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  1. I will be living and breathing this game once it comes out. This is everything I wanted in an FPS, actually... me and my friends had been talking years ago about how awesome it would be to make a co-op fast-paced FPS. This is it. I'd love to play with you guys some, as I'm in the OCR steam group! My current name in there is Oops! All Berries! Some helpful tactics for anyone perplexed by expert mode(me and my buddies routinely play this difficulty): -Have one person always watching six o'clock. They won't get the highest score, but neither will your team get gang-raped by a surprise swarm/boomer/etc. -Have whoever's leading always crouch. One shotgun blast to the back is an incapacitate in expert mode so you wanna make sure you're not in a position to catch a money shot! -Tanks: spread around him. If someone gets knocked over (instant incap in expert), run up and melee the tank in the back. Many times this will stop him from beating on and killing the incapped teammate! -Witch in the way: if you can't avoid the witch (one-hit kill in expert), have one person shoot her from very far away and then run the other way. Have the other teammates flank her, as most of the time she will run after the person who startled her. -Boomer: if you get puked on, find a corner and have your teammates fan out in front of you. The resulting horde of zombies won't even attack them, so they can block you with lots of melee in between shots! zomg <3 survival horror
  2. This week was EXACTLY the same as last week. Ate healthy except some stuff today with the family, and ran every day. I'm feeling really good about it! Even if I don't make my goals for the summer I'm definitely headed in the right direction!
  3. I made the goal to run 3 miles every day before this week started! I didn't run Sunday, but as I got a little more used to it I ran more than 3 miles on Thurs, Fri and Sat to make up for it! TOTALLY ate unhealthy the last day though. Family thing. Gotta enjoy yourself once a week, I say, especially since I made a lot of progress! : )
  4. I wasn't as active this week as I was last week since I had friends around the whole week, but I fit in some DDRing and such anyways. Also had a few unhealthy meals. Quite alright though, overall it was still way better than I was doing before we started!! Next week I get to kick it back into full gear. I'm gonna try for 3 miles a day. What I can't finish running, I'll finish walking!
  5. This week, I was able to incorporate exercise in with my good eating habits! I hadn't previously been exercising because of my sleeping problems and being on my feet all day, but I've taken time off so there's no excuses! I stuck to strictly cardio, because I have a lot of muscle already and I'm only particularly worried about losing weight at the moment. Ran every day, and was more active during my free time, DDRing and walking around a lot. I'm very happy with the results, sleeping like a baby! I don't have a scale where I live, though, so I'll have to wait until I visit a friend. I'm sure the results are positive. THIS week, I have friends and my brother coming in from out of town to visit. I don't think my eating habits are going to be very healthy, they'll probably wanna go out a lot and such! I will, however, keep it toned down, and still find time for exercise
  6. Guy always cracks me up, I LOVE the guy. Hate the films, sure. He took advantage of a tax loophole, sure. But he sure makes me laugh. He's got a point, too. Pearl Harbor was a joke. And Starbucks IS bullshit. iWTl6K_wPjc
  7. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Nah, actually I've been here since the last thread, I just don't come to these forums often at all. So, I was at 258 when we started, and I'm at 255 now. Not the biggest weight loss ever, but I had a full-time job on my feet and severe sleeping problems that kept me from doing much more than watching my diet. Let's just say I've cut the excess stress out of my life recently, and will be happily joining you all this summer!! My -goal-? Let's go for 230 or less, and a 7:00 mile or less. This is NOTHING for most of you, but it's all about personal achievement, yes? This is the part where I wanna go all 'Bob had bitch tits' and make this feel like a support group. I'm glad I'm here, though.
  8. Thanks for putting it all into words. I had bits and pieces, so did everyone else, and here it is, all put together. : )
  9. Count me in. Just let me know when we plan to end it so I can set up a leg amputation ahead of time and then look successful! Nah... the real, REAL problem for me is going to be sleeping. I have some severe sleeping problems, and I'm almost always tired. I'm told exercising can help with that somewhat and I'm willing to try, but getting myself to exercise when I'm always exhausted requires some tremendous willpower. Maybe participating with some friends will help with that! : ) Eating healthy won't be a problem for me. I'll still need diet soda... no calories, no sugar. I understand carbonated beverages don't really help, but I gotta have one weakness!
