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  1. I know bumps are lame but.. PC multiplayer demo is coming March 1st for download here. I think we should gather an OCR deathmatch team for multiplayer and take over town. I have dibs on sniping though... you all protect me and I'll snipe.
  2. Well, I was gonna make a 3D motion graphics video, but this 12 second little project I did is taking 2 weeks to render so.... I'll probably combine 2D and 3D instead. If anyone is good with Illustrator and wants to collab, let me know. I just need toons drawn, and I can animate them... no need to draw your stuff frame by frame Grr, just wish I had a $10,000 workstation computer...
  3. Yes, after years of development on an engine specifically made to cross-develop on all three platforms simultaneously, let's make it exclusive. Why don't we bring back the leaf porn while we're at it.
  4. Yeah, actually I'm reserving every single SMW remix for myself... ahh, I guess I can leave you one.
  5. I don't think it should be a 'rule' to not pick the same mixes, but there are people like me who would strongly prefer to do a unique mix. I'm considering these two mixes: Transient Shadows - Willrock mAEt b0y - A_Rival
  6. Oh, how dare you say such a thing.... *angry fist shake*
  7. I was answering that part of the damn question. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
  8. No, I never claimed to know that. I just said they are addressing issues of the first game.
  9. I'm going by the videos I've watched and interviews with the devs. I have not played the game. A PC demo was announced.
  10. I will answer a non-biased "definitely" to that. How good is the execution of their new ideas? I don't know. Multiplayer is being developed separately from single and supposedly it combines the best things about Halo and CoD. You use the suit to go invisible, run faster, you can do this kickass slide-n-shoot thing. There's so much to the multiplayer that I seriously doubt it could be properly balanced. They couldn't afford to hire an attractive person so this nerd will tell you everything: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY4owHqMl7Y
  11. that was portable and sucked. it doesnt exist to me.
  12. Why can't we just have a Wind Waker 2 with less oceans and more landz.. everyone ate their words when WW came out.. it's so lovable
  13. Whatever, i concede. I've argued back and forth the same points in so many places and it just escalates to nothing. The purpose of this thread is now to inform you that Crysis 2 is available for free download. get your copy today.
  14. A full version of a major game, a month early, is unusual. definitely newsworthy, especially considering the schadenfreude going around, knowing Crytek still has an open wound that their first game was so heavily pirated. oh, how we enjoy failure. I don't buy that pirates wouldn't buy the game if they couldn't pirate. i call bulllllshitttt
  15. http://kotaku.com/#!5758399/crysis-2-has-been-leaked-creators-deeply-disappointed Whatever you think of EA, this is bullshit. It's claimed to be an "early build", but it's playable from beginning to end, including multiplayer. I'm a poor college student with a part time job, and I find a way to pay for all of my games. if you can't pay up, you suck at life.
  16. After playing games, I see the external world this way: http://vimeo.com/19723116 Prepare for epic shock value.
  17. I dunno what to say then I hate it. It looks stupid.
  18. Wow, guys... I hate the design of this game. Cartoony is cool, but this is very "Animal Crossing". Nintendo says, "BRIGHT COLORS WILL WIN US A NEW GENERATION OF YOUNG ZELDA GAMERS!" Even the monster design is seriously laughable. Lame goblins enclosed I know these are early screens, so I'm hoping they tweak some stuff. To continue, the textures don't blend all that well and overall look very 'blah' despite the bright colors. I love cartoony, Wind Waker being my second favorite game ever, but this is just poor execution.
  19. You forgot to put on sunglasses. On topic, I think this fad will come back. It's a burnout genre right now but music never dies.
  20. I left the other half to be enjoyed. you're welcome.
  21. that's what she said that's what she said that's what she said that's what she said she said it "that's what!" she said.
  22. I didn't have a choice, the school picked the photography company suddenly no one in the 6th grade had zits
  23. these are all shopped, I can tell from the pixels.
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