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  1. well there's always mods. I think people are already working on that if they haven't finished already. I can't say whether that's really good or bad. But having kids does kind of ruin any failed thievery attempts/murders.
  2. if I get a prepaid card and try for Sonic Generations, I might drop whatever's left for TF2, but I don't think that's happening any time soon.
  3. yeah I don't know who this is but I was watching a livestream the other day, seems you can't kill important people anymore.[i only know Morrowind so I dunno if this was an Oblivion thing] Good way to train your magic perhaps? XD
  4. agreed! I don't see that as super odd though, I mean that happens in Halo doesn't it? Either way its fun to watch :3
  5. ah hmm...not really sure here but perhaps griffin's gog? I'm a free user though :/ I heard we can get gifts but I don't know, I don't play the game enough to have friends.
  6. lol well that's a unique use. But hey pots won't be everywhere. I spent an unnecessary amount of today watching IGN AND 1UP stream the game [nonstory spoilers though :/] It was pretty cool. I still can't visualize for myself how major all the changes from the previous ones are. I saw a lot of great bow and arrow action, best use of sneak for battle I've ever seen. I always just ignored bows unless I was feeling lazy, but it almost looks usable here. Not happy about seeing that I'll probably be forced into sticking to a certain set of skills because even though you can do everything like in the old games, I kept hearing about a soft level cap at level 50 and a hard level cap at level 70. So sounds like no maxing everything... Everyone did seem to be used to dragon battles by the point they were showing off. Actually giants were more feared...
  7. like this? as if I wasn't f2p and bad too
  8. Hmm, well I was happy with Unleashed, Colors, and now this. So I hope they keep going with this spirit whatever route they take. I don't honestly mind other characters but if it helps sales and stops complaints, a Sonic only game like the last few is good to me.
  9. I do wonder where they can go from here. I mean it still does have potential for expansion, but I don't think they'd dare bother with another Sonic Generations, not soon at least. So should this game be expanded with lots of DLC?
  10. went over to a friend's house. Loved it. I want it so bad now but it'll have to wait. At least I got a taste of how fun it is, pretty hard to. I'm still not a fan of classic, but its not bad, just different from what I'm used to. And the music is just awesome.
  11. Haven't played yet, but I'm skimming their forums. It appears "He spawns with half health now with fast instakill crit eyes." and "He gains a level if he is killed. If he isn't killed, he reverts to no-level next time he shows up." I've seen screenshots of him going up to level 6. I assume every level he gets stronger and more hp. Though this kind of suggests you shouldn't kill him too much? Time to find out for myself...or not. Might've actually had fun yesterday being a spy backstabbing here...got spy achievement 2 and 3 in the same night and I suck
  12. geez...that's so...much stuff. I actually want some of that but some general price ideas might've been good :/ Doesn't matter coming from me though, I don't buy online yet.
  13. This mix is crazy lol, and at least it answers the question I was afraid to ask, could a mix get on OCR and OLR
  14. I hinted at this a long time ago but I don't think anyone knew about an existing remix and it was before DQMJ2 came out with their own remix. Never Ending Journey (DWM) J2-Snow Mountain (DQMJ2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rfg9y9N2Ps Same song but the never version might inspire people more perhaps.
  15. well it is interesting at least. I wasn't really hearing the source at all though until like half of the song had passed. Anyway, I leave you to the real music people now.
  16. haha. I just farmed D1 mostly, well that and asked my friends/guildmates whenever they were at a punkin stage (doesn't matter which depth in that case). It cost money warping in and out like that but it was worth it so I could get it out of the way >.>
  17. Haven't played today yet but I'm generally happy with the changes, reaaally happy with the last login info part too. I like keeping an active network of players on my friends list and still welcome random newcomers. But without being able to tell who went inactive vs people who I just wasn't seeing for one reason or another made it very hard. I really could've used this when I was trying to revive the last guild I was in but well it was probably for the best that I went on to the new one anyway. The shadow key update is great, though I cannot personally afford many of such runs, its still a great opportunity and I might try for at least one. With four trustworthy friends, you can split the price of the key so it'd be more like 375 CE each, instead of a sum total of 1500 CE. Still, the levels themselves may be hard so...yeah wouldn't wanna drop 1500 CE then end up giving up because I "had" to revive. I wish it wasn't a limited time offer, cuz it just means some people are going to get keys and save em until the period is up and resell for a profit. And yeah, I sometimes forget to switch equipment, but if I'm working with friends I just return to haven and come back if necessary.
  18. sounds rather interesting. I'd like to see you continue it. But you're not going for vocals are you? If so, I feel the song is going to have to feel a bit "stronger", and I'm not a music critic so I don't even know what I'm trying to say >.>
  19. [i'm not one of those guys who can give you advice on your music but] Something is wrong with the link you posted. The only thing that shows up is: "Please log in to access Box Use the login form to the right to access your files. Don't have a Box account yet? Sign up for free."
  20. hmm..I was too busy being stupid trying to Fang of Vog charge him that I barely noticed the new stuff. I need to get that thing to 10 so I can ditch it too. I like my old weapons. P.S. Something about the patch notes tonight suggest there won't be any more running around before the fight like we used to. So no pre-bomb setups I guess.
  21. I laughed at that video lol. I guess I'll hang in there
  22. absolutely new to this game, not trying to become good at it because of that other game, but these last two days...crashes, crashes, is this really regular or I'm just unlucky?
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