  10. I remember the nasty dual-LttP remix debacle. Pissed me off something fierce. Glad you're back, brother. Don't make me send the yearly fanmail again, you just keep in touch here on the forums!
  11. What? Space makes EVERYTHING ten times as awesome. Just look at Jason X or Leprechaun 4! This country is full of people with bad taste. We listen to music with 3 notes in it, we watch people 'survive' for 30 days in a place people likely already live, and we make sure shitty parody movies with no original ideas get almost as much box office success as their real counterparts. Why would our taste in video games be any different? In 2006, fucking Madden '07 was the best-selling video game in the US. That's right... you have been able to get what is essentially the same game on Apple II, Macintosh, SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Windows PC, DOS, PlayStation, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Sega Saturn, Wii, Xbox 360, and the PSP. Since '89. And in the four short months it was available in 2006, it outsold everything else released that year. I knew a guy that had the PS2 -and- XBox versions of the fuckin' game. THAT'S what's screwing gaming.
  12. My steam ID's IcedInferno. I don't play TF2 as much as I used to (not particularly fond of the direction it's gone in) but it would be fun to hang out with some decent people.
  13. bLind's Zelda 2 Temple Trance is a good fast one. Motor Crazycycle is another fast one, from Voices of the Lifestream disc 1. Another good one is Akumajobelmont's Symphony of the Night mix "The Devil Inside".
  14. Finally, a video I've made that's relevant to the site! Here's bLiNd's Zelda 2 Temple Trance, stealthed at 343 congestion. 6ItFyktn_OE
  15. I took a little time out to do some ninja-monoing! Both of these are ironmode and stealth! One is Pendulum's 'Granite' and one is Dragonforce's 'Through the Fire and Flames'. BhGNdpzB4zc p4pmkrLHClM [ Next I'm trying to stealth bLind's Zelda 2 Temple Trance. Friggin' thing has 343 traffic.
  16. I got 32%, not bad! I could SWEAR I know #5 but I have the wrong answer. Me and my bro came to the same conclusion but it seems we're both wrong.
  17. I don't believe Ironmode offers a higher score at all. The tooltip for it says 'merely for bragging rights and a challenge'. I THINK the ironmode offers a different track than the non-ironmode for each song so there's a possibility for more points, or not. But the point values for combos and per block is the same. The real difference in ninja mono is that in ironmode, you can't use the fins or the clearing button. But yeah, I'll give up for this competition! : ) Ninja mono is too high stakes for me to want to go through it again, lol!
  18. Yeah, but you can only do it for your highest score. The competition was with Ninja Mono and I screenshotted the score, but I have a higher score with a different ship that isn't for the competition : ) Either way, if it ended up being a big deal I can just compete next week!
  19. I thought score mongering was the whole idea! Hey, it's your tourny. Well here's the deal, I did it again in non-ironmode. Here's the score I got (I still can't register at remod for whatever reason): The problem is, I have no way of proving it wasn't done in Ironmode ! Since I beat the scores with another ship, I can't screenshot the bonuses I got to show that there's no ironmode there. It's your call, I suppose!
  20. Awww booo! My Gmail didn't send me notice! That means any number of my scores could have been beaten! Oh well, time to try and fight back EDIT: Back atcha, champ!
  21. I couldn't register at remod, so I'm just gonna post it here. I screenshotted the score with Ninja Mono because now I have to use some other ship to try to blast that other guy's score! Means my NM score will disappear. It should certainly be beatable... I did it in Ironmode (no fins) so I missed some blocks here and there!
  22. Another really crazy track is Blind's Temple Trance from Zelda 2. In elite ironmode it has something like 345 congestion.
  23. I'm Flylighter : ) You can tell from my screenshot on page 4 of the thread. I -believe- I have tops for the first three VotL albums, I'm going for four tonight! I know my scores are beatable though, because I can't even place on the scoreboards for the songs that came with the game! EDIT: All four albums down in elite mode! I've set 'em up... now you guys knock 'em down!!!
  24. For anyone having troubles using the scoreboard, it seems to be a problem when your screenname has non-alphanumeric characters in it. My old name was Pump-Actin' Tinactin so it never let me put scores. My new name is Flylighter and it works just fine That being said, you guys gotta beat some of my VotL scores now!
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