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  1. blah...I'm from the nonsteam side. I do have steam but I don't want to integrate them since it's not reversible. I could use steam to make another account but that feels weird lol...I have days to decide anyway. I hope I get to see some drones, I haven't gotten to play SK due to internet issues.
  2. They added games from #3 now, if you've already got this whether you were above or below the minimum, it is yours. If not, it's included in the new above the minimums. I'm trying to figure out if I can get them on steam now... Ah I figured it out now, just ask for your steam code again and it has a new category...geez this set is kind of big. My steam value is rocketing for no reason >.>;
  3. So how long until the Pokemon version of Super Smash Bros..
  4. This video helped me understand things a little better: haha...one of my friends doesn't care though because despite being one of the copyright infringing (slightly) kind of people, she says this will help her kick her internet addiction...
  5. seemed to be achievement hunting night there when I was on earlier XD
  6. I'm unfamiliar with the source, and a slow adopter of dubstep, but I'll say I might play this on loop for awhile...
  7. *sees title* Cool, chocobo theme! *listens to first five seconds* ಠ_ಠ
  8. You probably got to a point where you were satisfied with your progress/got busy with school/work/life. Or you finally got beat down by the energy system XD
  9. >.> I was in a robo arena earlier and kept thinking the mecha knights were friendlies... No luck here for the scenario rooms, but I only did four stages and I have a feeling those kind of things are only in the clockwork tunnel like levels so I wasn't going to see them anyway [was in the area before vanaduke, mostly emerald axis]
  10. It's that time of the year, Christmas update. I'd post stuff from the forums but they've been messing up today. I'll just say **snowy haven **craftable heart pendants **santy hats [limited time but free with krogmo coins] **New lockdown stage I think scenario rooms came out but I'm not sure.
  11. I test played it, probably not going to get in too deep but it is rather interesting at least. Btw, anyone who ever has beta key issues, go here: http://www.facebook.com/tribesascend?sk=app_126443417467788 Source: It's where I got mine. I assume I also have two codes for friends but eh...everyone can get em easy.
  12. I'm not really familiar with the source, but it was on Project Chaos: Rexy - Schumacher Bar (Competition Menu)
  13. I don't know much about this but if someone is interested in going or whatever, someone is offering a free pass there. http://www.reddit.com/r/gamemusic/comments/n6fsy/im_feeling_saucy_win_a_free_pass_to_magfest_here/ Based off of random comments, and there have been no comments so far so odds are good for any poster right now
  14. hey, trying is better than not trying. Even the ones I don't like that I posted above, at least those people tried to make a remix, which is more than I can say for myself I'd hope you could make something I like if you try, but you can't please everyone.
  15. oh god...the girl at the end:lmassoff:
  16. I've actually seen that in game [cuz I'm behind actually on Oblivion]. I thought my game was just freezing though or one of the mods did it.
  17. wow..I thought this was just one of those mass midi projects, but it sounds like you're really putting effort into this. I probably won't continuously check or comment, but sounds good so far dude. Though does that mean you're covering the really short things too? Like the ocarina songs?
  18. that's what "with some exceptions" would include...yay vague wording hehe...
  19. To put it simply, big games get forgiveness because they have so much content that it is expected to have holes and they're generally not game breaking. And it is incredibly hard to account for all the actions such freedom can have on a game. It happens with GTA too. Small games don't get forgiven because they have less to work on [with some exceptions]. Updates today: http://www.bethblog.com/2011/12/07/skyrim-update-1-3-now-on-steam/
  20. Nice, downloading the album right now. Seems like One Winged Angel isn't untouchable. I'd go so far as to say it was touched, beat down, and ripped the other wing off. More incredible that this was done without synths or drum machines. I'd say your hard work paid off here. Now we just need someone to make a video of Sephiroth walking into a club to this haha..
  21. It's not my favorite Goldenrod remix ever, but it's definitely fun and enjoyable. It's just so...HAPPY.
  22. I imagine this is what it sounds like when new age monsters have Halloween parties.
  23. I never played Minecraft, outside of a little of the original classic one just because it was free, but I realized that at its core it wasn't for me as I'm just not imaginative enough for that kind of game. Or I'd rather work in Blender if I wanted to build things with blocks lol... Now onto the mix, it sounds great. Definitely a happy tune here. Reminds me of walking around on a bouncy planet in space just hopping around in low gravity. It also reminds me of Fancy Mel's place in Threads of Fate
  24. Metal can be very hit and miss with me, this is no exception. I enjoyed it mostly. And all of the part including and beyond the Aeris snippet was perfection for me
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