire dire straits is a little bit confusing for me but I really like how the rest of the song flow together. I never played dragon warrior before but I love how it sounds. and super metroids Red soil swamp was awesome I like this mix a lot.

    well once I get a lot better at understanding how things work on FL studio, I plan on going more trance and some techno, I'm not to close to making music yet but I'll keep at it.

  10. well I was just wandering, cause I have a a gaming party planned for the 29th,


  11. oh I see. well its working for me so far. so what type music do you make?

  12. Arek would you like to join my 360 party sometime?

  13. lol my birthdays on the 29th XD

  14. my download didn't come with a read me. but I figured out how to get to work though. so its a modified version of the demo?

  15. :D thanks a lot man!
  16. where you talking to me when you were messaging me?

  17. oh I just noticed your birthday was on the 3rd of this month. happy late birthday :P

  18. I saw that you visited my user page.

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