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  1. 4/4, easiest one to compose as well as play in.
  2. Can I please have some feedback, I want to know what others think of my new version. I would like to know what needs worked on or edited.
  3. I like this, it just seems to blend together. I apologize, I went to download this as I really liked these songs and apparently I had already downloaded it but didn't listen or post. this song does need some of the minor touch up work. This song also is a nicer darker music piece, You don't have that warm feel, I like it. I am not saying it sounds bad, The way this was composed makes it feel as if you were trekking through the towers to get to the top. I like the varied instruments even though they are mostly synths, The different ones add a feel of difference with a similar sound .I also like the intro as well.
  4. I am auto tuning(to get it in Db) my copy, I found it, It will take a while though, about an hour as I have a bad PC for editing. I will update asap after that, I also have a closer to original outro I did earlier as I found a better soundfont. Expect a new update today. EDIT: UPDATED AUDIO
  5. Well, apparently that won't appen, I lost my work, I made an MP3 but I didn't save the other stuff. I may be able to find the WAV of it(that I had rendered) and Autotune to Db scale, but it may not sound good. It also seemed too loud to me as well, I will fix that if I can get my old audio first.
  6. I took about 2 seconds to get that name, I really didn't think hard, here is another name i will just throw out: "The First Portrait". Submit this remix, I feel it will fare well, although I don't think you should use this name either.
  7. Man, This is really good. I have saved this already, I may make it my ringtone, I do need a new one. It is great, when will you submit, I like this, especially the fast paced tempo. I have a name too(although a very bad one), "Time Bob-omb's Lair"
  8. Thanks, I wasn't really thinking about transposing, I feel like an idiot, I just never really had to do it as I play trombone( a C is a C, no difference at all, s opposed to others)
  9. This is just crazy, I don't want this song to end, I really like this rendition of the theme, It is almost hypnotic, and possessive, the main rhythm is amazing. I also like the Echo-ish thing. Very nice, I can see this being played anywhere, a nice break from everyday.
  10. This is insane, TEAM ROCKET FTW. The best mix ever. I want to learn how to do this kind of thing, I can't improvise very well on a PC MIDI Synth, brings back some of my first gaming memories, I wish I knew where my yellow was, I really want to play again, my BLUE recently died sadly, but it is OK, you guys help me re-live the memories by letting me hear this stuff all over again.
  11. Nice, good luck with the judges, I hope this makes it, I really like it.
  12. Nice, I like it. It may sound better a little faster as someone else had mentioned, but it sounds amazing, can you have a 2nd upload a little faster so we can tell, it may sound better as it is but we won't know until we can hear it.
  13. I may use some chordal tones with vibes as I tested them alone and I feel they would sound great in my mix and I have decided that I will not have a drum as support, I will use a gameboy sounding backbeat instead relying on a few lower notes as I feel this would truly make this a good remix, and I have about 2 minutes of music now and will update as soon as I finish vibes and backbeat and add a break between piano and guitar with guitar then dropping out into original sample for a closing. Does this idea sound good?
  14. How long should I make it, I am not good at judging ow a song should be length, that is why I submitted a short sample, I don't really know what to do here, would about 2 minutes be good? I want to add more but I don't know how to fit it in due to how I go about this kind of thing. That is why I need feedback, I am also not good at going outside the box but I will definitely do as much as I can without going overboard. I will try a Piano swing solo(a jazz swing, with a quiet Bassline, maybe add in a light Electric guitar to close) toward the end of my piece(so starting at about 1:15). Expect an update sometime soon, probably today. By the way, if I have time do a remix for every main route, town and area of Johto I may try beatmix them all together for everyone and release it somewhere(this would take a long time though, probably 6 months to a year in length)
  15. I know you want the dialog, but I really don't like dialog within music as I feel it draws away from the song. I think that music should speak for itself(singing is fine, I don't like dry talking/raw dialog), I could autotune it T-pain style to match the techno feel of your song) you could really do a cool effect like that if you wanted, I bet it would be cool. I also really like the remix as it is. 5 out of 5, hypnotizing beat, amazing sound, good musical flow, I bet you can submit this now and get it published. I can autotune it, but I can't voice it, I am not even sure how I manage to listen to music, let alone edit stuff, my laptop's integrated sigmatel chip is really bad, sometimes it crackles audio, even low-quality MP3's(it encodes sound fine though, my Speakers aren't blown, headphones crackle too). It only seems to do this when my PC is on for awhile. I can record on another PC but the best mic I can use is lost and was junk, although I will soon get a XLR to USB adapter(and a good one, not a cheap one) and record on a different PC than my laptop.
