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  1. I love the drum beat in this, but the clips in the first part make it sounds like he's in the shower. Other than that, it's all good in my opinion.
  2. Hm this is pretty interesting. I like the parts near the end where it gets kind of glitchy. I also like the arpegated square waves too. It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff in bomberman.
  3. Wow now I really wanna try this game out.
  4. Thanks. I'l do some mixing on it to see what I con do... sadly the source file (the actual project file) isn't with me so I can't modify that. So I'll see if I can bring out the mids a bit more. Thanks for listening.
  5. Hm, no replies. Well that's cool. Take your time.
  6. Yeah I know how the no replies go (My metal gear solid 4 remix *caugh*) But anyhow, wow this is pretty cool. It's got a nice vibe and I like how the drums are mixed. Yes the supersaw may be a bit loud. Hmm... It gets a LITTLE hard to pick out the source a little later on, but that also might be because I haven't heard it in a while. But wow I wasn't expecting this. Good arranging and instrumentation. I can't comment on mixing too much as I just got some new headphones earlier today and aren't quite use to how they make things sound though. Pretty funky though, great job in my opinio
  7. Hm not too bad. I could understand most of it. I think the song is pretty good... hmm... I don't know if this would really be a REMIX, but it does have to do with starcraft so... hm. It seems a little... well... the song seems to be missing something, but I can't quite tell what though. ... maybe it's that it doesn't seem very fluid... Like the samples were just put overtop drums and chopped up or something.. and I know that's what happened, but like I said, it doesn't seem to flow very well on some parts..... or maybe it's also the type of drums you used are a bit too light for the rest of
  8. Hmm. It's alright. I've not heard the original but it's not a bad arrangement. There's nothing wrong with using totally different instruments in the remix of the song. It doesn't have to sound exactly like the original at all as long as it is notiscable that it is a remix of a song.
  9. Hm I like how it starts out. It kind ofreminds me of something off Paper Mario or something. I like all the synths you have in here. The "ha"s are kind of not needed in my opinion, but that's just me. I like how it sounds open.
  10. Hey guys, this is a metal gear solid 4 remix I made a while back. Please let me know what you think. Thanks. EDIT: LOL I forgot to post the link. Here. http://soundcloud.com/virix/metalic-gear
  11. Hm I've not heard the original, but it's pretty good. I'd also echo what some said about the strings... that's not completly your fault though... Someone mentioned the lack of expensiveness in your VSTs... and yeah, there are some VERY GOOD ones.. but they are also kind of expensive. Maybe you answered this and I missed it, but what VST are you using to get these sounds? I don't know what your budget is but if you really enjoy creating orchestral mixes, East West has a library that is a pretty good price of 200 dollars. It's called East West Quantom Leap Symphonic Orchestra Complete Silver
  12. Hey that was pretty awesome. I love the glitch effect that happens on the synths and stuff. I also like how it sounds all small at the beginning and then gets that way at the end. Only one thing.. the bass is still a LITTLE distorted. It's clipping a bit. I think it's pretty much the kick. If you lower the base on the kick drumn a bit I think you'll be good... keep in mind, this is just from update 3, so you may have done this already. Cool song though.
  13. Hmm... the link on your first post sseems to not be working... maybe it's just my browser, but it says the link or file is gone.
  14. Hi. Even though you can learn a lot from going to school... this is an art so you don't really NEED to do that. if you don't have singers availible, write down the words that you want to be sung. So you at least have lyrics. Do you have a keyboard? LIke a musical one (yamaha, casio, whatever) or just a basic piano? You can try playing them out there... it may not be the FULL song, but you get an idea of what you want to do. There are some pretty cheap and free software that you can get that will let you create music. FL Studio has a free demo that won't let you save a project, BUT you can
  15. Oh cool. I'll have to check it out. Wow, that's a cool sig btw.
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