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  1. I'm pretty excited about mine, the track is REALLY sweet! Now I just have to figure out what direction and execution to take with it. It's good motivation anyway Good luck/skill to all!
  2. Oh man I was looking for an occasion to remix something, I haven't submitted to OCR in like 4 years, and this sounds like a fun concept. I've seen this too late! I'll join Biznut's request and ask if I can possibly enter since we're still in the challenge submission phase? If not that's ok, I'll understand if you don't want to break your rules/dates. Have fun all! · mv
  3. This is lovely. Great skill on the piano playing, and very solid/clever arrangement to make the piece feel more intimate and mature. Recording/sound quality is very fine as well. Thumbs up in all directions! It makes me want to start learning piano seriously, which I unfortunately probably never will do!
  4. Someone needs to be clearly less anal about their so-called "precious OST track", remixes are often meant to take different directions, and this does it perfectly. I love this! It has a very uplifting mood and pleasant sound quality. Good job with maintaining everything groovy and evenly interesting, this gives a MMORPG feel to the track, they should hire you if they make a Wild Arms one Good stuff! Keep it up!
  5. My oh my! I'm a diehard Faxanadu fan and love everything glitchy when it's well done, and I'm really glad that this got posted. The guitar parts sound so lovely and mix with the very skillful (sometimes tortured) noise/chiptune/wind/percussion elements really well. Way to use the original melody, yet make it sound so very new due to interesting direction and clever accompaniment. Definitely one of my new favs on the website, congrats! Love your sound, I'll be waiting for more! P.S.: nice to have one more French remixer on the site Edit: You've used Nanoloop for some of this haven't you? Just noticed that, specially in the section starting at 3:30.
  6. I was reminded of Squarepusher as well, but po still makes this his own Really impressed by the bass and guitar lines and how you made the formula sound so fine. Kudos, one of my new fav mixes on here, just love the groove
  7. Thanks for the comments To make this NSF I've used ekid & reduz's S3M2NSF, which converts s3m modules to the NSF format, it works really nice except for a few tricks/glitches with the noise channel (which is why the drum sounds can't exactly sound the same as in the original) and no macro support. Other people also use FamiTracker, and the most hardcore will program their own using MCK then MML. As for playing NSF files, Zophar has lots of players and winamp plugins for you to try out.
  8. Hello guys, long time! I've remade MM9's Tornado Man in NSF format. I've always loved doing NES stuff so this was great fun to work on, even though the percussion was a nightmare to make. Thanks a lot to TSSF/Mathew Valente for his help with some drum sounds. I think it's around the 99% complete mark, there might be a few nitpicks or two I'll fix but it's pretty much done as it is. Hope you guys like it I don't know if I'll make other tracks from the game but who knows! It's really fun. http://www.xavierdang.com/mv-mm9_tornado_man.nsf
  9. My sincere condolences and best wishes to his family. Reuben was a rare talent who combined vision and humility; his music and memory will persist and live on. Rest in Peace.
  10. I had grabbed this track when Michael first published it, and still listen to it from time to time. It's good to finally see it here. Michael's remixes are always a treat, and a very interesting/alternate approach on remixing compared to most of the "upgraded originals" kinds of tracks (which i admittedly have done at times). This Veldt remix stays true to this philosophy, and the combination of the nervous strings and brass along with the catchy percussion work paints a really different picture than the Super NES original. I find this to be an absorbing mixture, and an excellent complement (counterpart?) to Michael's "Lesser Kerubic Patchwork". This mix will definitely not please all ears, and takes an open mind and some attention to grasp and enjoy totally. Some might argue that the 2002 production is not on par with what Michael can do now, but it's still very honorable as far as OCRemix standards go. Ultimately, I stay loyal to the man's music, and can only recommend it to everyone, if only for curiosity! edit: edited the comments about percussion, which were originally meant for lesser kerubic patchwork, god knows why. (drugs)
  11. Glad to see Hale submitting & getting posted. This is a very good track and a refreshing/daring approach to VGM arrangement, specially considering your computer specs! You're a good singer. Great stuff, keep them coming. - Xav
  12. Awesome job you three, this is a really fresh track
  13. Aye man I already said it but eh, this is some really really awesome epic piece. MAD arranging/guitar/production skills. Definitely one of my favorite video game remixes. house is the man!
  14. Really nice track man! It's refreshing and tightly chill. Loved the vocal work. Nice concept piece and good execution Congrats on the OCR post, I'll be keeping this one.
