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  1. Unless you work for a niche media outlet. Then you can write without commercial influence to as small an audience you want to reach. Unfortunately, people who do that also starve to death
  2. I'm starting to feel embarrassed to be in the school of Journalism at my university. These super-charged headlines are out of line, plain and simple, and I don't want to be the one writing this crap down the road. "Frantic, dire, bleak, catastrophic, worse than imagined" and so on. I'm not sure how each day the situation is headlined as "even worse than originally thought". It's not. It's under control and it's time to publish some hero stories, I'm sure there's hundreds of 'em.
  3. Just wanna drop by and say that the EA marketing episode is... legendary. And yet they marketed Homefront by staging a mock protest against Koreans. It's very upsetting and re-enforces the stereotypical depiction of a 'gamer'. Keep up the good work.
  4. dont worry overcoat. i have sony vegas and that automatically makes me a professional. i can do fucking... checkerboard transitions.
  5. My favorite part of your advert was when it was solid red for like 5 seconds, the suspense almost killed me but hey, I'm making you another ad using the same info as yours. wont take no for answer. And yes I like your station and going to tune in RIGHT NOW JAJA (EDIT: fffffffffff-... it's not till tonight :[ )
  6. THIS Whaddya mean? I just pull on the circle thingies and sounds change and bam, I'm a maser EQsmith. I use Parametric EQ2. So pulling a good clean song into FL and looking at it through the Parametric EQ would... my god. This will work.
  7. I'll be on next week during spring break neblix. Homework up to me eyes right now. Thanks for the tips so far, all.
  8. Yeah but with Rock Band 3 aren't you still just pushing button patterns? This game is supposed to actually show you strings and bends and palm mutes and (insert all other guitar terminology here)
  9. I was going to see if someone brought up my reverb addiction. Yeah, I totally see what you mean though. I haven't been able to balance out the sounds because I do push everything loud but then when I push it back it seems to me like no one can ear it now. Maybe I want all the sounds to be consciously heard when some need to be "there but you're not thinking about it."
  10. I've made a thread about this before but I don't care. I'm just to the point of punching something because I LIKE my arrangements, my choice of samples, and so on, but it's all ruined because everything sounds compressed and occupies the same space. I try doubling and panning, modest EQ, extreme EQ, etc. etc. etc. and nothing! NOTHING! Maybe someone could guide me through mastering and EQ through Skype? I'll pay you, I don't care. I don't want to be a professional, I don't ever expect to make it on OCR, but I just can't stand knowing zircon uses FL studio too and has the most crisp sounding samples I've ever heard. Do you think it could be my VSTs? Here's a sample.. at the beginning of the song it sounds fairly clean, right? Then as I add pads it gets muddy and the WAHHH pattern could also have so much more impact. These are all Nexus add-ons I think. http://tindeck.com/listen/howj And here's a meatboy-inspired one that came out sounding quite a bit more clean. What did I do differently? Absolutely nothing. http://tindeck.com/listen/ekkh
  11. the new gawker network layout is god awful done
  12. Ubisoft is making a game for real electric guitars.. those things that have strings instead of buttons. Seems like it's designed to teach people to play so if you have a guitar and already know how to play, Ubisoft says fuck off. If you don't own a real guitar, you can also fuck off. That leaves 2 people in my state. As Kotaku said, if you have a guitar like.. lying around because you're a quitter like me, this is your game. Or you could buy the $200 bundle and in a week you'll be Cerrax. In three, Sixto. http://kotaku.com/#!5782011/ubisoft-did-not-get-the-memo-that-guitar-hero-was-dead
  13. How long can this nuclear thing go on? Like, I don't lie in Japan, and I'm not of asian descent but damn, I'm freaking out FOR these people. Just kill the thing! Nuke the nucle- Oh dang, this is the one case where that wouldn't work.
  14. How to get aid support. Appeal to materialists: Miyamoto Signed DS with proceeds going to Red Cross If the auction winner gives the DS away/refuses it, they will be my lifelong hero.
  15. Is anyone playing DA:Legends on facebook? It's actually pretty fun but you need to whore up friends to play. That said, add me: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1660207291
  16. You also have to remember that this is Japan's biggest earthquake in recorded history. I understanding planning for the worst but if they haven't seen something that big in their history it could be difficult to anticipate the exact events that would follow. Do you guys think there will be some relief effort groups appearing in America? Or is it understood that Japan has the resources to conduct their own relief efforts? I would consider going over during my upcoming spring break.
  17. The issue of reused areas is not in Origins. The environments may have been lacking in other ways but variety was not one of them. Awakening (the Origins expansion) hit the sweet spot for variety and awesome aesthetics, but there weren't a great number of areas in it. And the characters sucked, even the returning ones.
  18. A challenger approaches: egoraptor surprised everyone here, making something as funny as Zero Punctuation yet more informative. plus, he's never made a review before! just those amazing Flash animations.
  19. I highly recommend google imaging "powder movie" with safesearch off. And yeah it does kind of look like him but with a much more Roman nose.
  20. I shared this in the IRC channel last night and everyone yelled at me cause they already knew about it
  21. And this is what will create the video game bubble... publishers demanding games be done in shorter and shorter amounts of time, burning out franchises, rushing games, becoming more formulaic. Sorry to be all gloom and doom, but this is NOT a peaceful time in the gaming industry. Hopefully it doesn't get worse than "skimping out on environments". Skyrim is going to be, like, the Jesus Christ of games when it comes out. Telling all the other games what they should be like, working miracles, being good in almost every aspect, etc. There's also ME3 to worry about... I dunno, hopefully the problem is isolated to DA.
  22. It's ok, there's always even more foolish early adopters out there. For example, when SSDs first came out.
  23. Hey, here's my update everyone! I have nothing done. OK, later!
  24. Rez is a great choice. I think all of us could suggest games with distinguished music, but you seem to be concentrating on the oddball abstract games. "The role of music in video games" is kind of unspecific, but if you're taking a chronological approach it would be interesting to start off talking about the creative ways developers got around hardware limitations in the retro days and how those styles carried over into the later 90s using higher quality mixing. And now there's the whole "orchestral" obsession with AAA games (that I hate). It seems nowadays the role of music in video games is to have as complex an arrangement as possible with as many string sections you can possibly fit into a recording hall. But Super Meat Boy fixes everything. Suggestions that sort of match your other listed games: Space Channel 5 (DC) Legend of zelda's use of musical instruments (Ocarina, Spirit Flute, Harp of Ages, Wind Waker's conducting wand thing) Song Summoner (iPod)
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