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  1. yeah, if enough time passes, maybe, just maybe prices will drop to like 50k (10k is best for someone like me tbh). 50k is a lot to swallow but I think I could pull it off once, seems like you should carry the stuff you want to upgrade though, otherwise if you manage to get the mats you want, you can go ahead and alc your stuff while you are there.
  2. I believe they might've went the wrong way with this but we'll see how it goes, however, it appears everything isn't just super awesome there as far as the ending rewards for armor is concerned. Images of someone exploring. The end shows some of the armor stats. http://kelgis.imgur.com/sanct That snarbolax is better skolver though, but the pain you'd have to go through to get it along with the cost is just no for me. Plus I only wanted the demo suit which is a little less awesome than I'd hoped. Still...today I'll be satisfied with Punkin hunting ^.^ The spookat mask is cool, gotta get authentic...
  3. eh..all 5* doesn't make you god. Don't worry about that. one of the top people from last week (though being in top doesnt always mean skill it just means you played in a lot of matches and won), Lanahell is in full Ash Tail, not sure about trinkets since he/she wasn't on full inspect today but still, that's an example, and his/her UVs weren't totally amazing either, elemental low. It just takes time. Btw if you face me I'm easy to beat As a mostly bomber unless you step into one of my bombs then you probably won't be safe haha. I mainly use my 4* sword (Dark Thorn Blade) too since my leviathan is not so useful and I'm not the biggest fan of my DA (for emergencies only). It's just making the most of what you have, and remember caps > kills. If you can't kill everyone, don't try, you don't win from having the most damage (it helps but doesn't win anything), you win for holding down those points. "Plant yourself on the point, mister!" lol. Its hard to consistently do but try your best to do that.
  4. pure eh...welll I'm not really a gunner...at all. But well you're definitely a force to be reckoned with against bombers. But well I have a feeling you don't find too many of those,so time to talk about swordsmen. Well swordsmen are meant to kill gunners :/ so yeah...but that doesn't mean you're useless, it depends on how you play. You definitely need some gun ASI whether its trinkets or armor or UV or whatever. Shadow alchemer (I dont know the name) tends to hurt a lot. Sentenza as well, all that lack of shadow damage is always awesome... Polaris is awesome for shock and annoyance. Striker doesn't specifically complement a gunner but at the same time it can be used for good getaways, you don't ever want to be in their face, you kind of want to hit and run. Recon and guardian will help if you need more health but you're not going to get away (except maybe as a recon)
  5. not really meaning to bump but this is the only place I know to leave a message, sorry about passing on the invite to JK today, Level 99. I got caught up in some grudge matches in Lockdown. Some guy was convinced I should use swords, and I was convinced I wasn't (other than my minor stabs when I don't need a bomb). Sooo didn't win any of those matches, but the moment he left, I won the rest :/ (with my team of course)
  6. D: But lockdown is fun, just takes some getting used to. Blast network is sort of fun...in small increments, but if you farmed it like I did trying to get your items, it becomes a chore, I can just play Lockdown and have fun, and there's a fair amount of people who still randomly bribe which make getting coins even easier
  7. well done lads! I was considering joining but I decided to let you guys go for it since I wasn't called (also playing at home my performance could be worse lol). Now get them sealed swords/antiguas! (might want to skip the antigua for awhile since you got pulsars) I usually listen to the default playlist..though for some strange reason today I've been on random OCR album mood, no theme, just random. Went from Super Dodgeball to NiGHTS to The Answer lol.
  8. that's a pretty nice range of items, a lot of normal though, but that's not bad since it never fails to do its job. If you really do like your Khorovod, maybe you would be interested in making a Divine Avenger one day, the charge is pretty good on it.
