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  1. They also later said they dropped plans to release it on the PC. Here's the most recent word from the horse's mouth on August 24: Donald Mustard on multi-platform Sad day for us non-XBoxers!
  2. This remix was last seen walking in traffic, pushing a wheelbarrow carrying its huge brass balls. In no way belittling the rest of the album, this is one of my favorites. Interesting, considering Beatsmith was one of my VotL favorites. Way to live up to your namesake, champ. Assuming I've pegged where you got your name, that is.
  3. B-B-B-Benny and the dwarves! Come on. I can't be the only one that thought of that song when I heard this little slice of awesome.
  4. Regarding the 'Second Quest' in Zelda 1, I bring you this fantastic piece of historical copypasta from ABDN: So essentially, the tl;dr version is that the second quest was MEANT to be pieced together by the community as a whole by word-of-mouth (this is before widespread consumer internet, remember).
  5. HAPPY BOITHDAY And Nonsensicalexis too!!!
  6. You know, this is still one of my top 10 games of all time. Loved it to death, back in the day. It's strange coincidence that this was just released for free as I was just talking about it a week or two ago, on a friend's blog. The blog was about Bethesda's decline in recent days, and how he believed its peak was Morrowind (I disagree, I think it's Daggerfall). But yeah, I professed my love for the game. Here's the copypasta: So, awesome Bethesda. Now quit digging the hole!
  7. FFIV is my favorite of the series, heavily for nostalgic reasons. As a matter of fact, I just played through it a month ago. I'm very excited about this!
  8. Way to go bub! I watched them all!! Ronald Jenkees commented on one of your piano ones. Now THAT'S awesome! Plus, that part where you couldn't get in the door in Blaster Master? I almost pissed myself.
  9. Hey, I just picked up this game again! I should totally come see how bad I get my ass handed to me by you guys. In between bouts of Mount&Blade, anyways.
  10. Bringing up Doom 2 is -not- faulty logic, because people weren't butthurt about it back then like they are now. They were excited. 15 years ago, things were different indeed, because people like you weren't spoiled yet. MMOs were brought up on a cost-to-pay basis. People complained about $60 for a year (or less). Who cares WHY you're paying monthly, you're still shelling out $120+ bucks for a year of (insert MMO here) versus much, much less for L4D (don't forget about buying the software!). Plus, L4D isn't going to stop working Nov. 17, but your MMO stops working when your subscription runs out. Quit pretending people are gonna drop off the face of the earth when L4D2 comes out; the whole matchmaking system is in place to help mitigate the effect of smaller player bases. Sports games? Not as much complaining about those as I see here about this, and they've been running that scam for almost two decades. Plus, they're some of the highest grossing franchises of all time. Google it. (Although that might be because they've been around so long, so.) Also, add Vice City/San Andreas to that list. And Megamans.
  11. So, so stoked. Wonder how many of these whiners were butthurt when Spear of Destiny (and 2, and 3) and Doom 2 came out. If they weren't still in the cradle. -Too soon! (Oh wait, we just got done complaining that it took too long.) -No L4D DLC! (Oh wait, they said they'd probably release a toolkit and player mappacks.) -No gameplay upgrade! (Oh wait, they said there were significant AI director improvements and a new gameplay mode.) -Not enough gameplay upgrade for full price! (Oh wait, it's coming out with more campaigns/gamemodes than the original.) -Still not enough gameplay upgrade for full price! (Oh wait, we paid damn near full price, if not full, for Doom 2, Majora's Mask, Diablo 2:LOD, BC, WotLK, UT2k3, UT2k4, multiple Guitar Hero/Rock Band sequels, 15 years of Madden games, and once-a-year every other sports game ever made.) -But some of those are just expansions! (Oh wait, that's exactly why we're arguing we should pay less for them, and we barely did.) -MMO expansions don't count because they cost less than the original! (Oh wait, not a single one of them literally more-than-doubled the content like L4D2 will.) -A new version so soon will hunt L4D 1's lifespan! (Oh wait, people still play TFC, CS, and many others, and I have literally no proof to my claim.) -$60 is too much! (Oh wait, L4D cost $50 on Steam at launch.) -$50-60 is too much for a one-year game! (Oh wait, MMOs cost $10-15/month, on top of the software purchase.) -But but but TF2! (Oh wait, the heavy told me to cry some more.)
