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  1. Oh man is this turning into a DBZ discussion? I'm getting all sweaty and excited Unless it's about GT, which I never ever watched because I found the Furry Saiyans off-putting.
  2. In 3 do you still set off special moves by wagging the nunchuck offscreen? I thought that was changed for some reason and I liked the offscreen activation thing. And does it have those close encounter super-speed combat sequences? And the struggle sequence when kamehameha's connect? I'm trying really hard to remember what made me hate it so much.
  3. Budokai Tenkaichi 2 was the bomb but 3 made me cry myself to sleep.
  4. If you can deal with background noise, maybe this, or perhaps this?
  5. Meh, you can learn to live with it pretty easily unless it's severe. I know some people have it so bad that they deliberately deafen themselves through surgery.. mine is definitely not that bad.
  6. I'll definitely try the medication stuff first, but I do have a history of ear infections. They actually got so bad that I nearly had an ear tube procedure done. Also, every time I've gotten on a plane I get nasty earaches that I guess are due to pressure. Maybe I should have brought those incidents up, but it's been years since an infection or a plane ride so I had pretty much forgotten. I do have tinnitus, but I thought that was pretty common. It's a very high-pitched tone that I've learned to tune out of consciousness. My hearing is pretty borked, isn't it?
  7. Yahtzee has never echoed my thoughts more perfectly. It sucked.
  8. I was listening to one of my tracks and was super bothered by some sort of "rattling static" sound I was hearing out of my right ear. At first I thought it was my headphones and was pissed because I had just bought them but I suspected it might just be me so I switched the headphones out with some shitty earbuds and the rattling was still there.. The only variable left was the mix itself so I listened to various other songs pretty loud and still had the static-y rattling though it was fainter. So I came to the conclusion that I have damaged hearing. Weeks ago, I was experimenting and mixing with some very harsh leads and distortion and after doing this for a couple hours I noticed my ears were aching and it was borderline painful. This happened even though I had a limiter set up. But anyway I rested my ears for a couple days and they stopped aching. So now I'm just afraid to mix, basically. Do you guys have any recommendations to heal or improve hearing? Since the rattling is worse when listening to my own mixes, do you think there's something dangerous I may be doing when mixing, such as incorrect limiter settings? Thanks for any advice.
  9. I liked it. The Pac-Man paragraph had me rolling, especially "which was primarily their fault" XD
  10. Anything that gets you close to Nobuo Uematsu is special...
  11. Is anyone going to the Chicago showing this summer? I've been considering going but haven't found a friend that wants to go yet. @CelestialSonata: Dude, HOW did you get those tickets?
  12. Mass Effect 2 Banjo-Tooie BK: Nuts & Bolts (if that counts) Assassin's Creed 2 Mario Party 2 FFXI: Wings of the Goddess (expansions are sequels to me!) It feels like I should have a bigger list than that... can I just put Elder Scrolls 5 here since it will be the best ever?
  13. The dude form Kotaku reviewed this game on an iPad... Anyway, this motivated me to jew my mom's old iPhone 3G off her because I loved the DS version so much. Anyone know if you still have to send mog mail to people to unlock some stuff in the game, such as the super secret ultimate optional boss?
  14. I've already moved on to being angry at Lady Gaga for using this as fuel for controversy and thus a way to make herself somehow relevant to all this. We all know she'll do/say anything and everything to stay in the spotlight but that was just douchey.
  15. But everyone hates it.. it's getting views cause it's so bad in several different ways.
  16. I thought everything about it save the combat was awesome. Yeah, it sort of dragged and the graphics were shit, but they nailed the parts that mattered: storytelling, immersion, making it feel like your decisions actually mattered, customization... and now DA2 seems like the mirror image of all that, improving combat but everything else feels dead. DA1 also had an amazing cinematic toolset that no ones seems to know about. DA2 obviously had no such thing.
  17. Did anyone ever play that Sonic knockoff of Mario Party on Dreamcast called Sonic Shuffle? That's a game that needs a sequel not because it was overly awesome but because it was almost awesome. It even had a card battling mechanic.. so cool. Also, I'm about to put Dragon Age 2 in this list if it doesn't get better REAL soon here.
  18. Oh, but I'm sure Final Fantasy XIII-2 will make up for that. I'd be impressed if they found a way NOT to improve over FF XIII.
  19. Every Mario Party past the third one. The minigames and maps SUCK. My three siblings and I get together once in a blue moon and play Mario Party 2 on Wii. It's just fantas- TAP 'A' REPEATEDLY.
  20. So how does it feel to have a show called The Mediocre Show as a lead-in? Ha, all in jest. I'll be there or something.
  21. switched to and decided on Rime of the Wandering Seafarer by zyko dotaino, if you need any help, let any of us know. I'll even help you through Skype if needed.
  22. Wait, you guys are talking about this as if the deadline's here. Don't we have until May? That's over a month.
  23. Say some kid successfully gets the game with a really convincing fake ID. Well then how are they going to know to fine them? They gonna hire a policeman to sit by any place with games for sale? XD I just think the law has so many holes that we don't have to worry about it. But yeah the very premise of all this is somewhat enraging.
  24. What's stopping a resourceful kid from going to Walmart/convenience store, buying a pre-paid debit card, and ordering the game online? Or doing what's always been done and have their parents buy it for them? Or an older friend? Or a guy outside Gamestop who will do it for 10 bucks? This will solve exactly zero problems. But say they enact the fine. Okay, now Gamestop will require photo ID to buy those games and fire anyone themselves who doesn't do that. I can't imagine the fines ultimately outweighing the profits.
  25. There have been talks of shutting down public broadcast but yeah, I think we talked about public radio still going strong. People have to actively seek out those sources, though, because we all know what ends up on the front pages and directly in our faces (CNN, CBS, FOX, etc.) Unfortunately, these more overt sources are the ones that shape the majority of our culture and attitude. If NPR/PBS could advertise their programs like the other corporations do, what a world it would be
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