  15. Extremely impressive work. It'd be hard for me to go in-depth with this one, but I'll just say I was fascinated with the amount of instruments and moods present. Great job handling the tons of instruments and sounds, making them sound cohesive, absorbing and close to realism. The work on plucked instruments is particularly impressive. Also enjoyed the constant switches in mood and style; very filmic and evocative without sounding too forced or cheesy. The production is also of high caliber, resulting in probably your most realized piece. Excellent.
  16. Really nice work there man. I really love how the whole construction of the tune and how it transports me. Really lovely acoustic/piano parts and the electric guitar work comes out as very tasteful, instead of sounding forced and intrusive. I do agree that the fadeout was brutal But that's a really good piece you have here. A definite keeper. P.S.: I'll try to remix more often
  17. I'm impressed with this. I'm a lover of everything ambient and soothing and this hits the spot. Although the sounds themselves aren't of the highest quality, you have succeeded in creating a really pleasant and absorbing soundscape. The flute, of course is charming but I found myself loving the fading string chords best. Good job with the water SFX as well. This is a must-have for lovers of anything ambient or relaxing. It also reminds me of some works on the "Heroes of Might & Magic II" soundtrack, which is excellent. Very nice job.
  18. haha oh man! I discovered that remix listening to the OCRemix Radio and boy am I glad That is really awesome stuff you have here, totally out-there and upbeat. Love the various styles and constant action provided by every layer. As a fan of Monkey Island music and Michael Land music in general, you got yourself a listener here I'm keeping this. And this might just be what I needed to finally get to work on a Monkey Island remix myself. Good job!
  19. OverCoat! Congrats on getting your 1st mix posted on OCR, it was about time I really dig this man. Although some of the analog/synth layers are not really what I'd use myself, I really found myself entering and enjoying this track. Really love the parts with the violin, it really takes the whole ambience in the back to a new level. Really like the sounds of your tranquil yet effective percussion kit/performance as well. I must admit the fadeout was a tad disappointing, and fast! (at least for my taste) But as a whole I really enjoy this piece, it's a keeper.
  20. Hello all, I'd like to thank everyone for the positive feedback, and of course DJP for gracing me with another direct posting. I took note of every comment/critique and will definitely try to deliver a new remix soon, hopefully better!
  21. Excellent track. I really enjoyed the work on ambience and that recurrent percussion roll in the back is a great great touch. While the synth used for the back melody was a cheesy pick, it ended up being an adequate, lighter complement to the rest of the soundscape. Good work with the bells and last but not least, your voice is lovely, and your approach in vocal effects was just AWESOME. While some parts were borderline (although I'm more of an "artistic preference" guy than a "anti-offtune fascist" when confronted to such), I honestly thought that the staccato vocal parts were great and fitting. I was just more or less bothered by one or two spots in the japanese-sung parts were there seemed to be unintentional deviations in your voice. It is important to be wide opened about this, and while there are some annoying "offtune" newbie tries, the possibly "offtune" parts I found in this track were - as far as I'm concerned - interesting and adding to the surreal atmosphere the composer was going for. You techno/rock-only listeners should lend an ear or two to more ethnic or challenging ambient/experimental tracks. Ambience and oddity can be a most inspirational and interesting factor in music. While this track is not exceptionally challenging, its execution and work on mood and different layers are quite novel and welcomed for the OCRemix audience. I'll be sure to listen to this quite a few times, I really enjoy this track's mood. Thumbs up!
  22. hahah man that's the best. fun/cool story to wake up to. Anyway glad that you heard/enjoyed it man Thanks for telling about how you found it!
  23. I'm afraid I'm lazy as well, so here goes: So yes, a good piece; I'm not really happy with how it repeatedly went back up to "Stuff of Legends" tier with poorly-written reviews (which claimed they wanted to "bump it back" to tier 1) giving it 100/100 on VGMix, but that would be dishonest to claim that this track isn't worth checking out and enjoying. Still looking forward to your future music.
  24. good luck with the navy camp. i've been pretty silent because lately life's been a wreck! musically too! i had to quit several projects including darkesword's kirby project (sorry again!). i have a few ideas for my CT movie tracks though so i'll try to have the tunes done before the end of the year hopefully. (i also am in an album competition so i'll have to make tons of stuff:) i really need to remix game stuff anyway, i haven't done so since april. busy with some GBA and other-media music.
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