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  1. I learned something very important from this week's review. and that is.... that Yahtzee uses a script. I thought he didn't. he does. and that's OK.
  2. Man, did you guys see that smuggler elf in Kirkwall? Maybe it was some sort of glitch but her proportions were way out of whack. She had a huge head and a nose with no bridge... scared the shit out of my brother and me. Was kind of awkward because I was joking with my brother how I would try to bone her cause the one guy said she was "fair". They must have meant fair as in "just"...
  3. I didn't really notice much difference switching DX11 on and off. Even with the "high quality blur" and ambient occlusion I can't really see anything significant. Guess I'll have to look closer.
  4. Are you kidding? Distributors have a 50% cut in the audio industry? Where do they get off doing that? Maybe I misread. That would be insanity.
  5. They didn't. but making another disc just for the textures may not be cost effective. i was just under the impression that most people played Dragon Age at high settings, but I guess they somehow figured that most people won't play on high. EDIT: played through to the beginning of Kirkwall. It's awesome so far. my only complaint is the blocky graphics, especially in the environments. I even have DX11 with tessellation enabled and it looks very 2004... oh well :/
  6. OK, why the heck do I have to download the high-res textures as a patch? that is so weird.
  7. I just have a preference for girls with lower polygon counts. Show me a girl with a low poly count IRL and we'll start talking.
  8. So.. you didn't install the hardcore sex mods? Cause that was definitely fixed Too bad he never made a dwarf scene
  9. Pre-ordered, picking up this morning. Pretty excited to import Cydrid, or his decisions really... How is it? Tell meeee! Side note: All guys that play femhawk are compensating for one of several things
  10. Mmmmmyes, this sounds nice. New follower for you.
  11. I nabbed Space Channel 5: Part 2 off Steam and just fell in love with it. I had the first one on Dreamcast years ago, but the timing issues prevented me from ever finishing it. So yeah while playing I got the urge to do a cover. I'm calling this a "Demix" cover because it's a lot more simple than the original song and it also sounds kinda of 16-bit.. I don't have the skills or resources to pull off all the organic sounds the game has. Still, I'd like a guitarist to do some of the rhythmic "wahhhhh" stuff in the back like in the original. To top it off, I'm syncing it to in-game footage for a video Here's a "proof of concept" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H-zBgwT20U Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/modusmusic/space-channel-5-retro-mix Original song: So who wants to help the newb?
  12. I don't know why you would publicly share such a genius idea. I'll get to work on this right away. Thanks!
  13. Wow, it took way longer than I thought it would for someone to come to my defense. For a minute there I was starting to think my opinions were much more radical than I thought they were.
  14. I'm just jealous that everyone else likes the new style because I want to really badly. Why can't I just express an opinion for the sake of discussion? why does it have to turn into this? I'm buying the game because it's ZELDA and it's about gameplay, just wasn't crazy about the look. u mad
  15. I found OoT and MM more challenging than WW and TP, an issue for certain types of gamers. You really don't think WW's challenge was a bit overly lenient? I'm not in it primarily for the challenge, but it does rob me of a sense of accomplishment when the final boss didn't hit me once. neblix, please define graphics whore for me. I feel like I have a misunderstanding of the term.
  16. Cool to see you ignored my "cartoony is cool" comment, but I'm glad I helped you release all that bottled-up angst toward graphic whores, even if I'm not one. Wind Waker is, in fact, my favorite Zelda game. The only thing I hate about WW is how un-challenging it is. What I don't like is the look that results from taking cel-shaded style graphics then removing the cel-shading. It looks like a re-texture project for an OoT ROM, the only thing separating it is that "watercolor" filter they're using, which does look cool. I'm discovering I'm not very alone in criticizing the graphics. OCR just happens to only have me in that crowd, but I don't want the misconception floating around that I only want realistic, dark, and gloomy.
  17. Well, YouTube is far from the only place for that. There's a lot of specialized communities inhabited by professionals who will give you a real-world critique of your work. I don't know the audio communities, but for video there is mograph.com, Vimeo, and heck, even Machinima would count if they hadn't closed off their community. For anyone into video, especially motion graphics, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend going to Vimeo. That is where you go to post videos that attract elite clients. I'm talking international advertisers, hollywood production houses.. you name it. If "building a wide audience" is part of the equation, though, I suppose YouTube has the one-up there, but that really only happens for people using a talk show format for their videos. I mean, the ones that become partners and start earning money. Still, I understand the appeal of having a million-user fanbase e-mailing you, groveling at your feet, and ultimately giving the average joe the Charlie Sheen experience.
  18. Looks like a cross between a Gerudo and a human.
  19. They're a little late on the emo band trend.. unless that's just now picking up in Japan or something. (all the character models suck)
  20. Based off what sort of merits, may I ask? And dammit, replying to you caused me to stop paying attention to my job and embarrass myself. It's all your fault.
  21. You can do that with any video. Just don't watch the screen >_> Myself, I prefer to watch the video if there's something interesting to see. Granted, it has to be pretty darn good for me to watch. Yeah, I don't follow that either actually. I haven't done a promotion for a long time so maybe the early version of Google Promotions had wrong calculations or whatever. I didn't even realize the math was wrong until you brought it up so yeah, you may end up paying $200 for 5k views. Pretty steep. If you're afraid of outrageous CPC, just set your maximum to like 2 cents and see if it still gets exposure. The more popular the tag, the higher the CPC will be.
  22. It really has little to do with being 'established' or how people view your video. It has everything to do with exposure. YouTube uses an algorithm to decide where videos are placed in search results. If there's a hundred videos with the same theme already up, yours will probably be pushed back a few pages. I've noticed that giving videos initial exposure IS part of their algorithm though. My videos when first uploaded would show up on the first page of search results and the related videos tab for around a day. So again, timing.
  23. As zircon implied, timing is crucial too. Releasing your song when a new Castlevania game is announced will do something, considering the inevitable spike in Castlevania searches. EDIT: I wonder if it's too late to jump on the Charlie Sheen wagon. I'm willing to whore out one of my mixes to a Sheen remix
  24. Christ, neblix, workflow is a universal thing. i'm still shocked on a daily basis how defensive you are over FL Studio.
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