  12. Can't wait to go home and listen to it. I'll actually recognize all the songs on the album so it should be fun!
  13. Relevant to the interests of this thread: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110345930548 Auction ends like 5 hours from the time of this post. Still a reasonable price, too.
  14. Soundmanella Bad Porn (you said funk/jazz, right?) Had Me at Hello is good too.
  15. Probably the Christmas break me and my brother got the N64. It had been out long enough that we got like 10 games for it, it snowed a lot that break so we got out of school even longer, we had a lot of friends over a lot of the time, and we never had a Playstation so that was our first experience with good 3-D graphics, so everything was completely epic.
  16. For me, Left 4 Dead. I'd been following it for like a year and a half (a bit ridiculous for a FPS, but hey, it was supposed to be out Fall '07), and it was worth every minute of the wait for me. Fast-paced zombie survival! I was very excited for Warhammer Online, as well. That quickly burnt out (-very- quickly), but at release, I was having a blast! I don't own any next-gen consoles, so I can't speak to a lot of them. Wasn't particularly wow'ed by SSBB, though, for the week I played it. Maybe it takes longer than a week to fully appreciate, who knows! : )
  17. (lol anti-favorites thread) Spiderman 3 and Burn After Reading are two of the worst movies I've seen in recent memory. Got up and walked out during both.
  18. I listen to VG remixes because they bring back the nostalgia of playing the game as a kid. I can get this from remixes or straight-up covers, so I listen to both. For that reason, I usually don't download OCRemixes of games I never played. It's not because I think they're gonna suck, I'm sure there are hundreds of remixes on the site I'd enjoy! I just wouldn't get that feeling of nostalgia since I never played those games. On the same token, I get rid of remixes I download where I don't immediately recognize the source tune. Not necessarily because they're bad or poorly made, but because the nostalgia factor won't reach me if I can't recognize the music. HOWEVER, even being devoid of any musical skill whatsoever, there have only been one or two instances where I DLed a remix of a game I played and couldn't recognize the source. It doesn't really happen often at all for me, and I don't think I have any special gift for picking out music, so... I dunno. Just, a different key for a remix? That's like whining about Blu-rays because they're in a different pixel format.
  19. It was in the video. It's easy to do though, just bind a key to 'next weapon', and then mash that key and right-click as fast as you can. You can see it for yourself!
  20. Here's a fun little fact: each item in your inventory has an independent melee timer. What this means is that if you switch items after each melee, you can melee really fast. Not terribly useful, but fun nonetheless. I've demonstrated here:
  21. Has anyone noticed that in expert mode, Bill's AI has Alzheimer's? I mean... me and my friend were doing expert No Mercy with Bill and Francis as AI. There was a point where Francis was dead but was behind a door waiting to be freed. We were really close to him when I got incapped by a horde of zombies, and my friend started getting choked over a subway car by a smoker. When Bill could have walked 5 feet to help me up, 5 feet in another direction to free my friend from the smoker, and 5 feet in ANOTHER direction to free Francis to help... instead, he ran the fuck off, into a corner, and stared at a wall until a hunter came around the corner and jumped his ass. Shit like this has happened multiple times with Bill's AI. I'm sure it's not intentional, but what the shit.
  22. I just played on your server! There was no password though, and it's only on normal mode. I couldn't figure out how to vote-change it.
  23. I remember reading on the Steam forums that they changed the name of the hardest difficulty from impossible to expert. Probably because it's not impossible!!
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