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    I've been playing piano and Nintendo my whole life and I enjoy marrying the two together.
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    Rob Kovacs
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I’m Rob Kovacs, a pianist based out of Cleveland, OH, performing under the moniker, 88bit. I make piano arrangements of NES themes (especially some of the lesser known games) and perform them live and on YouTube. What separates my videos from others is the extreme attention to detail (all three voices and sometimes the noise track are included), the high-quality recording and master-level performances. My goal is to bring the music that I’ve loved for years to more people, and to help preserve retro game music by creating live recordings and concerts as well as release sheet music for others to play, analyze or rearrange themselves. My longterm goal is to eventually arrange ALL of the officially licensed NES music. 

I recently posted all the music from the Adventures of Lolo. Here’s a video of the final Ending Theme which is virtually unknown but a killer tune! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0waebdIpFpE

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