  16. Newest Version(v3): http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=741 I changed the backbeat into proper key and made it quieter, as well as making a few minor timing adjustments, also changed ending synth into something more like original game audio, not that messed up sounding thing before. Not much of a change, but it sounds better(although still could be better in my opinion). Please leave feedback. New revision: http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=736 By the way, I want to know if this seems like a good length for this song and if I should add anything else and if so what as I really don't know what else to add, and I need to swing the piano a little more as it isn't noticeable at all, but aside from that I feel that this is essentially done. The old post is underneath so you can still hear original, ignore text aside from the Name section as I need one. although I may call it the "Attitudes of a Golden town," does this seem like a good name? I also think I need to make the guitar drop out more naturally as opposed to this abruptness. I may not use the vibes, they don't seem to fit in with everything else, which stinks because I wanted to use them. Does the Backbeat(the short repetitive synth'ed rythym) fit, or do I need a different one(cause now it kind of seems like a replacement theme for lavender town)? and is said backbeat loud enough? I apologize about all these questions but I really need feedback, and do I need a louder sax, or a lighter(acoustic maybe) guitar? And with the almost done listed in original post, I was talking about the actual general song, not the other additions. http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=733 I am not done yet as I still need to add a Drum beat(unless you people like it the way it is now and feel the drum would ruin the song). I also feel i need to make the song a little longer. I am also lacking a name for my song, If anyone has a good idea please pass it out. I feel that this has come far enough to upload this now and get some feedback on this. So, tell me what you think. And also, how long should I make this now that I have it mostly done? Sorry, the image link thing died so now I just have a link.
  17. I use reaper for my audio editing, and essentially, I have started remixing game music using MIDI's because of versatility(I have remixed before, not game music though, and never used MIDI), and I can not figure out what to do in Font!SF2 vst in REAPER, as it wont load the SFPACK files I have and I don't know how to convert in into a SF2 file from it. How can I get my setup to work? I don't know much about this as I am new to the whole MIDI thing, I have really only worked with premade music and some live recordings(post-production in a way). By the way, I have read the guide to getting started with REAPER but I can't seem to figure this out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I am guessing your ISP blocks torrents, try torrenting through a free proxy(will be slow, but will work). You could also try it on another port, or download through TOR, although that is discouraged by other users of the service it probably will work. and did it connect you to any peers or seeds? It also may just be that your connection is too slow/hogged by another program/torrenter on your network. What is your upload/download speed? ex(for no peers or seeds): peers: 0(40) seeders: 0(10) ex(for connections): peers: 4(10) seeders: 2(5)
  19. You really have a temp problem, if you can, add liquid cooling(if you can afford it and know what you are doing), if not, buy a good fan and heatsink, not a factory default, look for cooler-master, also may want a new more, ventilated case as well, what are your specs? It may help us determine your problem, and are you using a single, duo, triple, or quad core?
  20. I personally wouldn't recommend speakers at all due to the fact that a cheap(like $20) pair of headphones usually sound better than a $50 pair of speakers, I also feel you should list the fact you may want a Sound Card for either choice as my 3 year old laptop's integrated sound is worse than my 6 or 7 year old SoundBlaster card(which wasn't even the best on the market at that time).
  21. I really like this mix, you really did this song some justice.
  22. We should start an album with music from this game, it is still my favorite N64 game. We would need a remixer to lead though, which I am not.
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