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  1. Chernabogue, why are you not making animations for the video contests? This eez sick Also, I might trace that later and try to color it. For practice.
  2. I forgot one more thing. I'd like it if we all posted what songs we're using because I really don't want mine to have the same song as anyone else's. We're fortunate that hasn't happened yet. I dunno what to do about a prize... As an entrant, I don't really want to suggest whether or not we should have an actual, tangible prize. Something small and attractive to put in a sig would make me perfectly happy to be honest. I wanted to make one, but then I realized I have no idea how we'd "market" the video. If I just upload it and it sits there, it won't attract anyone. I guess I'd post the link on some creative forums and such, but I doubt they'd be interested without a cash prize.
  3. This is the most critique-friendly community I've ever been involved with. That said, people are just rebutting your advice. And it seems like everyone here has a different approach to mixing/arranging their songs so there's gonna be a lot of clashing methodologies. I don't think they're being hard-headed, but they will call people out if something is potentially wrong.
  4. Thanks, but you might wanna address the posters who have disagreed with you. They seem pretty against the whole Mono idea.
  5. OK, if you didn't use any of that on Malevolent Mansion, then there's something wrong with my DAW. My samples, whether FL default or not, always sound gray, muddy, and they seem to have reverb automatically applied when I first bring them out. I don't mean to blame my equipment but seriously? No EQ on Malevolent mansion??
  6. OK, seriously. Who's right? This thread is leaving me more confused than informed.
  7. Wait... but there are synths and effects that pan on their own, and I hear them doing so which means my channels are not mono by default. Mono means a single channel and both ears would hear the exact same thing, right?
  8. How do I make the Master channel mono in FL? I didn't know this, but it makes a lot of sense.
  9. Whhhat? I like Lady Gaga >_> It is a guilty pleasure though. I have to wash my ears out with OCR mixes afterwards.
  10. See, I didn't know the site operated like that. But when it comes down to it, it's just text and not that big of a deal. I thought I'd just throw that out there. Mostly I wanted to suggest a mascot, but that's already been addressed so booyah! A game, eh? Will definitely check that out. But... it better not suck. EDIT: And if you need a trailer made for the game's release, I'm a motion graphics designer. Just sayin'!
  11. Cool. I did do a search, but that didn't come up. I still think the text is really tacky, but I'll live.
  12. Piano humanization is hard, and I'm not good at it. EQing and having samples sound crisp is something I haven't been able to make any progress on from day one. It's all mud and instruments seem to all occupy the same space. I don't know how to make things sound "wide", such as in space-themed electronic tracks a la Mass Effect.
  13. It's just some quick and dirty After Effects stuff. All I really did was size it down, rotate it, and slap it on top. I didn't motion track it properly though so it's wiggling around I can't believe you guys are so entranced by a cheesy edit XD
  14. Yesh. Noticed my motion track was a little off on it. Oh well.
  15. Ah, I guess I wasn't clear. I meant coming up with an actual character à la the FL studio girl or Mario. But even tweaking that logo somehow... making it sleeker, is something I'd suggest. Now as I look closer, I think it's the text by the logo that bothers me more. It looks like a Flintstones font to me and is not particularly pleasing to the eye. Does anyone else agree or is it just me? The text does genuinely stand out as dated to me.
  16. I know I'm coming into this not knowing what the heck's going on right now, but if you guys ever need to add a character from Skies of Arcadia, I would more than love to write it. I'm an absolute fanatic of the game, obsessed eternally. If you're not accepting writers or adding SoA people, just disregard. I consider myself a pretty decent writer, though. I'm a former English major, if that holds any value.
  17. I've honestly been wondering a while (and the Mascot Bio contest reminded me) why OCR doesn't have some sort of mascot. I mean, it's not surprising and completely normal to not have one, but we have a lot of artists here. Giving OCR a good "face" could provide that awareness boost OCR needs. Right now all I identify OCR by is that pair of headphones. Even if the idea seems risky, why not just have some people come up with concept art and see if something comes of it? The headphones are nice but kind of "2004".
  18. That was the most fun part to animate BTW theres a secret in this version... think meta-musicvideo.
  19. Suuuure, let me grab that. Hopefully you mean the "rave" version, not the original. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3xgvcHIgXY http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ONUCRRC3 Now I want to never ever edit this again... it's awesome but 3 hours of meme-ing the same thing can cause hallucinations.
  20. they were both made at double speed. I dunno why it slowed down like that. Might try to fix it later. EDIT: Aha! Only Chrome shows it going slowly for me. It's at the correct time in FF. Maybe Chrome does suck... EDIT EDIT: They don't even have a way to report bugs! I am SO defecting back to Firefox... wait- Internet Explorer is showing it wrong too! I don't think the lame browsers know how to read at 50 frames/sec. Just screw it
  21. Thanks but if anyone knows the proper way to make GIF sizes reasonable, please let me know. They were at about 9MB each before tweaking >_>
  22. I'll just put the nail in this coffin. ..... Yes, the file size is ridiculous >_<
  23. I want to make an Elite Beat agents version, but that would be way too much work
  24. Well, thanks to the 10 x 10 pixel resolution I'm pretty sure she'll go unidentified. The first 7 seconds are my favorite. I feel like I could just loop that for eternity.
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