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  1. Anyone else having an incredibly hard time posting scores? It's horrible, if I'm logged out I can see the high scores and I'll usually have competitive placement. So I hit the 'post score' button and then it offers to log me in. I log in... and suddenly, according to the game, nobody's played the song and I can't post my score.
  2. This game is pretty awesome and fun. No, the block correlation isn't perfect, but it does exactly what I always wanted Frequency/Amplitude to do, which is allow the play of your own music. Which, might I add, lends a very potent dimension of gameplay almost tailor-made for THIS VERY SITE. I mean, we can have high-score tabs for each OCRemix! I actually played Planetskill's Oil and Water mix, and there were already another two scores on the board for that song! THAT prospect is more exciting to me than the game itself.
  3. Jeremy Soule is a part of this? Bizarre.
  4. Least the driver got his. It's sad to hear he got someone else, too. Yeah, the road is such a horrible place nowadays. People suck so bad at it that it's unbelievable. They need to RTFM.
  5. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I love how he's holding the stingray on his chest!
  6. I've watched about half of 'em. It's excellent writing and usually spot-on, but I haven't found it laugh-out-loud funny except for once or twice. He endorses Portal, too. So there you go. He's a man's man. EDIT: Okay, the side-by-side screenshots of the RE4 and RE5 gun-pointing got a hearty laugh.
  7. I love the game, but this one isn't graphic-intensive enough for two 8800GTs. I have one GTX, and that's more'n enough to run it without even a hint of framerate slowdown throughout my beta experience. This is with DX9, mind you, because I don't have Vista. I hear a few DX10 horror stories, but that's with every game.
  8. Unbury is a word. The third word I got was disinhume. Like... exhume. Go figure.
  9. I'm so proud that I now know more than 2 words for 'to dig up from a grave'.
  10. In all the other games and game forums I've been on, I've just been posting "Fuck this shit, I'm going to London." without really explaining what it means. It references the banner ad found on PA, which I find entertaining enough: I -loved- the beta. I happen to have off work wednesday, so me and my brother are powering through normal mode and starting 'elite hardcore' mode characters, so if anyone finds themselves hankering for some EH action or maybe some palladium, we might be able to lend a hand! I'll have to live on the demo until then. But me and LittleRichard? We beat it naked.
  11. The structure of Granite is very much like their other songs. That being said, if you find something that works... I've loved 'em since I heard their Voodoo People mix. Which brings us slightly off-topic but not too far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMqT7-rVWzg That's a music video featuring Prodigy for Pendulum's mix.
  12. I was always horrible at fighting games, one of the few genres of games where I can't be competitive at all! However, it IS awesome that SF is getting a whole new game after so long!
  13. The Dennis


    Anyone else having trouble with the challenges? I've done all golds on the 'least portals' ones, and half the 'least time' ones... but I can't even get a bronze on any of the 'least steps' ones. There's just something frustrating about jumping out of a portal and having a landing cost me 4 steps.
  14. The Dennis


    I admit to enjoying the living hell out of TF2, but I really bought the Orange Box for Portal. I have to say that it didn't disappoint. The humor throughout the game is genius! And without giving away the ending, the credits are hilarious. Thoughts! Go!
  15. Well, the good news is, I believe I remember reading that he left notes, plot outlines/etc. to his wife, who he named his literary successor. But, still. What a bummer. He had a really, really rare disease that basically slowed down his writing near the end... he knew the clock was ticking. * "Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain," * "That mountain can grow awfully heavy sometimes," [Rand] sighed, taking a spear and buckler from Rhuarc. "When do you find a chance to put it down awhile?" "When you die," Lan said simply.
  16. Welp, he had a good run. He almost got that Twelfth book out. Here's to the Wheel of Time lovers out there... I believe his wife is his literary successor. (I'd link to his blog site, Dragonmount, but it's so swamped right now that it won't even load.)
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securom (at the bottom, known problems) It's all over the webs! We'll have to hack all IPs SIMULTANEOUSLY. At any rate, how to delete it is located here: http://www.gamingbob.com/2007/08/23/bioshock-installs-rootkit-including-demo/ I'm not gonna bother for now, because I'm not yet having problems.
  18. Yeah. Am I the only one that finds Steam less and less attractive? First I buy Dark Messiah of Might & Magic through it, and that didn't work at ALL on my old computer (through no fault of my old computer). Then, I buy Geometry Wars through it, and during the download some critical error botches my kernel (so sayeth Blue Screen) and forces a reformat. NOW the Bioshock countdown hits zero, and like... nothing happens. I mean, this last one is just me being impatient, but still. Add to that the fact that I'm afraid to buy the Id Superpack, because I dunno if the Dooms will be compatible with the user-made engines like DoomsDay and the like. I guess Steam's a great idea, of course. I just find it wanting. Edit: there it goes. I have to download Bioshock from scratch again. Good game.
  19. PC Demo tomorrow, you say? I can't wait. My computer's new enough that it'll play... I should just pre-order from Steam!
  20. I actually had this, for the PC! I have these pseudo-CD PC versions of FF7 and FF8, because I didn't have a Playstation. I never got past entering the second town. I did, however, have Triple Triad down to a SCIENCE. Also, I bought a new Dell late June, and they allowed me to get it with WinXP Media Center Edition, which I happily accepted.
  21. Even taking into consideration that people are more likely to post when they're upset, that's still a really low service score. Iffy at best. I certainly wouldn't trade in to them, or order anything with several parts. Edit: hey look, just out of the people online within an hour of you posting, someone had something bad to say (posted above). I think that pretty much sums it up.
  22. It is pretty fun! I'm addicted to it. I can see where -eventually- it would get dull, seeing as how the storyline is minimal if humorous. I haven't reached that point yet, though, and it's great for casual players. And the full member's version being like $4.99/mo makes it affordable enough to just play sometimes (I find myself wanting to cram in gametime with other MMOs, just to get my moneys' worth!) You don't need to shell out the cash to play it though, it's playable for free. The best items are accessible to full members only, but you'll probably be bored of it before you ever really need the best items Alien Shooter was fuckin' PISSING me off. It's fun, mind you. It's just that the lack of accuracy and the no-clip on the grenades and rockets made every shot too much of a hit-or-miss scenario for the amounts of enemies I had to kill!
  23. VIRAL MUCH!?!? I'll check it out, it actually looks pretty neat.
  24. Shot you a PM, if you're still looking for that key. It's not as polished or magical as WoW was, but it is more story-driven and less 'job'.
  25. Some joker stole my keys. ...I don't like that.
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