  9. haha...(I'm a little serious, another 100 down with the jalovec recipe purchase >.>) Slow swords aren't my thing I'm afraid. That Fang of Vog you saw me with is a glorified slow sword. I dunno maybe its a tiny bit faster than the slow swords but not by much. Unless you're planning on ASI trinkets, ASI UV, or the ASI Equipment (Vog Cub set). I'm not sure I'd bother. That's an opinion, and a very unpopular opinion since everyone else loves DA/GF. Divine Avenger does have a use as an FSC glitching sword however...but let's not go there. Now about bombs...what kind are you using? CTR is very important on bombs. Max is preferred but let's be realistic, as a normal player, you're not getting max too easy unless you've got good friends or good luck with getting a random UV. The easiest route is to go with bomber armor, the 5* stuff is the best but I'm going to assume you can't immediately jump into that. If you don't absolutely HAVE to have the armor you're using now, just go with bomber armor, helm and suit. It'll be low at the 4* or below level but combined that makes MEDIUM CTR on all bombs. And any bomb you level to level 10...with that bonus it will be Very High CTR. That's a pretty good start to bombing. If you can get a UV low on any bomb which may be cheap, then with that setup, you'll have ultra CTR. Still with me? I'm not the best player so I'll stop soon I promise. I don't want to give bad advice >.> I'm not sure what bombs you're after, but check out the bombing guide for more detailed information. Just be aware not all bombs have the same charge time or uses. Nitronome charges faster than Shivermist buster, but you're probably safer using SMB than Nitronome. Think about what you want to do, stop enemies, or hurt them, or something different? I'm not a gunner, actually I hate guns a bit, but then they created the pulsar..its awesome to me, its like a gun bomb, technically it can be an annoyance in a party but eh you and 99 can deal with it I'm sure. I'd go for the shocking line of pulsars instead of the normal line, but you can choose either (or both). The reason I'm for the shocking one is that its good on undead and constructs, and neutral to fiend/slimes, + the shock effect. That's not half bad. It's only bad against beast/gremlins...which dodge a lot of gunshots anyway. But if you really want to use that gun on them, then choose the normal line. [this is not general gun advice so don't read into me putting down other guns]
  10. haha, yeah I kind of wish the recipes weren't autobound...so I could sell em :3 But I'm sure they made it that way cuz there was "that" crowd that wanted some sort of item that couldn't be obtained with ease. however, because of the way the system works, its just easy to just play the games and get your items. Blast Network was a grind for me which is where I worked up probably 500 tokens for all of the base 3* weapons + electron bomb and vortex. But with lockdown I've just been playing for kicks. At this point I may start trying to see if I can get all the krogmo recipes and not even make the weapons. I think I only have 650 to go:-D
  11. lol I've been around for awhile in this game, but I still haven't done vana "enough" because I simply never cared. I've had friends come play this game and go and beat him more times than I have XD I like the general exploration and other bosses more, plus FSC while worthwhile in crowns, takes so darn long to complete that I refuse a lot of invites because I know I don't have the time for it.
  12. well, they're testing a newer harder vanaduke now on the testing servers (as of yesterday). It already ended but seems like its harder a bit that I'm hearing. Some of the fire is being replaced with curse breath and whatnot. I kind of hope they still take a little while longer with testing this update...seems like I should hurry up and get my last few vana tokens just in case lol.
  13. for me, its the difference between abilities. Gun puppies (and their copycat polyps/howlitzers) attack SLOWER in tier 3 than other tiers, but they're harder just because they hit harder (obviously) and fire more bullets. Retrodes in tier 1 don't fire lasers, but in the later ones, they do and deal death >.> Devilites don't really change...but then again they're strong enough I suppose. Took me awhile to get used to them and I still have some issues especially if I don't have my random fiend weapons, RSS, Dark Thorn Blade, and Spike Shower. Picking your stratum is important though, even if you're good against (insert monster here) if you find yourself with the wrong weapons, you won't be doing much of anything. Pick your levels if you can too, but I'm usually too impatient to bother. And to me, this game is about personal progression, don't move up until you're personally ready. I mean I still recommend any new player to get to tier 2 as soon as possible, but that's just so they can have the option to explore most of the current games content and make a fair profit AND friends. A network of friends is a form of money in this game too, want a spot at JK and you notice a free spot at d14 from a friend? Hop right on in there, saving yourself time and money :3 Even now I spend most of my time in tier 2 unless I'm hunting for materials to sell.
