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  1. It’s weird hearing tia theme without all the “wwoooOOOOOooooaaaahhhh!!” For real though this sounds dope.
  2. Nice job overall! The mix and balance sounds pretty derby to me. I thought the intro sounds a little thin and could be thickened up by adding another voice to fill out the chords. (So, try adding a C to the first Am, etc.) Otherwise the energy and feel of the track sounds pretty good.
  3. Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It certainly has its pianistic challenges. And yeah, it’s not that popular of a game and this particular song I don’t think has any remixes. And that’s particularly why I chose to arrange it cause it’s so unknown. But thanks for checking it out and commenting!
  4. I'd like to submit my recording and arrangement of the final theme from The Adventures of Lolo. It's a kick-ass tune and I've arranged all of the original notes to be played live on the piano. So, in that regard it's extremely conservative. Performing all three voices live and accurately is, I think, innovative. I would like some feedback on the recording quality and mix. I used three mics - 2 Octava 012s in facing left and right inside the piano and a Rode NT5 just outside the piano facing the strings. There is some light compression and reverb. Here is a video of the recording - And here is my version - Thanks for watching and for any feedback! Rob
  5. Hello! I've been a member for a while but this is my first post! I'm not totally sure if the music I'm making counts as a remix. I'm focusing on taking all the notes written for an NES game and arranging them to be played live by one person on piano giving them a more human element. Rarely am I changing any notes, rhythms, chords etc. but rather adding some variation in the articulation and inflection in the way the music is performed. I love the music of the original NES and want to help preserve it, especially the lesser known games. Here is a link to my YouTube page - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvNsdahFXaTMYQ8gRamzHw/videos Cheers! Rob
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