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  1. 4/4, easiest one to compose as well as play in.
  2. Can I please have some feedback, I want to know what others think of my new version. I would like to know what needs worked on or edited.
  3. I like this, it just seems to blend together. I apologize, I went to download this as I really liked these songs and apparently I had already downloaded it but didn't listen or post. this song does need some of the minor touch up work. This song also is a nicer darker music piece, You don't have that warm feel, I like it. I am not saying it sounds bad, The way this was composed makes it feel as if you were trekking through the towers to get to the top. I like the varied instruments even though they are mostly synths, The different ones add a feel of difference with a similar sound .I also like the intro as well.
  4. I am auto tuning(to get it in Db) my copy, I found it, It will take a while though, about an hour as I have a bad PC for editing. I will update asap after that, I also have a closer to original outro I did earlier as I found a better soundfont. Expect a new update today. EDIT: UPDATED AUDIO
  5. Well, apparently that won't appen, I lost my work, I made an MP3 but I didn't save the other stuff. I may be able to find the WAV of it(that I had rendered) and Autotune to Db scale, but it may not sound good. It also seemed too loud to me as well, I will fix that if I can get my old audio first.
  6. I took about 2 seconds to get that name, I really didn't think hard, here is another name i will just throw out: "The First Portrait". Submit this remix, I feel it will fare well, although I don't think you should use this name either.
  7. Man, This is really good. I have saved this already, I may make it my ringtone, I do need a new one. It is great, when will you submit, I like this, especially the fast paced tempo. I have a name too(although a very bad one), "Time Bob-omb's Lair"
  8. Thanks, I wasn't really thinking about transposing, I feel like an idiot, I just never really had to do it as I play trombone( a C is a C, no difference at all, s opposed to others)
  9. This is just crazy, I don't want this song to end, I really like this rendition of the theme, It is almost hypnotic, and possessive, the main rhythm is amazing. I also like the Echo-ish thing. Very nice, I can see this being played anywhere, a nice break from everyday.
  10. This is insane, TEAM ROCKET FTW. The best mix ever. I want to learn how to do this kind of thing, I can't improvise very well on a PC MIDI Synth, brings back some of my first gaming memories, I wish I knew where my yellow was, I really want to play again, my BLUE recently died sadly, but it is OK, you guys help me re-live the memories by letting me hear this stuff all over again.
  11. Nice, good luck with the judges, I hope this makes it, I really like it.
  12. Nice, I like it. It may sound better a little faster as someone else had mentioned, but it sounds amazing, can you have a 2nd upload a little faster so we can tell, it may sound better as it is but we won't know until we can hear it.
  13. I may use some chordal tones with vibes as I tested them alone and I feel they would sound great in my mix and I have decided that I will not have a drum as support, I will use a gameboy sounding backbeat instead relying on a few lower notes as I feel this would truly make this a good remix, and I have about 2 minutes of music now and will update as soon as I finish vibes and backbeat and add a break between piano and guitar with guitar then dropping out into original sample for a closing. Does this idea sound good?
  14. How long should I make it, I am not good at judging ow a song should be length, that is why I submitted a short sample, I don't really know what to do here, would about 2 minutes be good? I want to add more but I don't know how to fit it in due to how I go about this kind of thing. That is why I need feedback, I am also not good at going outside the box but I will definitely do as much as I can without going overboard. I will try a Piano swing solo(a jazz swing, with a quiet Bassline, maybe add in a light Electric guitar to close) toward the end of my piece(so starting at about 1:15). Expect an update sometime soon, probably today. By the way, if I have time do a remix for every main route, town and area of Johto I may try beatmix them all together for everyone and release it somewhere(this would take a long time though, probably 6 months to a year in length)
  15. I know you want the dialog, but I really don't like dialog within music as I feel it draws away from the song. I think that music should speak for itself(singing is fine, I don't like dry talking/raw dialog), I could autotune it T-pain style to match the techno feel of your song) you could really do a cool effect like that if you wanted, I bet it would be cool. I also really like the remix as it is. 5 out of 5, hypnotizing beat, amazing sound, good musical flow, I bet you can submit this now and get it published. I can autotune it, but I can't voice it, I am not even sure how I manage to listen to music, let alone edit stuff, my laptop's integrated sigmatel chip is really bad, sometimes it crackles audio, even low-quality MP3's(it encodes sound fine though, my Speakers aren't blown, headphones crackle too). It only seems to do this when my PC is on for awhile. I can record on another PC but the best mic I can use is lost and was junk, although I will soon get a XLR to USB adapter(and a good one, not a cheap one) and record on a different PC than my laptop.
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