  14. nah, pick em up anyway, I forgot to add one more thing, even if you don't sell those token rewards to players, you can still just go ahead and get those items, they're 2* so you can sell them to NPCs (I usually use Kozma). 2* equipment (not trinkets) go for 750 crowns I believe. While that is not the most for an item, if you can't sell it to a player, you might as well get something for doing those snarby runs. Hats...I'm not too familiar with TF2 and how it works.
  15. be wary of that particular market, token equipment rewards are autobound, if you wanna sell them, you've gotta put down CE. In the case of all the snarbolax weapons, they're 2* so they cost 200 CE to unbind. Which is worth about...11400 or so (prices change so I'm just saying 5700 per 100 right now). Then the AH will take 10% of your sale so yeah...don't try to do that for the snarbolax weapons. At least not the two star, I think the 3* may fetch a slightly more profitable price. Should you choose that route, be sure to unbind the two star weapon THEN upgrade it without reequipping it. But honestly, I'd invest in selling Pulsars from Roarmulus (if he wasn't broken at the moment). They're also two star weapons but they tend to sell for upwards of 20k. Sealed swords/antigua is ok if you're good at JK but those are 3* weapons and require a 600 CE unbind.
  16. I haven't gotten on the new content myself yet. But to answer your question, while it is true regardless of tier that heat is better in the second half than the first, I don't personally feel that its that much better in tier 3 than tier 2 or 1. Perhaps FSC being the only exception to that in tier 3 since there's just so much to kill. But anywhere you go where you can get an arena or a boss stage set is generally good if you can handle it.
  17. I'll go just about anywhere, my only issue is the random odd times I can play lol, sometimes I can only get 10 minutes in on a day, sometimes 8 hours. If you need two star stuff, just find me, I can make anything (that's not boss related) on request. Just supply materials and the alchemy fees, this just means it saves you the recipe cost if you don't plan on making the item again. Same story for 3* but if you want me to do that, it's best to do it in the same day otherwise you might equip the item and then I can't use it for alchemy.
  18. two people isn't a bad number, actually sometimes it can be easier if you've got a really good partner (aka not me). One thing that is really important, you can't really wait on this fight, you must be doing damage as often as possible. If you die, you'd better revive unless you have a good feeling that its near the end. Discussing strategy while you and your mate are both dead ensures you will lose cuz he's healing while you're debating. I wouldn't go over 40. Not for this boss. I tend to keep it at 0 revives to a +10, but that's up to you to decide how much you want to put in. From personal experience, as far as I know, JK always heals except in the second phase during the rage spin attack. Perhaps that's related to the absorbing jellies aforementioned since he can't absorb during that attack, but regardless it appears to be that way since there's almost no chance of you killing all mini jellies that surround him since they respawn so often.
  19. I'm still technically in a guild, another member is going to do a revival attempt but we'll see. In other news, Level 99 is good with a vile striker, I can not use that weapon lol.
  20. You have some very good friends haha. Still, that's a great way to get started, don't rush through it too much or you'll get to the end quick and get bored >.>
  21. The games mostly simple enough, go in the clockworks and kill stuff XD If you spend a few days with it, you may have a few questions I wouldn't mind answering, like perhaps what gear to use and etc. I'm totally biased though. Oh there is one thing, get tier 2 access as soon as possible, even if you make equipment you won't use later on. It's just a good idea.
  22. oh yeah, I saw the soundtrack awhile back, I haven't given it a listen since I can't purchase, but I'm sure its pretty great. I still think they should've added a small CE bonus to purchasers as an incentive XD
  23. takes some getting used to but I like working with people there, though it does make things a little harder, its amusing to get to roarmulus and just sit (if I'm not on switch duty) while some panic XD I can never talk down about that though, my first Roarmulus fight probably took THIRTY minutes. I had no idea what I was doing, a friend died, left, ate dinner, and came back and I still hadn't finished...
  24. JK is the surprise boss :3 sometimes he's super easy, sometimes not XD I've mostly gone at him with people with a calibur/leviathan, so I never have poison unless I get vials, which are an absolute must for me. I don't solo him though, I only did that <successfully> once, might do it again, but I still died so meh. Roarmulus is actually way easier though.
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